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Texas Roadhouse, Inc. (TXRH)

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  • TXRH is up 4.92% to 50.37
  • Over a $3.00 drop on the stock price in less than a week is very poor performance.
  • It amazes me how the market pundits can drive this stock down with the perception that consumer spending is faltering. That may be true that overall spending is down, but the real question both in retail and restaurants is, is spending really decreasing overall or are consumers just being more selective with their spending? Sure, Wendy's, Outback, the Brazilian steakhouses maybe down, but Texas Roadhouse has only been improving traffic and quickly expanding its footprint with new store openings and new concepts that just keep making the company more money.
  • What a bone head article by capital cube, investors are worried about the company's five year plan? REALLY? If their future plans are like their past and current plans, that means more store openings, new concepts that have higher margins and more openings of those store locations, reduced overhead costs as the aggregate costs of SG&A are distributed over more revenues generated by the new openings, so I have no doubt about their future. I kinda thought about selling them yesterday just to take profits, and fairly good ones at that, but I held, still glad I did. I believe they will be a take-over target, but even without that, they are executing excellently.
  • Wrong call again, Tech Trader, estimates were for net earnings of .58, with the .13 legal fees added back in, the net earnings came in at .61 per share and that was in an another weak quarter for consumer spending. The additive impact of the Bubba locations with the new Roadhouse store openings are really adding to the bottom line.
  • Harry Boxer has posted his Charts of the Day video on TXRH at TheTechTrader site noting: Texas Roadhouse, Inc. (TXRH) might be ready to reverse, because it ran up in a rising wedge, formed a gap and filled it, then the moving average, and reversed. I think it’s going to eventually move down to 38.
  • The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter. http://dataunion.tistory.com/3487

    Texas Roadhouse Inc NASDAQ : TXRH Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks May-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 2,830 NASDAQ Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is 0.9 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stock
  • Well, the EEOC finally extorted money from the shareholders. The actual plaintiffs did not exist, so the EEOC created them. That is a prime example of governmental oversight, I was hopeful now that Obama and the progressives got thrown out that the fake news would end, but it hasn't. The acting EEOC chair needs to be fired immediately. If a company needs to present a certain perception to make it a viable business they need the latitude to do so. That is what is called a free market system. Do you really think that PRESIDENT Trump brought unattractive people on to "The Apprentice", the answer would be NO. The current EEOC is a #$%$ cracker chick who has a hard on for Texas Roadhouse, she needs to move on. Otherwise, other people, namely the people who regularly support Texas Roadhouse and also President Trump will have to make changes, figure that out.
  • Want to be rich ? Wanna have rally stock ? ... NTWK is going to explode
    Watch fundamentals, sales, earnings, buyback, ...etc !
    The Asian Microsoft is born ! $5 target $ 500
  • Two very good upgrades and increases in price targets, for those who have to rely on Yahoo! for their information. Both BTGI Research and Baird have upped them from neutral to buy. Price target increase to 50 and 48 respectively.
  • It would be interesting to see if TXRH would make an offer for a Ruby Tuesday with the long term plan of converting their existing locations over to Bubba's 33, Texas Roadhouses, or even Jaggers. They could even begin by revamping the Ruby Tuesday experience as the biggest problem that I see with their brand is the lack of a brand and usually poor service which is not the case with the Roadhouse staff. Could be some interesting synergies as many of the RT locations are not necessarily duplicates of Texas Roadhouse, it would be interesting to see an overlap map of both chains to see how they align though.
  • Ex-div is now hitting, really don't need any more negative drivers right now. With weak earnings results, though decent store traffic, and the trumped up (no pun intended) discrimination lawsuit from the EEOC.
  • The Boston Globe is a pathetic excuse of a liberal rag, they attack anything that they deem that conservatives aka hard working, blue collar, middle class people may enjoy. This is a continued perpetuation of the liberal media lashing out at middle America for not voting the way that the academically declared superior class has deemed their way. It is a continuation of petty politics and petty journalism, fake news is real news.
  • Disappointing day mainly given the fact that a turd company like Buffalo Wild Wings did very well, even with articles basically blasting their performance.
  • Only one thing I don't like about TXRH, the time I have to wait to get a seat, call ahead works pretty good most of the time.
    Talk to anyone best Steaks around.
  • So idiotic. Traveling across a large multi state territory i see first hand there is not one restaurant that packs them in like this one. Not even freaking close.
  • Everyone loves a good healthy stock with low debt. $TXRH’s in a pretty sound financial position atm
    Texas Roadhouse Inc (TXRH): How To Check Financial Health Of A Low-Debt Company
    Although mid-cap stocks, such as Texas Roadhouse Inc (NASDAQ:TXRH) with a market-capitalization of $3,401 Million, aren't as popular among investors, they have delivered the most impressive risk adjusted returns.
  • Hard to believe stock is down because Zack's chose what they thought the profits should be.
    The profits were up but not to the number that someone decided to put for the stock to meet.
    If you visit a Texas Road House there is a large waiting time and many people willing to wait to be served.
    I think seeing the stock go down is on called for. Why does Zack have so much power. They pick a number out of the air and whatever they choose determines what the stock does. If Zack's would have chosen a realistic number for this quarter that the stock would have reached the stock would have skyrocketed. The profit is up and the stock goes down big time. Ridiculous.
  • Huge miss..
    Estimates: EPS rising 19% to 38 cents, with revenue up 9.5% to $497.51 million.

    Results: EPS of 29 cents on revenue of $484.7 million. Same-store sales up 1.2% at company-owned restaurants and 2% for domestic franchise restaurants.
  • J, while Zacks would love to believe they have that sort of power, but you have simplified what they do, they take a consensus average. I believe there are approximately 19 analysts following this stock, so the 0.38 cents was just that an average of those 19 analysts. The 0.29 cents earning was somewhat disappointing no matter how you break it down. There are some possible concerns that one who invests in TXRH should understand. The company is growing fast, they are adding locations very quickly, this leads to two questions. One, are they growing too quickly, that is always a concern/possibility. I do believe that TXRH is only at an early stage of expansion, I could easily see three times the number of locations in the USA once they start to approach the mature stage of business development. Growth though has to been done with balance. There is no doubt that the current state of casual dining steak houses (middle of the road, sit down, value oriented models) are a high potential area, with the issues that many of their competitors have had to include some completely going out of business (Logan's Roadhouse), that leaves a void in the market place that has to be filled quickly. It has to be done with financial prudence.
    With the high SG&A expenses I am wondering is this because of inefficiencies of the existing staff and/or systems or is this because they are creating the basis with new staff and new systems to allow for their potential growth. Any business model at some point during their growth curve have to spend what seems like large sums of money to develop the foundation that will allow for exponential growth, with is usually the case with highly successful business models, which I believe TXRH is. Are they spending large sums of capital for SAP accounting systems, are they spending large sums of capital for new office space, are they spending large sums of capital for recruiting, hiring and training capable personnel in accounting, logistics, finance, tax, legal, sourcing, etc.. If this is the case then we need to give them time but these expenses need to foster greater and more efficient growth and eventually much better margins and profits.
    One other concern that I have which is counter intuitive for someone who owns the stock is the aggressive dividend pay-out and the expenses of stock buy backs. With a quarterly profit of 0.29 cents per quarter, the proposed pay-out is 0.21 per quarter and on top of that additional funds to purchase back stock is taken from that profit. As a share holder it is definitely great to receive a bigger dividend and buy backs always help stock value if only through reducing dilution. The concern or question that I have, is this the best utilization of cash flow? Should those funds be funneled to expansion plans, new concept development, supplier development, marketing, staffing, etc.?