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Top Ships Inc. (TOPS)

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  • P
    Very interesting. No comments on TOPS in a long while and then the boil room guys begin to show up. Watch out boil room guys, the BDI is rising and so are commodity prices. TOPS used to be on the edge of BK but screwing past shareholders recapitalized the company. Maybe global shipping will just go away forever. But if it doesn't then TOPS, which is still quite leveraged in cash : debt, will do just fine. I don't see TOPS as a shipping company play but rather as a nonexpiring call option on what other people call inflation but what is actually simply rising prices. Inflation is debasement of the currency supply. Rising prices are rising prices. They have not been in locked step because velocity of money has been tanking big time (look up velocity of m2 stock on the federal reserve FRED website). VOM M2 has bottomed and is now about to come out swinging. When the fed is debasing the currency supply at the same time that velocity is going up, rising prices will certainly result. Rising prices mean more money to pay shipping companies with.
  • R
    Guys, these are Greek looters, who will take your money build a Porsche life for them. Now the stock is compliant, they will diluting it. I am not saying sell it now, but watch your back very closely. Many people lost a lot of money on this stock in the past. They will dilute with deeeply discounted stock offerings and then reverse split. Checkout the RS history.
  • J
    Jon Henry
    Now that $2 has been cracked, I can see this running up to $3 very quickly. Many stocks are now having massive short squeezes and TOPs will be one of them.
  • X
    of all diabetics, this is it.. bullish for sens. sens is a company that could monitor your blood glucose.. and there are millions of people dying because of diabetes. to help the diabetic patient, this company made a very impressive product. please take a a look at SeNs.. this is a bullish the fact millions will buy this product. bullish
  • S
    Steve Stevens
    One of my favorite past-times is losing money. I get great enjoyment out of it. Is investing money in this an effective way to lose money or are there any other greek shipping companies that one can recommend to achieve my goals
  • J
    Buy DAC instead
    Over the past 12.5 years, TOP Ships has enacted 10 reverse splits to avoid being delisted to the OTC exchange. Seven of these reverse splits have taken place since May 2017, with a number of them being large in scale (1-for-10 or larger). After hitting its all-time reverse-split-adjusted high in 2004, TOP Ships has fallen from (I hope you're sitting down for this) $4,562,459,852,800.00 a share to the $1.13 a share it closed at on Oct. 19.

    Even with TOP Ships' execs pledging not to sell any stock to raise capital or enact any reverse splits in the near future, the company's history of obliterating shareholder value in an industry with declining fundamentals tells a different tale. Robinhood investors are urged to avoid TOP Ships.
  • b
    Talked to some high level dems in Washington about the corruption of Topshi reverse split 600 x +Total Ponzy scheme will seek to replace funds that have been took from thousands of honest investors in the near future
  • G
    market cap increased,while share price crashes,why?dilution, better off to buy 1000 scratchoffs will get a quicker,better return.
  • J
    $8-$10 soon
  • K
    Top ships share price went from millions to $1, Massive trillions of dollars corruption almost everyone in industry knows but no action from FBI or other law inforcement institutions even the so called media is quite
  • C
    I need $4.72 just to break even. Not sure if it’ll happen.
  • J
    This company is a joke, why would anyone buy this stock? All they do is bleed money. The only one I would buy in shipping is DAC.
  • E
    What I don’t really understand is the new-builds that TOPS had 100% ownership in that that were to be delivered the first half of this year, which were funded on the backs of TOPS shareholders through secondary offerings and ultimately a reverse split was sold for partial ownership in those vessels to other companies affiliated with the CEO for only ten million dollars. How much did TOPS already pay for those new builds with deposits, and how could any of this been good news when the company just sacrificed future earnings potential for ten million dollars on Friday? Does those sales lower the NAV Net Asset Value which was estimated in the August news release? Couldn’t those new-builds have made ten million dollars within one year of operation?
  • E
    After-hours volume and bid price is way up, any news?
  • j
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  • b
    caution share offering following the spike....$1.50 - $1.70
  • F
    Could someone whos smart explain to me how this company was worth so much in the past? I just don't
    get how it could go from 25,920,000 to 1$ Id really appreciate it
  • A
    short squeeze, lets go to $2
  • V
    why is it going up on no news?
  • a
    Seems good news after market close Friday (4:11PM). Will it trying to go north of $3 plus soon?