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Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corporation (TRX)

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  • Operational Updates 2017-06-16 Preparatory work for future mining has commenced


  • The following coordinates are approximately 16 miles north and 1 mile east of Buckreef.
    Does anyone know the name and history of this mine?
  • I was off by a business day. We got the low this past Tuesday at 1241 in Gold. Gold is currently sitting at 1258.34, on it's way to challenge 1338.30 in July, of course.
  • New Google Earth images of Buckreef, folks. 3° 5'46.29"S 32° 1'18.23"E. Those are coordinates of Buckreef. Google Earth has a new satellite image dated 5/27/2017.
    -Buckreef yachtclub is full of water, bring your sunfish! So much for the easy task of de-watering.
    -About 1/10 mile square land between south pit and runway cleared of brush.
  • Gold will make a low over the next two business days in the 1243.50 (200 Day Moving Average) area. Then, it will move up to challenge 1338.30 into July. Earlier this year, it had a rough fight with 1246.60. This will be strong psychological support.
  • Gold hit 1298.65 (Aug 17--contract). The problem with being short on a thinly traded stock is when sentiment turns, covering can be difficult. Difficult not to get burned on the way up. As in the case of TRX:
    Short Interest (Shares Short): 3,671,000
    Short Interest Ratio (Days To Cover): 12.4
    Short Percent of Float: Increase +3.23 %
  • Federal Reserve Meeting: June 13-14. Gold really flies after Yellen makes her speech on Wednesday the 14th.
    On the 14th, meeting associated with a Summary of Economic Projections and a press conference by the Chair.
    Best time to buy gold is right before she starts talking.
  • I have a feeling that TRX is about to rally, big time. NPV is 2 bucks at 1250 gold. Gold is going up bigly; the rally began last Friday in Gold, up 13 to 1280.
  • TRX share holders here is the proof buck reef has gold and it will soon be mined.
    The project will make TRX a major gold producer the trolls have no place left to hide look at the measured ounces and you will see the gold is ready to be dug and processed. Jeffrey Duval will get that job done.

    BuckReef Main Pit Page 74 -75 of 43-101 | Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corporation
  • My Dear Extended Family
    Giancarlo has been playing Minecraft lately. His latest design will be used for the new processing plant. See the corporate website for his great creation.
  • 1289.84 is the current gold price. It is off 4-dollars, today (June 7, 2017). I wouldn't worry about it. Gold still has a little over a month to run. 1338, not a problem. We will see that. As for TRX, as long as nothing bad happens within that timeframe, it will shoot up like a rocket. I know the price that gold has to reach, in order to end the bear market in mining shares. We might have just seen the low in gold in our lifetime. Everything depends on how high gold can reach beyond 1338. All the company has to do is to hang in there and keep doing well.
  • On a more serious note, TRX just concluded another quarter. At the typical cash burn rate of about $1.5 million per quarter,
    the firm is down to under $1 million in cash. Get ready for some more creative financing! What is it going to be this year, more bullshition loans and the issuance of 20 million shares AND warrants for $5 million?
  • Is TRX overvalued at current levels? google awe.some.stocks - they offer pretty good trade alerrts. you dont have to trade their tickers but it definetly helps you recognize possible patterns for stocks you're trading.
  • For immediate release
    South Surrey BC

    Tanzanian Royalty Exploration is please to announce that the Buckreef Yacht Club at Lake Buckreef will be open for the season this Friday for Memorial Day Weekend. The Lake is full and the mine site has been prepared. Perhaps Jim Sinclair and his amphibicar will be there. Bur definitely please join Peter Z and David Duval for a fun filled open weekend. The a lot of activity. The old CIC plant has been moved to the South Pit and repurposed as a two story water slide. Take a bone rattling ride on our new shaker table. Leach pad #4 which was never filled has been converted to a giant slip and slide. End the day around an amazing bon fire. As you can see from our web site the crew has been busy felling trees and sawing wood for the occasion. We look forward to seeing you in Tanzania. Premium Buckreef Yacht Club memberships are available for $500,000 each. They entitle users to a lifetime of access and free firewood.
  • The upside potential for TRX just got a whole lot more interesting. Im not sure about you guys but awe-someSTOCKS has provided me with some pretty good trade ideas. I messed up executing some of them but thats on me.
  • Ludwig to be clear 6 months on the money 12 months on the plant! are you in!
  • Good Afternoon TRX Fans! It appears the Trolls are ready to take the challenge I put forth and that was if Jim gets the financing necessary within the next 6 months and the plant built and producing gold they will leave this chat board and never post about TRX again. Judging by the recent personal attacks on Jim and TRX, this is going to be a major victory for all TRX shareholders! The following are Relbochat's terms and I agree to them. Agustusgloop & Ludwig are included in this challenge..unless they have changed their mind.
    @trxtruther I'll take the challenge if you state what you will do if I am correct.
    Here are my statements
    1) TRX will not raise sufficient capital in the next 6 months to fund the project.
    2) TRX will not within the next year bring this project to commercial production.
    -I am not talking about small capital raises to fund a portion of the project.
    -I am not talking about a capital raise that is a guaranteed no lose situation for the provider of capital like every deal since the secondary offering that was supposed to fund Buckreef to production.

    Will you under the alias CIGA Rhett submit a picture of yourself in a sheep costume being herded by a small dog (Mr. Beef) for Sinclair to post on Mineset? In return, if I am wrong I will never post again about TRX.
  • Trutha-wildgold-gold streamdubai Jimmy laid out his grand plan for you, even referencing the Mwanza Magician's fantasy report. Jimmy so smart:

    Jim Sinclair Reveals The Mechanism Of The Gold Reset As A Product Of The Market Place | Silver Doctors
    We are only just now arriving at a time period that will bring about "The Currency Wars". Everything prior to this was only a preparation period to build
  • Ludwig I take this as you are in on the challenge the money will be found with in 6 months and the plant up and running.
    Ludwig von Mises
    7 days ago
    I will take a challenge if you make it one. I dounbt this company will ever find 50 million loan, but be a sport and make it a defined bet. If there is no enddate, the bet never ends, does it?

    You have your "feasability" study. When will jimmy find the loan? How long are you prepared to wait before activity starts? Another 5, 10, 15 year? Or is it reasonable to assume jimmy will find the dough in, say, 6 to 12 months.
  • Revenue streams for TRX:
    1. Buckreef yacht club.
    2. Buckreef Timber and Furniture.
    That's it, since Jimmy hasn't forked over a dime of turnover from JSmineset, neither ad revenue nor subscriptions, and mining is the last thing TRX is qualified and capable of doing.