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Tesla, Inc. (TSLA)

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663.90-45.52 (-6.42%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
665.40 +1.50 (+0.23%)
After hours: 07:59PM EDT
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    How will the increasing numbers of renters charge their EVs?
  • W
    Kudos to Elon with Tesla, SpaceX etc. Always amazed how America enjoys building up people and companies and then just as quickly it seems relishes in trying to tear them down. Lest y'all forget... It is no small feat that Elon with Starlink/SpaceX has made a significant contribution to the Ukraine effort, that has been BIG, think about it. And when you a look at other carmakers struggling to make their first EVs whilst Tesla has continued to expand and people overlook how many times other CEOs etc have been praising Tesla for what it managed to do? Give Elon and Tesla a break everyone, enjoy your US contributions. Tesla has DIRECTLY reduce carbon emissions with their alternatice EVs. Asides from solar companies, who else can make as large a contributory claim these days? Their SP certainly deserves better treatment than it has been getting due to all the so called WS hype about all kinds of fears..(I'm surprised they havent linked pythons in FL to inflation somehow...) ....boy 0.5% rise in interest rates and media wants everyone to believe the world is falling. Think about this...even with dips in the market, in any given year including this one, an investor can still make readily 5%++ in equity investing, and investing carefully, over the year,,,no matter how you cut it, that is a farcry from locking your money up in bonds etc and waiting a year etc to cash got to be kidding yourselves! Show some patient, support your hardworking companies.
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    TSLA best solution to the extreme high gas prices. Prices extremely high now and going even higher as we go into season of vacation /Summer road trips. Thank you Elon.
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    $AMZN conversation
    Remember when Amazon reported earnings loss in Q1, and I warned ahead of time showing their website hits dropped dramatically? Well, it's even worse now. After the Ukraine invasion, consumers stopped buying stuff they don't need because of a massive rise in oil prices, and therefore inflation. Q1 only included ONE month of the Ukrainian invasion effects (March). Wait until next quarter when their losses will include THREE full months of the Ukrainian invasion effects AND 2 full months of China's Shanghai lockdowns.

    Read the news about $TSLA production isn't ramping up? Supply chain issues. $AAPL indefinitely affected as China keeps locking down again in the future. Shanghai is opening up, but a report shows only 0.5% of companies are on a white list. That's HALF a percent of companies!!! It'll take time to get shipments to the rest of the world, months and months. The next 2-3 earnings will be epic losses.

    China's dead set on zero COVID policy, meaning the moment the virus just ticks up a few cases, they'll lock down hundreds of millions of people again. Putin isn't giving up no matter how many Russians or Ukrainians die. The only option is Feds keep raising rates aggressively and undoing a ridiculous $9 trillion QE balance sheet to lower inflation.

    The selling is nowhere close to be done. In a bull market, you buy the dips. In a bear market, you sell the rips.

    The Nasdaq $^IXIC $QQQ , S&P $^GSPC $SPY, Dow Jones $^DJI, and small caps $^RUT indices will need to fall -50% at MINIMUM. There's a good chance we'll see -70% or more given China's unwavering zero COVID policy.

    Click to see full image, or go to Wolfram Alpha website and plug in Amazon's address, and click the SHOW HISTORY. It's going to get so much worse.
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    I love TSLa but realistically even if you look at them as tech company and not a car company PE of 90 is insane. GM, Toyota, and Ford- PE is 4 to 9. So let’s say Tsla is growth Tech company- Fair PE should be 30 at the top. Thus, fair market price is around $250. I believe this will be the price by mid 2023.
  • M
    Almost a50%haircut. I was thinking 700 support but this selling has been so steady/calm Tesla doesn’t feel oversold. I think the fundamentals are very good but the overall market is the problem. I’d rather be late buying than early seeing what I’m looking at.
  • g
    Elon Musk says Tesla will have self-driving cars without need for human driver this time next year

    Good luck and GOD bless,
  • P
    Semi trucks, expanding cars, cybertruck, insurance, fsd, robo taxi,robots,solar, charging infrastructure, batteries. Without new innovation ideas. Then run by a genius manufacturing ceo Elon musk.
  • t
    Elon sold more than 15 billions above 1000 for the fake twitter buyout. second time he con his fanboys selling his overprice Tsla shares.
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    Does Tesla give us real numbers on who exactly is buying their cars? How do we know who is actually buying their cars? I have seen dozens being moved from the Bay Area to Southern California on 2 separate road trips. It seems to ramp up right about the time they release delivery numbers. It is incredible to see this happen. All this talk about fake news and bots at Twitter is making me question everything. Including, where are all those cars going? And has anyone looked at Tesla PE? Compare that to Ford or GM or Toyota.
    F is 4.51
    GM is 6
    TM is 9.71
    TSLA IS 95.89 OUCH
    Based on PE alone, Tesla would be an expensive stock at 80 per share.
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    When are we going to see the Semis he promised a couple years ago?
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    A,) The US economy shrunk in Q1. Europe is slowing also.
    B.) Democrats are in trouble,
    C.) Fed is tightening
    D.) Elon Musk is likely to to buy Twitter even though he wants out. He signed a deal.
    E.) The Model Y is Tesla's newest product, it's about 2 years old in the US.
    F.) The tech selloff hurts many would-be Tesla buyers.
    G.) The starting price of the Base AWD Model Y is now $62.990. ($40,000 RWD is no longer offered).
    H.) Starting two assembly plants during the "supply chain" debacle is going to be expensive.
    I.) US dollar is getting stronger - this hurts Tesla.
    J.) Tesla's bitcoin holdings (if they still own) have taken a hit

    K.) Gasoline price are soaring
    L.) Tesla has a lot of cash to weather the storm

    M.) Twitter deal is on hold.
    N.) Europe will outlaw ICEVs
    O.) New incentives for EVs will happen
    P.) EVs are taking over.
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    In a bear market this stock worth about 75 dollars.
  • y
    Why doesn’t SpaceX lawyers deny this story already?
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    I’m not proud of this but I thought TSLA and Elon were big stock market flukes. He’s not truthful and has been caught in many lies. But the stock soared and I caught reams of aggressive replies from fanboys. Today, is different. Bad news has followed his stock down and it’s starting to coagulate. Was Twitter his Waterloo? Maybe, but it shows what little he knows about the legal niceties of acquisitions. In fact, the legal advice he’s getting is minuscule. Taking on the SEC? Money creates power but power corrupts. It’s called “hubris.” And it means a feeling you can get away with anything. Until you can’t.
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    Remember Bill Gates shorted Tesla stock !!! WOW. genius!!
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    ((( Hyundai Motor Group announces its first dedicated EV facilities coming to the US )))

    ** Hyundai is a Korean company with a captive home market.
    ** This allows them to develop vehicles, tools and processes in Korea. Then ship them to the US.
    ** This also allows them to subsidize US operations to gain a price advantage.
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    There was a time when Tesla was well served by Elon, but that was when it was a much bigger part of his attention span and he didn't have a ton of side projects. All he's doing now is using the company as a piggy bank to fund his other ideas, and the company hasn't done anything successful since the model 3 was launched. A company this important deserves a full time, non conflicted CEO of innovation and direction will continue to suffer.