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  • m
    Simply no more buyers at this level. Companies don’t go up 1,000 percent in 12 months and stay there with no real sales or profit growth of that number. If sales up 40 percent year over year stock should go up roughly same amount. Not 1,000 up on 40 percent sales growth
  • M
    Michael Burry
    Unless Elon tweets something to generate euphoria, the passive funds will start unweighting more aggressively the Tesla stock from the S&P 500. As I said, Lehman will be nothing compared to Ark.
    Many investors will be left with 10% of their investment.
  • C
    Tesla one day 50bn decline in market cap today is more than the market cap of Ford at $40bn. And you folks still think Tesla is a great buy. There is nothing Tesla does that other automakers cannot copy and perform better on. Tesla has lost its first mover advantage. If you don't believe go ask Nokia, Motorola, Ericcson what happen in cell phone industry.
  • N
    When my cleaning lady said last month that she bought Tsla stock I knew we were at the top
  • J
    Elon Musk via Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) invests $1.5B in Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) * Dogecoin DOGE Mania!

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    Elon Musk via Tesla (NASDAQ: $TSLA) invests $1.5B in Bitcoin (CRYPTO: $BTC) * Dogecoin $DOGE Mania! Get A Free Stock From #Robinhood: https://join.robinhood....
  • G
    $SKLZ conversation
    It's been a painful day today $SKLZ, $OPEN, $TSLA and more - down 8% average - let's hope for a few green days to come...
  • A
    Alan The Great
    They say Musk is able to move markets with tweets. How come those tweets doesn't move his own company's stock?
  • K
    $770 and makes 80 cents a quarter represents a failure to buy at a good price, headed to $500 or less
  • H
    What is TSLA return on equity and future return on equity that musk would rather invest into BTC than his own company?
  • A
    There has been more and more reports on Tesla build failures. They dont have that many cars on the road as the other makers, that is starting to be scary. I was going to buy one but when I see whats coming soon on the market, I am not sure anymore. Tesla may be a leader now in the EVs market, but other makers are catching up quickly. And the other makers have the "know how" on how to build a aolid and safe car, which Tesla is still lacking.
  • c
    compound knowledge
    nothing has changed with tesla except the stock price. new giga factories are still being built. car sales are growing. bitcoin is going down. maybe thats one of the reasons. tesla is ok
  • E
    The only negative I can find during this correction is margin debt is very high. 99% of all traders lose money, so I am hanging on. Rising interest rates are a positive as they indicate investors are fleeing bonds and buying stocks. I like $NNDM and $TSLA. NNDM because it has patent protection and therefore 0 competition. I wonder if NNDM will go into the new ARK space fund? It is required for making guidance systems. The recent direct offering at $12.80 is also a floor. Whoever bought that offering will also be buying in the open market below $12.80. I also like TSLA, but at $500, not $750. However the 200 dma is $450 and rising quickly, so I may be too pessimistic. I like TSLA because their competition is ICE manufactures, not other BEVs. There is a shortage of batteries. TSLA is also the leader in self driving. Self driving is all about data collection and artificial intelligence. TSLA collects 100 times more data than their nearest competitor. The profit margins on self driving are 90%. 25% of new TSLAs pay the $10k self driving fee up front. Other owners can add self driving as a subscription as the hardware is already built into the vehicle.
  • R
    Hey Tesla Long Term investors,

    Whenever I see a research analyst doing one of these doom and gloom prediction on TSLA price, I start to pay attention. JP Morgan analyst Ryan Brinkman in December upgraded TSLA price from $80-90, and I was like "what's up with that" with a sell rating. Because I have about 4.5% of my portfolio tied to TSLA, and I want to make sure I see what he is seeing. So I did some research on what the guy is about. I just want to report back that I don't have too much to worry about, and let me explain.

    The guy is a legit automotive research analyst having more than 10 years of research experience in the automotive sector. My problem is not with what background he has, but it's what he does not. We all know there has not been a whole lot of innovations in the automotive industry except TSLA, until this year when all the automotive legacy companies jump on the bandwagon because of TSLA's established success in this area. But we all know TSLA is not just an EV manufacturer, it's also autonomous driving(artificial intelligence), battery technology with current production (unlike another company called QS), energy storage, robotics, Software Development, Car insurance, HVAC...etc. Now how could a guy like that covering all these areas with just automotive research background with a MASTER Degree in accounting. Oh my god, just we need, another research analyst with accounting background. If it's that simple, Joe from our own Chat room can do his job easily. I think an ideal person for this type of analyst has to have a combo of 5-7 years of auto manufacturing industry, 2-3 years of SW industry, 2 years of artificial intelligence/robotics experience, and a couple years of solar energy solutions industry. An analyst with this combination of experience would be very expensive for investment banks, but it's absolutely necessary to cover a company such as TSLA well.

    Additionally, I always want to see what credibility does this guy have. I have extracted some information on Brinkman's past performance from Tiprank(a site which keeps the performance of stock research analysts)and share with everyone in the forum:

    Ranked #6,701 out of 7,182 Analysts on TipRanks (#14,083 out of 15,010 overall experts)
    Average return of ratings he gave out: -4.4%

    I don't know about you, but why is the media even give this guy the time of the day given that terrible performance record?
  • C
    Who bought up 1.93mm shares at close today?
  • J
    "tesla is five years ahead of the competition", ok so at a 40% growth rate yoy in five years that means Tesla will have to deliver just under 2 million vehicles to sustain it's current growth. At $100k/average selling price (very unlikely) per vehicle that is ONLY 192 Billion in sales

    How can this company be worth this much if in five years when competition catches up, they'll only be able to produce and deliver $200 Billion worth of sales.

    Meanwhile ford has capacity and sales to deliver 6.6 million vehicles and investors don't care
  • A
    I’ve watched this TSLA go up on upgrades for the last year. They produce less than 1% of the cars built but the company is worth as much as all car companies in the world combined. Can stocks just go up on upgrades?
  • s
    sofia ku
    Tesla expands Solar Roof installation with hiring spree in new markets.
  • R
    bought shares before they split.... happy with the investment so far. tesla will soon reach 1000 dollars.......long on tesla.
  • T
    The Real FastFire
    a show of thumbs from the real investors who made money today
  • N
    TSLA has a P/E of 1400. TM (one of the best run auto companies on the planet) has a P/E of 9.5.
    TSLA is an auto company, despite all the spin.
    TSLA is overvalued by 147 times.
    Actual value should be in the region of $5/share.

    Yeah, yeah. I am missing the point. Tesla is a spaceship company with mining rights on Mars. Whatever!