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  • G
    ARK innovation ETF had the following amount of tesla shares:
    3’862’381 on 4-14-2021
    3’739’915 on 4-16-2021
    3’592’678 on 4-20-2021
    3’360’975 on 4-26-2021
    AKR innovation ETF sold 501’406 Tesla shares in 12 days.
  • H
    Well this was certainly an interesting day. Tesla stock was up $7.00 with over 2.3 million shares traded in the first 35 minutes. This obviously was due to shorts covering. After the initial up swing, the stock started heading back down. Fortunately it only was off .49 for the day.

    Elon made an interesting comment stating Tesla had enough orders to break the 4th quarter record but was unsure the sales could be completed by the end of the quarter. This creates an interesting question, while previously he stated they had received 50,000 new orders, what ever happened to the 400,000 orders Tesla had previously been reporting? Since Tesla recently announced the pricing for model 3's in China and supposedly started taking orders for them, how many of those new orders were for the as yet producing Chinese Model 3's?

    There have been some postings on this board that basically highlighted Tesla's technological lead in battery technology. Well that's interesting since Tesla doesn't have any. There was a recent article stating that Tesla was interested in being able to produce their own batteries. The Reno factory is a joint venture between Tesla and Panasonic and based upon Panasonic's decision NOT to invest to expand the Reno factory one could surely speculate that all is not right with the arrangement. In addition, since Tesla has reportedly signed contracts to have a Chinese manufacturer provide them with the batteries for that plant it would appear that they have some serious concerns with Tesla.

    Anyway, my projections for Tesla's 2nd quarter results and sells of 84,000 vehicles and total revenue of $5.8 billion. The bigger question has got to be how big of a loss is Tesla going to report? They raised $2.7 billion in May from selling additional stock and bonds. However, it cost them $400 million in expenses to raise that additional capital. So another question has got to be how are they going to expense the costs of raising that additional capital? If they just expense it, then their loss for the second quarter is going to be close to 1 billion dollars.
  • s
    People here have been saying this all along, whether you're a Tesla owner or not. Some countries in EU however, do not stand for it.

    "FRANKFURT, March 6 (Reuters) - Electric carmaker Tesla has committed to stop using fuel savings estimates to advertise its Model 3 online, a German industry association set up to prevent unfair competition practices said on Wednesday."

    "Even if 'savings' could be realised, such an amount cannot be deducted from the purchase price or the monthly rate ... because customers must pay the full price at the time of purchase or financing," the association said.
  • O
    Og Modnar
    What happened to the backlog of Model 3s?

    I went to configure a Model 3 and see I can get one in two to three months?

    ... but they start at $49k?

    What happened to the backlog and when can I get one for $35k?
  • f
    I find it interesting that tesla need to comment on having sufficient cash on hand


    Because of the lower than expected delivery volumes and several pricing adjustments, we expect Q1 net income to be negatively impacted. Even so, we ended the quarter with sufficient cash on hand.
  • s
    I have compiled the actual number of openly recorded Model 3 configuration entries per day as per Tesla Motors Club spreadsheet. As you can see there was a huge burst of configurations between June 26th and the 30th due to Tesla opening up M3 configurations to all. Most configurations before June 25th were low single digit daily ones so I did not find it relevant to post them.

    25-Jun 2
    26-Jun 76
    27-Jun 438
    28-Jun 192
    29-Jun 93
    30-Jun 88
    1-Jul 9
    2-Jul 11
    3-Jul 6
    4-Jul 9
    5-Jul 12
    6-Jul 4
    7-Jul 1
    8-Jul 2
    9-Jul 6
    10-Jul 2
    11-Jul 4
    12-Jul 4
    13-Jul 8
    14-Jul 5
    15-Jul 2
    16-Jul 6
    17-Jul 4
    18-Jul 2
    19-Jul 1
    20-Jul 6
    21-Jul 1
    22-Jul 3
    23-Jul 5
    24-Jul 6
    25-Jul 4
  • D
    DaDaDa DaDaDa
    Headline reads - "Tesla Raises Prices 3% to Keep More Stores Open"
    Should read - "Tesla Raises Prices 3% to Cover Leases They Cannot Break"
    Kudos for the spin...
  • E
    Stock price now below the closing bell. It was truly a battery day stock price fail
  • S
    up 250% in 7 months seems like a pretty unsustainable move up in the short term. love tesla long term but don't see how its a tech company and not a car company since it only sells cars (and solar panels)
  • s
    convertible due 1st march 2019...920mm = doesn´t Tesla has to pay 100 % in cash if stock is under conversion price ? I guess that the investors in the cv already shorted when the stock hits 375 or bought puts or made covered writing....How can Tesla say they pay 50 % in stock and 50 % cash ? looks like 920 mio in cash. Other opinions please
  • T
    Tesla headwinds - I have been talking about China and autopilot for many months now.
    - China, were Tesla expected to sell 30-40% of global sales, has turned sour. Govt doesn't need Tesla any more and is squeezing it out. Q1 - Q2 saw a sales drop 69k-61k. Will plummet further in Q3.
    - Autopilot regulatory oversight is increasing with new NHTSA rules and as deaths increase will be forced to act. Like in China expect more challenges, especially with Vision only, radar removal.
    - remember Tesla has charged customers over $1B for autopilot over last 4years with nothing to show for it. SEC could act.
    - Design corner cutting is coming up with Plaid fire. Lack of 4680 forced a quick switch to small cells pack. Bag of potatoes - causing fire.
    - 4680 issues - puts cybertruck in jeopardy unless Tesla does a quick change to large format $GM, $F, $VWAG style batteries.
    Continues misteps by $TSLA give competition including $NIO and $XPEV a chance to do better.

    Negative Q2 and poor Q3-Q4 sales is likely.
  • M
    Michael Burry
    Unless Elon tweets something to generate euphoria, the passive funds will start unweighting more aggressively the Tesla stock from the S&P 500. As I said, Lehman will be nothing compared to Ark.
    Many investors will be left with 10% of their investment.
  • K
    ((( Almost 40,000 Robinhood accounts added shares of the automaker during a single four-hour span on Monday, according to website, which compiles data on the investing platform that’s much beloved by day trading millennials. )))

    What could possibly go wrong?
  • M
    Ahahaha Elon Musik did twitter for $GME

    TY Elon, will buy more $TSLA shares and calls from the gains ;D
  • A
    All of you young, inexperienced and new investors are going now into panic mode again. Just because you read a few lines from so called "analysts" who are trying to buy TSLA for as cheap as possible for their funds. Same like last week. Your loss is my gain. Again. Thank you and have a lovely Christmas..
  • B
    CEO from $TSLA new vendor $OZSC, "Right now companies like Tesla, etc. order components from a ton of companies, many from China. Ozop Systems will be one stop shopping for them and more importantly, they can say they bought USA"
  • J
    Recently, Goldman Sachs upgraded $TSLA to a buy, and gave a new price target of $780 based on improved long term sales outlook. The only thing I disagree with is the price target. I feel $890 by EOY is more accurate.
  • D
    Tesla will be fastest stock to 1T market cap
  • C
    $TSLA beats Q1 earnings:

    $0.93 non-GAAP EPS vs consensus $0.80
    EPS +304% year over year
  • M
    Tesla Solar having business problems?

    I submitted a solar roof deposit refund request about 6 months ago because of delays for the slate style roof tiles, not available yet after years of waiting. Still no refund check. I escalated with customer service reps several times since then, and they just talk and string me along telling me it's being processed by the billing department. Right now I just spent 1 hour and 30 minutes waiting on hold to talk with Solar Roof representative who just told me the same thing and to wait up to another 15 days for processing.

    What if I was a new solar roof customer? Why wait on hold for 1 hour and 30 minutes?

    Does Tesla have cash flow problems, is that why they are holding onto deposits without timely refunds?

    Or is it organizational mismanagement? That is just as bad.

    Pick one or the other.

    If anyone from Tesla is reading this, my Order Number: EN4566155.

    I would SELL this stock if they can't get their act together to properly run the business.