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  • For all of you musk worshiping CO2 cult members,........... yes even you the most ignorant, uneducated, ill-informed,... of all members - cabin boy, dino and beyond "all hope of having an intelligent thought" pollution boy,... what's wrong with this picture?


    Tesla Gigafactory 1: new aerial shot shows lots of activity as it starts Model 3 production
    We haven’t seen a new picture of the Tesla Gigafactory 1 in Nevada in about two months and during that time, they have been busy preparing for the production of Model 3 battery packs and driv…
  • Operating Cost of Model 3 in 10K miles per year = (75KWh x 10,000 miles/200KWh) x $0.20 = $700

    Operating Cost of ICE in 10K miles per year= (10,000 miles/ 25MPG) x $2.5 per G = $1000

    This saving of $300 per year in Model 3 will easily be eaten by $300 more car insurance as compared to $35K ICE car.
    If your electric cost is higher than 20 cents per Kwh then you are in trouble.
    The car maintenance in Model 3 will much higher than ICE when you have to change battery after 5 years.
  • TSLA is a JOKE
  • Ok, so put in your address on this link and go through the steps like you are going to order a roof for your house. Now tell me this is not a total scam. Who is the installer? How much does it cost? When can I have one? Another "we have 400,000 pre-orders!" "This payment is fully refundable until you enter into a purchase and installation agreement" My name is Elon, I am from the Sudan and need to get $10,000,000 out of the country. If you send me $10,000........."


    Tesla Solar Roof
    The sun provides more than enough energy in just one hour to supply our planet’s energy needs for an entire year. Your home can capture this free, abundant energy source through rooftop solar tiles, turning sunlight into electricity for immediate use
  • People talk about Tesla selling a massive number of cars yet they consistently miss target. What happened to 100k cars by the end of 2015? I tell you what....no one wants the cars Look at the sales history...... Model S sales per quarter beginning Q3 2015 and ending June 30, 2017 ......11580, 17192, 12420, 9745, 15800, 12700, 13450, 12000. Sales of the models X not much better for the last year sales were 8700, 9500, 11500, 10000. Model S flat for 3 years, model X flat for 1 year

    Back in 2014 Toyota could sell 200k Prius per year and now that has dropped to 100k. with low gas prices, incentives dropping off, the demand is simply not there. Add to the issues an interior that looks cheap
  • Any word on how the SCTY acquisition is working out? It looks to me like the deal has been a complete bust and aside from savings Musk's (and his relatives) reputation, the negative ramifications of this deal could end up costing TSLA shareholders dearly.
  • Tesla makes it's own batteries. Tesla does not have dealerships. Two fewer markups. Greater profits on a better car with better technology.
  • Shorts don't understand the power of brand recognition. There are better phones than iPhone and better laptops than iMac (much better laptops) but quite a few people will ONLY buy Apple. Now, what's interesting, there are very few EV's better than a Tesla. You could probably pay a premium to get something custom designed.
  • >>In the 1960s, Lockheed and MIT with the United States Department of Commerce conducted feasibility studies on a vactrain system powered by ambient atmospheric pressure and "gravitational pendulum assist" to connect cities on the country's East Coast. They calculated that the run between Philadelphia and New York City would average 174 meters per second, that is 626 km/h (388 mph). When those plans were abandoned as too expensive, Lockheed engineer L.K. Edwards founded Tube Transit, Inc. to develop technology based on "gravity-vacuum transportation". In 1967 he proposed a Bay Area Gravity-Vacuum Transit for California that would run alongside the then-under construction BART system. It was never built.<<
  • A United States House panel this morning unanimously approved a proposal that would allow manufacturers to deploy tens of thousands of autonomous vehicles without adhering to existing safety standards. "The Purge, Part 3" Let the carnage begin!
  • What kind of privacy concerns might someone have driving car where software can be updated while your driving or possibly hacked?
  • How much waste do diesel cars generate? 100+ parts that need constant replacement.
  • World of Elucidation from Kapitan.............

    Often times Gerbils and Clueless Plebeians better known as Shortrashians lament about Tesla's debt. They forget to mention couple of essential factors though. Firstly, concept of debt itself is largely neutral. It mainly contains confidence of the debtee that debtor repays debt. Secondly, important metric Current Ratio shows that Tesla is in line with industry standard as far as her ability to repay debt.
    Gerbils will never mention that , because it would go against their never stopping harangue about imminent BK for last 8-10 years.
    Current affairs indicate Tesla may be considered as trustworthy debtor which has realistic chances to pay what they owe and then some more.
    Some individuals or entities are not trustworthy and should not be given an opportunity to carry a debt.

    The best example of such unworthy individual would be Janitor Fubar Akbar Scholar Skooktor, who's job and skills [like how to use complicated tools i.e mop, bucket, broom etc.] do not guarantee that he would pay the debt back if given a chance to sign up for a loan or something similar. Moreover debtee would have no recourse against poor Skunktor should he defaulted on said loan...............what would he had to lose ? Mop, bucket, broom, sweeper ..............c'mon, give me a break .
    PS LOLOLO !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • How much in equity financing do you think it will take for Tesla to reach 1 million cars per year? Whatever it takes, Tesla is likely undervalued today.
    What Is Tesla Worth If It Sells 1 Million Cars Per Year?
    Allow yourself to imagine a world where Tesla is selling 1 million cars per year. In this scenario, what is Tesla's automotive business worth?
  • Why do people say Musk is a visionary? Not a single one of his ideas is anything that hasn't been already tried in the past. Electric vehicles, batteries, solar panels, underground tunnels, space rockets, etc. have been around since before Musk was even born. Nearly all of them were cost prohibitive at the time, and he's just trying them all again, now that technology has improved. Some of them may no longer be cost prohibitive, but he's still a far cry from a visionary. I'll bet he comes up with some real zingers when he's stoned and amongst friends, but visionary I think not.
  • Hyperloop One test === complete absolute success <=== I'm totally impressed

    December 2015
    ((( Hyperloop: Nevada Test Track Will Go 335 MPH Through Desert Stretch )))

    July 2017
    ((( Results of the test — the 28-foot aerodynamic pod made of structural aluminum and carbon fiber traveled at 70 miles per hour down the test track )))
    ((( That May 12 test may have been short — only 5.3 seconds, )))

    So we are now talking about a vehicle that is actually able to maintain a speed of 70 MPH for over 5 seconds.

    Based on my conservative estimate of infinite profits - Hyperloop One is going to be a trillion company.
  • Like clockwork, Elon tweeting distracting news prior to bad earnings announcement.

    "verbal government approval" for hyperloop. Now that is being real specific on details, you can be assured of a bad earning release when he gets this vague trying to distract.
  • Just research recent Solar City lease sell transaction ( At end of 2016 and one in June)
    We don't have amount for Jun transaction which says they got even lower.

    At end of 2016 they sold for $241M for 26000 home + 19 commercial. Let's say it about 26200 total home, they got $9200/home. Average installation size is 5kw and so average price they got is $1.84. This is huge problem because Solar City calcuate NPV /W at $3.62. In otherword they sell for huge discount.

    Any Bull here to explain why???
  • Tesla is learning the car business. The model S was an outstanding success. The S is dominating this miche market and sales look to have leveled out near 50,000 units per year. ( over 2 yrs)

    The model X ..............I will use Musk's words Regarding that Fortune interview mentioned at the top, here are some other interesting comments made by Musk to the reporter:

    “I think we got more carried away with the X,” Musk said about an hour before the event. “I’m not sure anyone should make this car.”

    “There’s far more there than is really necessary to sell a car,” Musk added. “Some of these things are so difficult; they do make the car better, but the difficulty of engineering those parts is so high, that in retrospect, if we had known the true engineering costs and the amount of complexity associated with it I think we would have probably done fewer new things.”

    Most of the pre-orders disappeared and sales are tepid to this day. Looks like demand is near 10k per quarter.

    Fast forward to the model 3 and Tesla has went from too much to too little. The dash on the model 3 looks cheap. Perhaps they will build a model that meets in the middle

    Like any car company starting out, there will be mistakes. Complex manufacturing. Consumer tastes............

    It will be very hard to make the case that you will save money on gas when the base price is 50% higher than a similarly equipped hybrid or ICE car.

    The fantasy is that Tesla is a tech company. The facts are they sell cars and now some solar panels for income. Soon Tesla will reach the milestone of 200,000 total customer base after 10 years of operation, hardly the sign of a tech company.

    Google and apple are chasing self driving software and are starting to line up automotive companies to deploy their product. Tesla makes similar software for its own cars. Google and Apple plan to sell to the major manufactures that sell 12 million cars per year and Tesla still has never been able to sell 100,000 cars in one year. the tech companies have all the car manufacturers as customers, not so with the car company Tesla
  • I am going to keep on buying because as one astute long said "Tesla makes it's own batteries."