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  • H
    This thing went to $1000 once.
  • k
    VIX is 30.27 now. TVIXF is still $3.1. Why?
  • 8
    Any hope here?
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    HW Graff, Trading Savant
    $UVXY conversation
    Karl is a gay who comes here NOT for trading, he could not afford to Trade. Karl is here one thing that he could not get in real life, attention From Straight Men!! The following is said in Karl's own words
    $TVIX conversation
    dear, you never talk about women so I thought you were Gay like me !!!
    Lord, I suppose I jumped the gun on this one, didn't I?
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    Buying 4000 shares at 7.11
  • w
    This is my last message for now. I have the worst record in stock investment in the world. I bought TVIX in Jan 2019 last year then sold it and lost 20% ($42,000) in just “7 days” and vowed to never buy TVIX again. This year I sold MSFT and MA, ROKU last Friday 2/28/2020 at more than 10% loss each and bought SDOW, SPXS, and TECS (thinking they are less volatile than TVIX), but this time it’s even worse, I lost 20% in just “1 day” today. Combined that’s a 30% loss of my entire saving in 2 days. That’s in addition to the $60,000 loss total in 2019. And that’s after the $6,000 I paid for Zacks subscription and hundreds of dollars for Motley Fool “professional help” in the last 4 years. And I have never made a dollar cumulatively in the last 22 years of investing. I need to put myself on time-out and think about what I did. I don’t know what to do anymore.
    I could have been better off using all that money to buy stuff or take all my friends traveling. I sold my property a few years ago because I couldn’t live with the then new constant noise from above. Now I can’t afford to buy a house either, real estate here is expensive.
    My savings went from 6 digits to low 5 digits, I am close to penniless, the Only thing I have is my health. I still go to the gym. Best of luck to you all whether you are going long or short. Please Don’t Be Like Me. And keep yourself safe from the virus. Thanks for tolerating my rant. I can only vent here because no one else would understand.

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    buy or sell?
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    I think theres a lot of youngsters here now who dont really appreciate that this has never hapenned before . The previous recessions never had this kind of outside driving force pushing them and the leveraged invers etfs we are playing right now didnt exist . It may not ever happen again at least not in our lifetime . enjoy it has never been this easy before to make so much money so fast . regular folks that dont play the market have no clue what we are doing here they are sitting at home hoping there mutual funds will recover soon and trying not to worry about it .
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    so give me a reason why this market is positive today?
  • R
    Global Times editor says top U.S., Chinese negotiators didn't hold talks
    By Steve Goldstein
    Published: Aug 26, 2019 6:03 a.m. ET
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    Global Times editor Hu Xijin, followed closely by financial markets due to his perceived links with Chinese authorities, tweeted that top U.S. and Chinese negotiators did not hold talks. "Based on what I know, Chinese and U.S. top negotiators didn't hold phone talks in recent days. The two sides have been keeping contact at technical level, it doesn't have significance that President Trump suggested. China didn't change its position. China won't cave to US pressure," he wrote. U.S. stock futures YM00, +0.19% moved off their highs but were still stronger for the day after the tweet.
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    Order in for 7.76
  • F
    Flat6 Racer
    VIX under $13.00, which below my normal marker for an over-bought market. AMZN & AAPL with mixed earnings among a lot of others. Retirees need to start pulling required distributions before end of year and we're sitting at all-time highs in the 2nd most expensive market in history by many metrics. It's possible market may find a little fuel to run off of this cut due to low volume and algos, but the long thesis to keep climbing on another bull leg is on very thin ice. Long TVIX 3K shares with intent to add more as appropriate. GL
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    The Bearded One
    Added 1000 at 6.56....Now have 3000 at 6.84 average...I will not be holding very long though
  • M
    Trump manipulates the market so well. Probably pre warns some friends before he let's out a tweet.
  • R
    There is short term pain here. TVIX could stay here or go a bit lower, but the upside reward is really tremendous. The 10 year and other treasury yields have spiked about 20% this week alone. Market experts warn that this is not sustainable with current economic conditions and headwinds. The consensus is 1.4 which means another 20% fall in the yield in near term.
    Markets are way overbought. Any bad news or even remote bad news will take its toll wiping out 2% or more.
    Hong Kong unrest hasn't stopped, Fed will upset the market. I dont expect Powell to guarantee more rate cuts. Like usual he will be in a wait and watch mode.
    China trade resolution ..... Not happening.
    What happens next? Market heads down, stays flat and starts to rise. Kinda like deja vu. Until someone flashes another recession sign and the house of cards crashes.
    Have a good one.
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    How much chance is there that SPX will retest 200 Day Moving Average by Friday and TVIX reaches 70?
  • m
    2019: the year that market went up 30% with no earnings growth on daily "hope" trade war would end.

    2020: year market goes up every day on hopes coronavirus will end.

    The only way this market will go down is if there is no bad news to hope goes away.
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    bought at 16.50. sold at 18.50 the quickest $2 per share I made in a while.
  • S
    @StevenS, I was so scared and sold at 6.66 per your advise, do you think I can buy back at 6.55.
  • A
    still don't understand why TVIX IS not tracking VIX. can anyone explain? Thanks!