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VelocityShares Daily 2x VIX ST ETN (TVIX)

NasdaqGM - NasdaqGM Delayed Price. Currency in USD
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19.71-1.13 (-5.42%)
At close: 4:00PM EDT

19.60 -0.11 (-0.56%)
Pre-Market: 5:15AM EDT

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  • We are CLEARLY in a correction here. Can you say "squeeeeeze"?
  • Shorts are getting squeezed bad. We already started the correction and longs love the drivers seat, driving and accepting donations from shorts is awesome. Btw shorts are always beating their chests soon they won't have hair left on their chest due to beating. And Of course shorts are in stage 1 denial. Oh wait, looks like Peter just said everything I wanted say. That's so funny. Lol.
  • TVIX is up one day in a row and the TVIXers are out in force. Maybe this time is different?
  • Shorts are in Stage 1 of denial syndrome. We are CLEARLY in a correction on the nasdaq and a crash is slowly building, and shorts are beating their chest everyday about how well things are going? Too funny. Let's just say longs are in the drivers seat, and we'll gladly accept donations from shorts of TVIX on a daily basis
  • The VIX is down 2%, shouldn't TVIX only be down 4% and not 4.4%. Where is the SEC? LOL
  • WHAT A GIFT!!! Only $1 down...anyone long should count their blessing TVIX is not $2-$3 down!!!!
  • We skipped the light contango,
    Turned onesies into twos,
    They were feeling kind of seasick,
    Started puking on their shoes...
  • And it's.... Beetlebaum. Yes, folks until today the 52- week low was $20.38 (down from a RS adjusted $920), but yes we have a new, new, new... new all time low on record for the day.
  • I got scared after reading Bert's logical, thoughtful, and well informed post, so last night I leveraged up and went all in on June VIX futures. I'm color blind and I can't see the difference between red and green... but I think I am doing well right now.
  • Credit Swiss(e) is increasing cash!!!...Why? Shorts will find out...Keep buying!!!
  • VXX=3.26%. TVIX=2XVXX=6.16%. HA HA HA. NOT 6.52%.
  • We are just pennies away from a new, new, new... new all-time low. What a brilliant time to be long TVIX. Can you feel it?
    Methinks a good squeeze is in order. Squeeeeeze it hard and slow! ...How much more of this pain can shorts take?
  • 52 week high is $600.00. lmfao
  • C.S make ton of money in this scam...ask yourself how...and JPM hold ton on shares in the last years. do you think they are long..... ? ha ha ha. THIS DOG HAS 114% OUTSCAMS STOCKS. 114% SO THEY CAN GIVE THE FRIENDS MORE STOCKS TO SHORT YOUR POOR MONEY. HA HA HA
  • Looks like we'll have to wait til Monday for the correction, but come Monday: Watch Out !!! Shorts are gonna cry like girls!
  • Both Trem and Electro are correct - shorting TVIX (at the proper time, natch) is the ONLY GUARANTEED win, over time (due to the 12.5% monthly decay): From mid-August, 2015, to August 31, 2015, TVIX rose more than 400%. HOWEVER . . . ALL OF SAID GAINS WERE GIVEN BACK WITHIN TWO TRADING WEEKS (9-14-2015). TVIX then went sideways to up, reaching less than 40% of its previous August 31st high, then fell once more . . . finally going LOWER than its price just BEFORE (August 1st) its 400% rise, breaking to the downside on 2-29-2015.

    Moral of the story: TVIX is always (just) a TRADE . . . usually, at the relative extremes, for a 1 to 2 day trade (other than for intra-day trades, ala JDST and JNUG).

    On RARE occasions, e.g., August 15 to 31, 2015, one can hold TVIX for a max of 5-8 days . . . but then short the sh## out of it, and KEEP shorting it, if TVIX goes higher . . . as it will surely decay over time (at the aforementioned rate of 12.5% per month, by my calculations). If I had an unused $100K, I would pick a nice spike in TVIX to short, then hold this TVIX short for the year (unless there was an aforementioned impending market fall, as predicted by Larry Williams just two days ago), whereby I would cover my TVIX short, book profits, go long for a couple of days, then start the TVIX shorting process all over again.

    I trade with AMTD, which, on several occasions, has failed me in providing shortable shares of TVIX; which is a pity, as shorting TVIX is the only guarantee in this trading business.
  • I am the hero we all need

    I am...... The Masked Contango
  • I'm out.
  • I heard Amazon will acquire Tvix for more than 20 Billion... wow.. tvix board and share holders will be very happy..go amazon go.. United States of Amazon...lmao