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    Alyson Brignac
    This stock is all over Twitter and Reddit.

    "They filed for the change on 12/9. It takes 45-60 trading days for the ticker to change according to the FINRA website. Let me know if you need help counting the days."

    "02/25/2021 is Day #50"

    George Sharp - Well-known exposer of OTC fraud. Advisor to public companies & SEC attorneys. Former consultant to OTC Markets Group. President of Forwardly, Inc (OTC: FORW) says "Ring out the bells and let the banners fly! FINRA will process $TSNP's corporate actions on Friday #HUMBL #yay"

    Overview: Humbl is a new-age fintech company built on the Digibyte blockchain. Josh J Kim from Seeking Alpha eloquently described it as follows - imagine if Alibaba & PayPal got married & had a daughter called Venmo & she grew up & married a strapping young bachelor called Blockchain (Digibyte), she would be called Humbl. Digibyte is the blockchain you thought you were getting when you bought Bitcoin. It’s 40X faster, 1000X more plentiful (21 billion coins in existence) and costs almost nothing to transact. If you’ve ever tried to send/receive Bitcoin you’ll wonder why anyone would prefer it to Visa/Mastercard. To anyone who follows crypto, in my opinion, it is becoming extremely clear that Bitcoins is now a store of value. It’s an old line, but BTC is digital gold. All you have to do is look at the recent institutional inflows from Tesla, MicroStrategy, MassMutual etc. These companies aren’t looking for transactional mediums, they have found themselves in a macro-economic environment that warrants BTC - The dollar is collapsing, interest rates are on the floor and the stock market is overvalued for the most part. BTC will not be the transactional currency of the future, it will be DGB or an equivalent. Brian Foote & Humbl Pay understand this & positioned themselves accordingly to disrupt the fintech industry while taking advantage of the new digital age.

    Humbl Pay is a new, Web 3 platform that connects consumers & merchants in the digital economy. Its core product lines are Humbl Mobile App, Humbl Marketplace & Humbl Financial, which have been architected to work seamlessly across one Humbl platform for consumers & merchants.

    The mobile app & platform aims to deliver more seamless global transactions by integrating multiple currencies, payment methods & financial services into reduced clicks for the customer, beyond the primarily US only mobile wallet providers such as Zelle & Venmo.

    Background: Humbl Pay used to be called Tesoro enterprise - a home renovation retailer for individual & commercial customers. In Dec 2020 Tesoro walked away from that history & announced a merger with Humbl LLC. For those wondering, the ticker change will be coming soon (HMBL).

    Before people start speculating about the relationship between Humbl & Tesoro, the play was simple, Humbl (a private company) merged with Tesoro (a public company) in an attempt to go market quicker. The process is called a reverse merger & is a commonly used tactic in the investment industry. For anyone interested - What is a reverse merger?

    Now that the relationship above is clearly defined it’s time to look at what Humbl Pay actually offers. The company is currently broken up into three distinct segments:

    Humbl Pay: Connecting consumers, freelancers & merchants in the new digital economy. There are currently 162m freelancers in the USA & Europe. Interested merchants can currently sign up & register their interest. Merchants can expect to be signed up & ready to trade in less than 24 hours. Humbl payments say that it’s payment solution will be available in 100 countries including Japan, Australia, Canada & the US. While it’s consumer app isn’t currently available on the app store, future plans laid on in the company's roadmap include peer to peer lending (digital currencies & traditional currencies) & HUMBL Hubs. Humbl hub is a point of sale solution for merchants that are currently being tested in Mexico. Hubs have been designed to assist millions of “Cash Only” Latin American merchants with a seamless migration to the digital economy. It will allow merchants to accept major credit cards such as Visa & Mastercard via its contactless solution plus more.

    Humbl Marketplace: Is a place for listed merchants to buy & sell products/services etc. Similar to Amazon in some respects. Will be integrated with Humbl Pay. Currently broken up in Humbl studios & deal days. Check out some of the merchants already listed on their website.

    Humbl Financial: The aim of Humbl financial is to provide a simple format for investors to actively or passively trade in the new digital asset investment markets i.e cryptocurrencies. On the 2nd February 2021, Humbl announced the launch of its BLOCK Exchange Traded Index (ETXs) lineup in over one hundred countries across North America, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean.
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    TSNP it’s been real, it’s been cool, it’s been real cool. Onward to HMBL. I predict a good solid run tomorrow leading up to Friday. I know many have said the name change is already baked into the price but I think this will help add an extra layer of confidence and legitimacy which should help entice more buyers. We shall see. Exciting days coming. Congrats all this is only the beginning. It’s about to get really fun.
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    From entrepreneur
    Mohit Mirchandani
    February 23, 2021
    The fintech world is fast-moving, but Brian Foote—and the rest of the HUMBL team—are having no trouble keeping up.

    In 2020, HUMBL was named by Forbes as one of the “rising startups to watch”, thanks to its fresh take on how to use money in a modern world. More recently, the company was featured by the UN 2030 Agenda.

    With a long track record of consumer technology success, Foote is the perfect person to get advice on what the future will bring. He recently shared his thoughts on the impact of COVID-19 on digital technology, how remote work is changing, and the Web of the future.

    Why is it more important than ever for small businesses to have access to technology-based tools?

    With COVID-19, the global acceleration to contactless and digital means of commerce has been accelerated by a decade. Consumers and merchants that do not have immediate, inexpensive access to digital technologies will be left further behind in an already widening global economic pyramid.

    How can small businesses gain the trust of their audience in an increasingly “remote” work environment?

    If white-collar, first-world workers get access to financial services and healthcare technologies, but local merchants and frontline workers don’t, then technology is failing at its core and that will impact the fabric of society long term.

    Companies that aren’t reinvesting into technology for their people, or a digital product mix for consumers, will fall behind other brands that are moving faster or more thoughtfully during this transition period.

    What tools are customers and merchants using to connect in an often remote, digital economy?

    I think you look at Zoom, Shopify, Slack, Upwork and Etsy, as some of the clear winners from 2020 in terms of SMB tools. Anything that can help with communications, messaging and product listings in distributed formats.

    For 2021, we think it’s financial services and payments, which have been the last to update. Cash was proliferated around the 1860s in the US, and physical credit cards and receipt printers started their cycles in the 1960s.

    We think that the coming year is about packaging those modalities into digital formats: discovery, payment, financial services and customer relationship management services that go “beyond the receipt printer” as the world opens back up to foot traffic.

    If customers and merchants can harness those tools to better connect, and stay connected, it will create a more elastic layer of Web 3 commerce. We hope that becomes synonymous with HUMBL in the coming years.

    What are your thoughts on safety and security as it relates to the many tools used by small businesses?

    In terms of cybersecurity: No one is safe. You look at megatechs like Twitter suffering from social engineering attacks or the New Zealand stock exchange having to shut down for several days due to breaches. It’s out there.

    Then imagine individualized data or SMB workforces with distributed footprints and technology patterns, and the opportunities get even broader for information compromise.

    Technologies like tokenization, encryption, and blockchain will have a vital role in protecting small business data at scale in the future, particularly as we enter the quantum computing era.

    The ability to minimize attack vectors, perform deep human training around protocol and passwords and then have really good internal cybersecurity measures is critical even for small merchants that are processing customer data.

    How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the way small businesses connect with consumers?

    We think that the coming decade will signal the rise of the fastest-growing segment of the Millenial and Gen Z economy, which we call “Freelancers'' or “Nano-Merchants.”

    The future of SMB is transitioning from four walls and a sign to remote work and independent contracting. The COVID-19 economy has only accelerated the level of independence that was already engendered in these younger age groups, who are the merchants of the future.

    Their expectation for Web 3.0 is an elastic, personal, and business toolset that travels portably with the customer and merchant around the world.

    What tools are you most excited to watch develop post-COVID-19?

    We are entering a financial technology cycle that will place consumer “super apps,” bank branches, and trading markets into a couple of clicks, right in the palm of your hand.

    When you hear guys like Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan, saying that Wall Street needs to be “scared shitless” of the FinTech proliferation happening in labs and garages out in Silicon Valley, you know you are on the right track for a decade of disruption.
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    when you understand how big a threat this is to ecommerce and the entire worldwide financial sector, then you will realize why this is worth a lot more then a few billion and more than just ten billion... look up "fintech scared" and you will find a serious article titled "Jamie Dimon says JPMorgan Chase should absolutely be 'scared s---less' about fintech threat" and then you will begin to realize why this is worth more than 100 billion and FOMO will become YMO if you didn't get your tickets before this train left the station
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    Veteran investor update: As soon as ticker switches to HUMBL,
    the magic starts.
    Don't blink, because you may see $ 3.00 dollars soon !
    HUMBL long ! :) :) :)
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    Couple of quick things to point out.
    1. Why does everyone expect the app launch to happen so quickly? Wouldn’t you want that to happen once all regulations are worked out in all countries for people to actually have access to the app?
    2. What makes you think you are gonna be an “overnight rich” when you invest into a company, especially a startup company? Give it some time. In today’s internet age of “I want it now” “instant gratification” “if it don’t happen today, I’m quitting”, you need to take a step back, realize what you have invested in, and be patient.
    Amazon sells for over $3k a share. Do you think it sold for over $3k a share in 1997? Absolutely not. It’s taken them this long to get there.
    HUMBL is a revolutionary disruptive game changing idea that is just trying to get off the ground. If it fails, or if something better comes along to disrupt their progress, we still won’t know for sure any time soon.
    So remember why you bought into this idea. Relax. Pick up a book to read for 6-12 months. Then come back and see where the progress is.
    The point is, don’t expect over night success with anything. It takes hard work and long hours to reach a goal.
    But I assure you, with HUMBL, we are gonna reach that goal in due time. Not today, tomorrow, or even next week. The ups and downs are part of the process. Let the process play out.
    Stay HUMBL!!!! My friends. And best wishes.
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    Hello everyone and hope you are having a blessed day. Well, today I finally purchased my targetted number of shares I wanted. First, The most important aspect to me is that I truly believe I invested in a great future company LT. ✔ Second, good price and volume shares. ✔ Now, I will forget about it for a year to 5 and refuse to be caught up in a daily chat room insanity. That's no fun and unnecessary. The process is to let the company grow and my target out price is just a reasonable $60 to be a millionaire. Keep in mind this is just one stock. lol. I can wait and pretty sure it will get there if not even 3X more. GLTA...Peace.
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    Respect for the ones who like me, have been holding strong for months. It was a bumpy ride. To all the shorts out there, thank you! It was because of you that I was able to "buy on the dip* several times. I will always appreciate you.
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    Ticker change followed by app release soon. If you are long congrats. If you are short convert soon to make back your losses.
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    Hold your shares. Selling less than $2 now is giving your shares away! Hold til the app launches which might be next week.
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    I AM
    From George Sharp via Twitter

    Ring out the bells and let the banners fly! FINRA will process $TSNP's corporate actions on Friday #HUMBL #yay
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    I realize that people are entertained by these sites but stocks are not to be watched day to day minute to minute or second to second. Just chill find a hobby.
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    Eric Cartman
    Ticker change and app should be released either tomorrow or Friday according to Brian Foote as he said they would both be done by the end of February. Ticker change is accordance to FINRA so Brian has no control over that, but app release should be tomorrow or Friday, which will cause the stock to go parabolic. Remember Brian met all his deadlines so far and is always scheming behind the scenes. In the case there is no news, the stock will definitely tank hard on Friday and I have major funds coming in to by the dip if necessary, so I’m just staying patient because this is a gold mine.
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    To sell any shares as of today is the worst decision anyone could ever make. Strong hold 5+ years.
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    Mr. Perfection
    I wonder if we have a green day tomorrow or one more flat day. Will the ticker change pre-market on Friday or After-market? or during? Will many articles be written about HMBL over the weekend? Will HMBL start talking about revenues? thoughts?
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    Attention!!! Do I have your attention?


    Ticker Change Friday. Buckle up, the Rocket Ship is about to launch. Wooo hooo
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    amit ahmedabad
    Once the name will change app will be launched . At eod it will be 1.30 and eod week 1.50 . App will be launched next week once the name changed and everyone kwn what happen in January end from 30 cents to 1.70 in one week lol this app will be huge
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    They really made us wait for this ticker change but sure enough they made it happen in February as promised!
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    ✅$1.50 Today
    ✅$3. 0 by Monday ticker change
    ✅ $7.50 App release 🚀
    ✅ $10-$15NASDAQ April✅
    ✅💪7 Star 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    That’s my thinking