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Tesla, Inc. (TSLA)

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342.52+14.12 (+4.30%)
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344.00 1.48 (0.43%)
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  • A couple of months ago, few million people couldn't access their Amazon.com or BofA account due to hackers for several hours.
    Imagine when you wake up and can't get your software car started....should be interesting.
  • If electric vehicles, like Teslas, are SO wonderful, and there are SO many people lining up to buy them, why is there any need for laws taking away people's choice about whether or not they want to buy one?
  • I bought TSLA at a average price of $224. I've spent the last several months watching the constant barrage of shorts claiming the stock will crash. It's almost laughable. I'm not saying the current valuation is sound, but it it what it is. At what point are you shorts going to give up? The best you can do is make a little on the dips.
  • Hilarious Video on how what happen when software make stupid decisions. In this case they can't rely on Tesla itself.


    Tesla X Autopilot fail - crap driver can't rely on Autopilot
  • of doctors who owned their business. Lib policies forced these doctors to sell the practice to hospitals and then further regulations
    caused those hospitals to go bankrupt. Oil and gas are next up. The problem has been that these pesky oil companies developed a new process that has dropped the price of energy by 70% and increased world supply by 400%%. The EV movement is totally controlled by Lib donors and if successful they will be the new energy barons-on the backs of taxpayers..
    The truth is the truth. To this day in every market where taxpayer freebies are stopped all green energy concepts completely stop. In the US 87% of all green anything is sold in or made for California where they double down on freebies and give a state credit as well. Meanwhile they add an additional 1.50 on taxes giving Cali the highest gas prices. No wonder 10K people a month are leaving the state.
    Greenie, this will crash and burn. But there could be good news. If we ever have an alternative fuel it will be delivered by the oil companies as they will have to transition over to another option when the market-and only the market-forces the change.
  • The model 3:

    Never in the field of car manufacturing has so much money being asked for a dashboard so ugly
  • For all of you musk worshiping CO2 cult members,........... yes even you the most ignorant, uneducated, ill-informed,... of all members - cabin boy, dino and beyond "all hope of having an intelligent thought" pollution boy,... what's wrong with this picture?


    Tesla Gigafactory 1: new aerial shot shows lots of activity as it starts Model 3 production
    We haven’t seen a new picture of the Tesla Gigafactory 1 in Nevada in about two months and during that time, they have been busy preparing for the production of Model 3 battery packs and driv…
  • Operating Cost of Model 3 in 10K miles per year = (75KWh x 10,000 miles/200KWh) x $0.20 = $700

    Operating Cost of ICE in 10K miles per year= (10,000 miles/ 25MPG) x $2.5 per G = $1000

    This saving of $300 per year in Model 3 will easily be eaten by $300 more car insurance as compared to $35K ICE car.
    If your electric cost is higher than 20 cents per Kwh then you are in trouble.
    The car maintenance in Model 3 will much higher than ICE when you have to change battery after 5 years.
  • What most people forget is that Tesla will be like a computer. You will be able to upgrade it, buy new features, etc. You won't have to wreck it when the repair would cost more than its worth it. You just buy a new battery or software and you are good to go. Once people realize this, it will sell like hot cakes :)
  • TSLA is a JOKE
  • So I think folks are sleeping on the SolarCity recurring revenue. The have a least 3GWH of installed capacity that they own and lease to customers. That is 3000 MW x 5 Sun Hours per year * $.20/kWh = $15M year after year for 20 year contract. Folks act like SolarCity was so in debt, but actually they were just setting this recurring revenue. At this point, they are not selling these systems for cash or finance, but the beauty of pv is that many of these systems after any incentives, pay for themselves and then just generate profit year after year. The leased systems actually generate more profit than strict sales, as the back end of these signed deals generate mostly profit!
  • Turns out the Model 3 has been in production for quite a while. It's called the Chevy Bolt.
  • Ok since I have been dead on here as to what was going to happen here is my prediction:

    Hedgies and longs will push this to 350-355 area before earnings
    Tesla will announce a 1.4 billion loss for second quarter and 1.8 billion for the year to date
    Cash burn will be over 2 billion for the first 6 months
    Tesla will issue 5 million shares at 300 after earnings are announced
    Stock will drop to 290 area and stay there for 3 months
    at least 3 more Liberal bankrupt states will also offer forever state tax breaks for Tesla
    Model 3 will announce delays sometime in September
    Dems in congress will try to attach a forever tax credit to EV's with any tax bill or spending bill they can.
    Tesla will finish the year with a 4 billion dollar loss and the sEC will investigate manipulation.
    Good luck and stay hedged....Like Musk is.
  • $1000 easily by years end
  • Friday will be a huge day for TSLA.. See you above $400
  • Well done longs!
  • Just shorted 100 TSLA $342. Now holding 200 short TSLA + $335 Call short. All open. Will wait for $330 before sell put (Might cover as well)

    This is just gone up because it break downtrend line. Very temporary and expected given it able to hold $325 level strongly.

    But Model 3 is now reality and Earning coming out. Once detail out, People will realize that it will cost lot more to build & so 25% gross margin not possible (Even when Tesla hide lot of cost from Manufacturing and move to operation + Own Sales network so Sell price higher)
  • Tesla 1000 by Sept
  • This is crazy
  • I wonder what will happen when Tesla unveils their Truck? Shorts will end up in insane asylums :)