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  • M
    George Sharp said today that he never worries about the people taking profits it just leaves room for the next guy. Stocks go up and they come down. C'est la vie.......I totally agree with him. HUMBL will be a huge company and well see more GREEN DAYS then red.....Now how is HUMBL acquiring Tickeri if supposedly they don't have any money? Hmmmmmmmmm......interesting......
  • J
    62% of shares are shorted. Otc short report website. Once everyone has their shares available to trade there’s going to be another sell off. Be prepared to buy dips. Don’t go all in at once. Cost average. I’m not being negative I’m being realistic. The entire market is red. Glta
  • J
    It should be apparent by now that this stock has some very big up days and some very big down days. The closing price today is 32% above the post split open last Friday so nothing to be crying about.
  • M
    This is why HUMBL will be a huge company....people here who want to sell are clueless of what they own. Foote is a genius...

    Visa: 25% of Latin Americans Want to Pay With Cryptocurrencies

    COVID-19 changed everything, even the way people view crypto. Now, one out of four Latin Americans wants to pay with digital assets.

    By Jose Antonio Lanz
    In brief

    Many Latin American users expect to use cryptocurrency for payments.
    Cryptocurrency is increasingly popular in South American countries.
    Latin Americans want cryptocurrencies, and not just as hedges for inflation or savings. They want to be able to spend them, too.

    A recent Visa survey shared with Brazilian media revealed that 25% of all credit card users in Latin America would like to experiment with cryptocurrencies if payment processors gave them the opportunity to do so.

    The third Visa COVID-19 Consumer Sentiment survey sought to assess consumer trends during the lockdown. The survey data revealed that 78% of consumers expect to use new payment technologies in the future—including cryptocurrencies.

    The majority of users (58%) expect to make payments through social networks (like WhatsApp Pay or WeChat Pay). Many (42%) also expect biometric payments—transactions authenticated via fingerprints, retinas, or facial recognition.

    Cryptocurrencies ranked third in order of importance, with 25% of users eager to use the technology. Digital assets beat other technologies, such as the Internet of Things with 22% and virtual/augmented reality with 10%.

    Latin America is already a global leader in terms of cryptocurrency adoption. A recent study by Chainalysis revealed that Venezuela and Colombia were at the top of the world ranking in this area. Several startups and technological solutions have grown in the region thanks to the use of cryptocurrencies to facilitate remittances, loans, and other transactions.

    Payment solutions have also moved forward in other areas. For example, WhatsApp Pay was ready to roll out in Brazil before encountering last-minute legal problems. Venezuela enabled an instant SMS payment service and an offline crypto payment service as well, and digital payment startups are very popular in Colombia.

    Many habits have changed during the coronavirus pandemic, and consumers have begun to adapt to an altered retail landscape. The use of cash decreased considerably, and demand for contactless payments increased.

    Moreover, countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Peru, and even Venezuela are working to harness blockchain technologies in public projects.

    In times of crisis, opportunities arise, and the aftershocks of COVID may indeed provide a boost for crypto payments in the region.
  • A
    Omg this stock is beautiful, it has grown so much from when I bought in at 0.003. I paid $20 for 900 shares. My risk was nothing, but my reward in 5-10 years will be everything! I’m only 23 years old!! Wish me luck!
  • D
    Dick Done-Wright
    today is first day a lot of people got the shares in their account to trade under the new ticker symbol. So some profit taking as it had a good run up, but people could not sell. I think this is a two day issue and after that we head higher....
  • J
    It doesn’t matter tomorrow if the share price is 5.00, 3.00, 4.00, or whatever. What matters is that over the coming year or so it hits 15, 20, or higher. Look at this as an opportunity to pick up more shares, or to get in, at a bigger discount.
  • B
    Just ponder, Paypal is at $274/share with a MC of $320B and I honestly believe that TSNPD (Humble, Inc.) has a better overall business model and continues to deepen their offerings.
    Holding long here and will accumulate along the way..
  • t
    HMBL is going to wonderful things. I was at 14,500 shares after the 1:4 RS and today I sold all of my GNUS and picked up 5,500 more shares of TSNPD. I listened to the shareholders conference last week and think that Humbl’s long term strategy is sound. This is a long record play.
  • .
    When everything opens back up, which may be sooner than we think, what will be in deep demand 4-6 months from now? Travel, eating out, sports and entertainment, stuff? That's the opportunity beyond what we are doing here.
  • N
    ok... HELP!

    I'm new, have carefully watched TSNP for last 4 weeks. Bought @.85. Totally got scared and sold at 4.30 today. I want back on. Y did I do that. What should I do? Step away? Get back in? Ive never really felt this before! Is this why day traders get ulcers?
  • c
    For those of you who don’t understand corporate action processes. Ticker changes and reverse splits will effect on exchanges immediately. Not the case for broker-dealers, most cases it takes 24-48 hours. Usually these changes effect in what’s called a batch process. A batch process is when the broker dealer makes firm wide updates on their platform during an overnight period. Most BDs have tech partners overseas that help effect these changes also keep in mind not all brokers operate the same, so if one BD has it taken care of don’t get upset that your other BD doesn’t. Also, No need to worry when you can calculate you price adjusted gain/loss as well. See you all at $10
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  • T
    A lot of people seem to be upset they can't sell their shares in a company with a rapidly increasing share price.

    "It was up 24% today but I'm still so angry I wasn't able to sell my entire position on Friday! God help me if this stock goes up another 20% tomorrow!"
  • K
    Strategic Roadmap posted on their LinkedIn account. Great plans for 2021.
  • C
    I spoke to E-TRADE and they say it will be converted to new sticker and it will be updated within two days once they receive the info from HUMBL. Not sure, how fidelity updated when other brokers could not do.
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    I really don't understand all the panic and confusion over shares right now. Brokerages are catching up. By tomorrow most should be sorted. Its not a simple process to update a symbol and convert a split in the back end systems. Have any of you every worked on financial systems?

    Your shares will be there tomorrow. In the mean time, you have gotten a HUGE profit from sitting for 2 days. What are you complaining about? Sell if you want tomorrow. I do not understand if you are truly investing what has changed negatively in your mind about this company? They are BETTER today than they were last week!

    Thank you Brian Foote and George Sharp for making us shareholders richer!
  • j
    Who knows fellas but maybe the time this is taking to convert shares is a blessing because we can’t sell! Should show some of the weaker hands that if we stick together and hold the market should keep going up! Know promises ! So the way I figure it as long as the market continues to go up we are being forced to make money! 😂😂😂🎉🎉🍺
    TSNPD/Humbl long & strong!!!!
    Of course do your own research!!👍
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    Not selling for a few years, part of my retirement folio. Owner since November, $.015
    Still don’t know why I check it several times a day, guess it’s just a habit now.
    Also holding even more shares of FORW, my best two performing stocks.
    Sometimes it’s ok to listen to people that give you tips about other stocks on chats! Thanks to whoever recommended in November, just wish I bought 1 day earlier at $.005
  • o
    If stocks were green everyday we’d all be rich. Some days are green some are red... what matters is if you hold or sell. I’m holding