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Tuesday Morning Corporation (TUES)

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1.85+0.05 (+2.78%)
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  • Short interest virtually unchanged over last 30 days. Somebody is living dangerously if those shorts are unhedged.

    6/30/2017 12,369,722 1,200,743 10.301723
    6/15/2017 12,960,755 1,739,968 7.448847
    5/31/2017 12,629,619 1,600,520 7.890947
  • Monster Microcaps Alert to TUES shareholders. Clean Energy Technologies Moving up now - CETY - price today $.02. Price target $.20 by year end.
    Clean Energy Technologies. CETY recently announced expansion with their Europe Sales and Service Center for Europe new sales and to serve 65 existing customers with CETY’s General Electric clean energy Heat Recovery Systems and just announced they have already sold the first of SEVERAL HUNDRED units to come SOON.

    Each CETY Heat Recovery System sells for $300,000 and market demand is several BILLION DOLLARS.

    CETY purchased Heat Recovery Systems Division from General Electric and products are now very attractive to huge unmet markets and can achieve over $250 million annual sales within the next 2 years. Demand for conversion of wasted heat to electrical energy in big applications is VERY LARGE AND UNMET.


    Clean Energy Technologies, Inc. Secures New Order for Waste Biomass Application in Europe
    COSTA MESA, Calif., July 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Clean Energy Technologies, Inc. (CETY) announced today that its subsidiary Heat Recovery Solutions has secured a new Clean CycleTM generator order for a Waste Biomass application in Europe. Growing d
  • Per a 13G/A filed yesterday, BlackRock Inc sold nearly 5 million shares last quarter.
  • Pump harder, everyone. We need to put some lipstick on this pig A.K.A. Tuesday Morning!
  • ROSS stores needs to buy TUES for $3.75 per share. Or $4 in stock.

    I went In a ROSS Thursday night and I wasn't impressed. It reminded me very much of a TJ Maxx.

    Both those stocks are such high flyers they could buy TUES just to close some stores and reinvigorate others.

    Of course, will Becker accept a fair offer or does he want to become entrenched ?

    We need an ACTIVIST here.
  • Russell rebalancing is behind us now. My avg basis is $2.12, but considering breaking my own portfolio concentration rule and buying more shares Monday. Coming earnings are going to suck, but I hopefully there will be good news to report as well regarding SSS and DCs.
  • Short interest up slightly over last report: (per NASDAQ)
    6/15/2017 12,960,755
    5/31/2017 12,629,619

    All those shares will rush to cover come the first hint of good news.
  • I added more last week at $2.00, chased it again it seems as it went back to $1.80 in short order. My average cost is still too high but I get the feeling we have seen the lows here and there is a greater chance at positive news than negative at this point.

    We need SSS to continue to be positive. And for the DC issues o be solved once and for all.
  • Non putem futurum. Non est satis.http://dataunion.tistory.com/8360

    Tuesday Morning Corporation NASDAQ $TUES Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks Sep-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 2,830 NASDAQ Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is 0.2 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stock
  • CFO may have mistakenly broken short swing trading rule. I have seen this happen a few times at different companies over the years. It usually results in a disgorgement back to the company of the amount in question. Its about $4327.24.

    She bought on 5/26 at $1.85 after selling on 2/3 at $3.704.

    But maybe not since the sale was probably prearranged.

    02/03/2017 S 2,334 (1) $3.704

    1. This transaction reflects the sale of shares for the purpose of satisfying tax obligations due upon the vesting of restricted stock awards granted pursuant to the Company's 2014 Long-Term Incentive Plan.
  • Short interest per Nasdaq as of 5/31/2017 = 12,629,619 shares. That's 28% of outstanding! Has to be index related. Has to be.
  • this week stock price any predictions?
  • Here's the answer to my earlier "insider window" question: "the “Window Period” beginning when the market opens 48 hours (which must include one business day) following the public release of the Company’s earnings and ending 21 calendar days prior to the close of the next fiscal quarter (or Thanksgiving Day, as the case may be)."

    I do find it curious that insider trading is allowed during the quarter when monthly gross and same store sales are known only to insiders.

    For the record, I am "microcaptrader," not to be confused with any other 'Yahoo Reader" posting on this board.
  • What is everyone's short term for this stock next 30 days and next 3 months?
  • Primecap is a perfect contra-indicator

    I said that a few years ago and I say that now.

    They were up to 18-19% a few years ago with the stock above $15. Now they are below 5%.

    Back then, I wasn't sure they were index investors but now I believe they are because Vanguard is the bulk of their business.

    Nothing wrong with Vanguard or index funds generally but they are flat out wrong on TUES.
  • "Buying shares (Jan 2016) for investors inside of an LP AFTER becoming CEO doesn't sound exactly kosher however."

    You have to go back many year. I had assumed you were aware that he made a KILLING in TUES when it was Becker Drapkin.

    Then, that firm dissolved with no mention that Ive seen as to what happened. I think I recall seeing Drapkin involved in something in recent years so I thought they split up for whatever reason.

    The fact that he was buying with him & his investors money never struck me as less than Kosher. But, those investors are clearly ticked that he loaded up on so much TUES right before the stock tanked.

    He was invested right along side of them so it was his money too that was lost. But, if he couldn't foresee the huge decline before, how do we know his recent buys will be any better ?

    I got a kick out of the material in the 8k today. He called himself a "value creator" and maybe he used to be.

    But since taking over TUES he has been a value destructor.

    I added shares today twice at $1.90. Its rare that I pay up but in this case, I think it might be healthy that the stock is up off its lows. I was told by they had a meeting on the west coast today or tomorrow, thus the 8k. (Maybe that's why they weren't in the office Friday, a long California weekend on the company dime ?)

    I went back & added up my prior sales from much, much lower prices, but still higher than current prices.
    And that total caused me to buy more.

    My avg cost is down to $2.5938. I have to think we have a reasonable chance at seeing $4-6 again even if we don't get the huge turnaround that would lead to higher prices. I view $8-10 as possible but a bit pie in the sky right now.
    And if we get back to $12-15, I will be trying to do cartwheels and injuring myself.

    I went in today and tried to place a sell order in case we pop up. My darn broker wouldn't accept an order higher than $2.85. That is something I'm going to complain about but I placed a small sell order at that price, just the same. Because I think its possible we have a bit of a melt-up.

    I asked the IR firm lady about the index funds and she said from looking at the past 13fs as of 3/31 a little over 25% was held by index funds.

    Of course, not all of those were the same index TUES got kicked out of. I don't think. Were they ? In any event, a LOT of the selling was from getting kicked out of the index.
  • Made a first ever trade: first buy 10K 1.65, sale yesterday 1.9, today bought again 10K 1.75, set a sell 1.95. I hope that several buys/sales like this one will bring my average so low that no need to worry about potential hurdles like BK. May be I'm wrong trading TUES, may be it would have been right to buy and hold until say 4-5. But who said that 4-5 is possible and ever reachable.
  • Yahoo Reader

    Did I just follow you on twitter as Microcaptrader1 ?

    I tried to get ahold of Becker & Shirley but both were out of the office. Hopefully visiting stores or In the DC rather than a long weekend.

    I just added up my buys. With yesterdays $1.65, it brought my avg cost down to $2.942.

    Whats yours ?

    It hate being down so much. We have to go up 78% for me to break even.

    I did have a lucky trade from $5.01 to $8.74 but it was for very few shares.

    And, I added up my prior sales...at $16.186 avg. So I sold at very advantageous prices. But, Ive already spent almost the entire amount of the prior sale proceeds.

    I emailed their IR contact and didn't get much...Its as I expected but its still bothersome because he bought TUES shares for those people and them bailing now suggests they have lost confidence and are probably selling. And if THEY lost confidence, what are we missing ?

    "The Western Family Value selling is related to a legacy partnership Steve had and that he distributed. It had Tuesday Morning shares and they were distributed in-kind to investors of the partnership. As you have likely seen as well, Steve has continued to buy shares for his personal account."
  • Yahoo estimates show an avg expected loss of 28 cents for next quarter and the same 28 cent loss for the next year. Although a wider range from a 7 cent loss to 46 cent loss for 2018.

    That's a long time to kick the can down the road hoping for the long awaited profitability.