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Tesla, Inc. (TSLA)

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    Tesla Inc. announced that it has set up a pilot battery plant in Fremont, Calif., to work through with production of “ramping up.” Speaking of which, this accelerating and potential investment opportunity could be bullish and attract good revenues https://shr.link/BestStocksToday
    Lithium Batteries in Super High Demand. Is this the Oil Boom Of The Future?
    Lithium Batteries in Super High Demand. Is this the Oil Boom Of The Future?
  • O
    TSLA is a growing innovative company who's customers are are loyal and on top of any new products that come out of the company. It's worth noting that there are over 160,000 people on the wait list for the Cyber truck, All of this reminds me of Apple, and we all know how well that turned out for its investors.
  • I
    Where will TSLA be in one month at Q3 earnings? Three months from now? One year? 3-5 years? A decade?

    I’m so excited to be holding this stock long-term. Imagine what this stock will be in 2035. Keep this in mind when the stock fluctuates day-to-day. Remember the vision Elon has for the future. How could you not want to contribute to that?
  • G
    With the advent of increased battery capacity, electric vehicles sales will increase exponentially. The use of public gas pumps will decrease with the increase/rise of covid 19, this safety factor also becomes more important. important. Charging your car at home is easy and safer. Auto sales will rebound significantly.
  • m
    Here is why Tesla will dominate:

    1. Legacy automaker’s costs are going to skyrocket as they convert their massive manufacturing processes from ICE to EV.

    2. Tesla will be cutting their costs through advancements in manufacturing that are NOT weighed down by conversion costs.
  • a
    Apparently Tesla is pioneering dozens of fields (battery tech, manufacturing, self driving, etc.) by spending a fraction in R&D than any of the top competitors in any of these fields.

    I'm seriously impressed. /S
  • w
    TSLA options/option expiration always play a significant part in the share price dynamic. Sometimes huge, ie the biggest factor on a short term basis, ie , days, hours , minutes as it approaches expiration. Last week was an example, where the whole week it played a role in boosting the shares. This week the expiration is for TSLA a relatively low open interest/ low dollar value, with the LDV strike at $400, however the dollar value for strikes $380-415 are essentially the same, and even further away from that ie $360- 425 are higher but not to the amount that we usually see. So what does it mean? That the trading today will not be dominated by the option expiration LDV to a great extent. Now it is possible for that to change to a small degree late in the day if there is a build up in open interest earlier , depending on the state of the unwind, but even then more than likely this will be a day that TSLA will trade mainly on other factors surrounding investor/traders positioning for today and next week etc.
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    I have about 10k to invest. I own 1000 Nio shares and I am wondering if I should invest 10k in Tesla?
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    Tesla, Inc. operates in two segments, Automotive; and Energy Generation and Storage. Meanwhile, the coronavirus pandemic is a human tragedy of unimaginable scope. This could be hope, Go bulls! https://shr.link/BestStocksToday
    Lithium Batteries in Super High Demand. Is this the Oil Boom Of The Future?
    Lithium Batteries in Super High Demand. Is this the Oil Boom Of The Future?
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    For those of you still concerned about Tesla's PE ration etc, I would like to remind you that Tesla is in the process of building the three largest factories in the world - simultaneously. the largest property in in Texas at 2100 acres. When all of these come online a lot of cars and batteries will be manufactured.
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    What is with all these “I’m an engineer, I’m a computer scientist, I’m a rocket engineer... and I think Tesla is amazing ....” but none of these geniuses break down how their amazement justifies a 1k PE ratio and a market cap worth more than all other auto makers combined. Where is the money going to come from to justify this.
  • e
    the whole cali news doesn't mean much to me. it's only one state in USA. and thats what 15 years from now. so if the whole country becomes ev or a high percentage of evs don't people figure that will be like 2035 or 2040?
  • J
    Ark’s price target is 1400...That’s 7k pre split.
  • C
    I'm a computer scientist and I think Tesla's autonomous machine learning/artificial intelligence innovation is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition, same for battery technology. I don't know anything about the stock except it fluctuates wildly, but if I was a betting man, Tesla will capture a multi-faceted dominant share of the market in EVs, battery energy storage, solar products, and other related products and services.
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    For new people reading comments in here plz understands 99% of the post were proven wrong after what the stock price did after battery day. Read with caution and apply your own logic.
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    Starting the year of 2030 and With the dominance of advanced state of the art EV’s we will not need any more car mechanics or transmission shops, or oil change shops, those trades will be things of the past. We will only need computer trouble shooting technicians, tire shops,and car electrical technicians. Gas stations will have charging stands for all types of electrical cars and oil will be only used for petrochemical products and planes. Price tags of electrical vehicles will be 15 k To 20 k top with massive incentive and tax credit. People like Elon are surely changing the world
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    What’s not to like? All great news coming from battery day! Great delivery numbers will take this above $509 before earnings - buy buy buy!
  • K
    i honestly dont see why would anyone short this stock with so much long term growth potential, yes maybe today the price does not really justify their fundamentals, but people are inflating the price because of the future, not because of today's company metrics, this does not make it a bubble, this makes it a growth company, on BD the future was confirmed for tesla along California's ban on 2035. tech bubble was a different story, no one knew what would the future look like then so that was a bubble, but in Tesla's case the future can be predicted, thats why you will the stock rise, but some days people look for short term gain will short it, just hold long and hopefully Tesla will manage the future properly. cheers
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    GOOD TSLA INFORMATION; The stock market is just speculation at this point. It has been overpriced for years. It is only a matter of time before investors realize that there is no value in this market. The forward PE Ratio on the S&P 500 is still around 25, and that is assuming 40% earnings growth/rebound. Even if the growth/rebound happens, who would invest with the principal returned every 25 years? Pressuring down won't last; it will soon be a stampede for the exits. The majority of youthful investors, and even businessmen, have never experienced a bear market, and invest as if every drop is another buying point. Sure, they will be surprised. October is traditionally a tricky month as is November, with investors harvesting their capital losses for tax purposes as the end of the tax year looms. There is no question however that a CV19 second wave return, as some European countries are seeing now carrying the risk of a second lockdown
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    Tesla bull here and even me i was expecting it To drop near 300 my cash was prepared for that i still bought at 361 though