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    Copper and battery metals prices are expected to hit record highs and should be very positive for UAMY. The lack of new copper discoveries in the last ten years means that companies like UAMY could soar. Another impressive copper gold cobalt company Red Metal Resources (RMESF: OTC) (RMES.V) recently reported impressive drill results showing what could become high-grade copper mine. Cobalt was also encountered that could be worth as much as the copper. Red Metal 100%-owned claims of about 3,378 hectares are in the Chilean Carrizal district that is estimated to have yielded more than 3 million tonnes of copper which translates to over $24 billion at todays’ prices. Additional drilling results from the same drill program are due in a few days and could send shares higher. RMESF or RMES is undiscovered and undervalued and trading between 12 to 15 cents with tiny market cap of about $5.5 million.
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    The United States has relied almost entirely on China — and to a lesser extent Russia — in recent years to procure a critical mineral that is vital to producing ammunition.

    The mineral antimony is critical to the defense-industrial supply chain and is needed to produce everything from armor-piercing bullets and explosives to nuclear weapons as well as sundry other military equipment, such as night vision goggles.

    Antimony is now on the front lines of recent congressional efforts to shore up the strategic reserve of rare earth minerals, known as the national defense stockpile. The stockpile includes a multitude of other minerals critical to the defense-industrial supply chain such as titanium, tungsten, cobalt and lithium, but lawmakers expect will become insolvent by fiscal 2025 absent corrective action.

    The House Armed Services Committee took its first stab at addressing China’s grip on the antimony supply chain in draft legislation it released Wednesday. A report accompanying the bill would require the manager of the national defense stockpile to brief the committee on the status of antimony by October while providing “a five-year outlook of these minerals and current and future supply chain vulnerabilities.”

    “The committee is concerned about recent geopolitical dynamics with Russia and China and how that could accelerate supply chain disruptions, particularly with antimony,” the report noted.

    The draft legislation would also require the Defense Department to instate a policy of recycling spent batteries to reclaim “precious metals, rare earth minerals and elements of strategic importance (such as Cobalt and Lithium) into the supply chain or strategic reserves of the United States.”

    The House’s readiness subcommittee is expected to approve the draft text on Thursday, and the Armed Services Committee is set to advance the legislation as part of its annual defense authorization bill later this month.

    After Japan cut off the U.S. supply of antimony from China during World War II, the United States began procuring the mineral from ore in an Idaho goldmine. However, that mine ceased production in 1997.

    “There is no domestic mine for antimony,” according to a 2020 report from the U.S. Geological Survey, a government agency. “China is the largest producer of mined and refined antimony and a major source of imports for the United States.”

    The report noted that China is “losing market share with Russia, the world’s second-ranked producer,” with Tajikistan gaining ground in the global market as the world’s third-largest supplier of antimony.

    Lawmakers’ recent interest in shoring up the national defense stockpile of strategic minerals marks a significant about-face for Congress, which had repeatedly authorized multimillion-dollar sales of the reserve over the past several decades to fund other programs.

    At its peak during the beginning of the Cold War in 1952, the stockpile was valued at nearly $42 billion in today’s dollars. That value has plummeted to $888 million as of last year.

    The Defense Department submitted its own legislative proposal to Congress last month, asking lawmakers to authorize $253.5 million in the defense authorization bill to procure additional minerals for the stockpile.
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    Strong earnings report. Went from a loss last year to a profit this year but stock trading at less than half the price it was a year ago
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    WOW they are having a House Armed Services Committe about Antimony. Since no one is from Montana that sits on the Committee. They don't get government contracts for Antimony. So we have a problem getting it. Just order the stuff from Montana.
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    Bullish research report just published on Seeking Alpha: "A Strategic Nanocap Whose Time Has Come'
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    UAMY has the revenue of a small business. Food for thought.
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    I know this probably won't help much but look at the 6 month chart on the compay Piedmont Lithium (PLL) back in September. Do you see the 7 trading days in September where there is just a flat line. That was a trading Halt on pending news. It had no trading for 7 trading days. Look at what the stock did going into the halt the stock was trending up and then after the halt and the news was released it made an almost 4oo% pop that day. Today PLL is trading higher than the peak of that news pop the day trading resumed. The news was Tesla was using Piedmont as a Lithium source for their batteries. This is about as close to this situation as I could find.
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    Saw the Yahoo story about new administration wanting the United States to develop more mining for rare earth elements to help cut our dependency on China for 90% of our rare earth materials for electric and clean energy production. Do you think this could help boost US Antimony stock price and maybe lead into development of our United States rare earth properties in Idaho which have as of now been under fairly heavy regulation. Could this stock get played like the lithium and cobalt stocks? There could be some potential even in the 80s to 90s cents per share. This stock was over $4.00 a share when the company had less lofty prospects back in 2012 and 2013. Now with hopefully the start of gold production soon rather than all the testing we could move to the next level. Probably a lot of shorts bubbling at this price as we have seen sharp intra day spikes a few days in a row. If we can get the stock over a dollar then we could be 2 dollars fast as it will allow for larger broker speculation and we would also get our stock on the daily mover boards which a lot of traders follow. Good luck everyone may bigger things be in the horizon for us.
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    United States Antimony receives warning letter from NYSE
    Feb. 19, 2021 1:06 AMUnited States Antimony Corporation (UAMY)By: Mamta Mayani, SA News Editor
    United States Antimony (NYSEMKT:UAMY) has received a warning letter from NYSE American as the Company sold its common shares in a manner that violated Sections 301 and 713 of the Company Guide.
    Trading has been halted since before open on February 17, 2021, as NYSE Regulation has assessed these rule violations.
    The violations relate to two non-underwritten transactions involving the sale of an aggregate of 26.29M shares at discount - the first, which closed on February 3, involving sale of 15.3M shares at $0.70/share, and;
    Second, which closed on February 16, pertaining to the sale of 10.99M shares at $1.30/share.
    In the light of very close proximity in timings of two transactions and that both included substantially the same group of purchasers, NYSE Regulation has determined that these issuances should be aggregated for purposes of Section 713 of the Company Guide.
    Together, the two transactions covered ~34.4% of the common stock outstanding.
    The Company failed to submit a completed listing application in advance of the February 16 transaction to obtain advance approval as required by Section 301 of the Company Guide, and also did not obtain shareholder approval for the issuance of 26.29M shares that exceeded 20% of the outstanding common stock as required by Section 713.
    NYSE Regulation has advised that the Company's common stock will resume trading after filing of a Current Report on Form 8-K disclosing the receipt of the Letter, which UAMY anticipates will be prior to open of trading on February 19.
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    Ambri receive $144M finance.
    Ambri developing liquid metal batteries (backed by Bill Gates) which will replace lithium ion as more sustainable and better performance.
    Battery market worth $millions
    These battery’s need antimony.
    Ambri tested antimony produced by UAMY.
    Results were good. They ordered more back in June.
    UAMY are the only US company to produce antimony.
    Nb. Perpetua are planning to mine antimony in the US…..they will also need UAMY to smelt the mined antimony. ie need to mine it first then, process it (UAMY) so it can be used.
    All great catalysts
    /PRNewswire/ -- Ambri Inc. has announced that it has secured a $144 million financing to commercialize and grow its daily cycling, long-duration system...
    /PRNewswire/ -- Ambri Inc. has announced that it has secured a $144 million financing to commercialize and grow its daily cycling, long-duration system...
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    Antimony = critical element.

    It is used in the defence sector (bullets, clothing, optics, sensors, ammo primers etc etc), Liquid metal batteries, technology (circuit boards, semi conductors, switches etc).

    Currently most of the worlds Antimony comes from China.

    During WW2 there was an antimony shortage. Supply lines had been cut off from China. US government invested in the mines in Idaho, to bridge the supply gap. It is estimated it shortened the war by at least 1 year.

    You get the point. Antimony is critical.

    Antimony from China is becoming more scarce. Price is increasing.

    Once Antimony is mined it needs to be smelted so in to a usable material, it is no good straight out the ground.

    UAMY is the only US company to do this.

    Governments and business know the importance of Antimony. They know China is becoming more unreliable.

    UAMY is taking advantage of this.

    They have a deal with Ambri (liquid metal batteries that will replace Li ion, heavily invested in by Bill Gates, needless to say they need Antimony).
    They have a deal with Perpetua, who intend to mine Antimony but cannot smelt, so need UAMY to make the finished product.
    The US government has stated its intention to move away from reliance on China. In 2018 they invested in UAMY to assist their production. It is fair to predict a government contract is in the making for UAMY.

    The price of Antimony is increasing.

    UAMY capacity is increasing.

    UAMY revenue is increasing.

    Lots of short term swing traders, day traders in on this but long term there is a lot more to come from this stock.
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    So someone try to buy into the company at a discount. That tells me this stock still have a lot more room to grow if someone bought in that many shares
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    Sounds like a solid company, why are they not generating equity? I understand that they are about to do so, but still, past data shows that for years they haven't been able to generate a single penny. Any reasons why?
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    from 10-Q: Two new furnaces in Thompson Falls are fully operational and started producing test batches of antimony trisulphide in early October. Throughput nameplate capacity of antimony trisulphide will increase from 100 lbs per day to approximately 1100 lbs per day.... The Company continues to track developments at Ambri, Inc. which has purchased the Company’s antimony metal during the year and may be a significant customer in the future.
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    - $170M market cap
    - Low float of 60M shares
    - They make antimony (rare earth) for EV batteries. 90% of antimony is supplied by China, and with trade sanctions, USA wants less dependence on china, and UAMY is one of the only mining companies that does it.
    - Stock offering closed for $14M at $1.35 per share
    - Partnering with Ambri, who is a battery maker backed by Bill Gates
    - Ambri's ex CEO tapped to Biden's team
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    Yet another catalyst for UAMY

    Carbon Capture.

    UAMY have 100% ownership of Bear River Zeolite.
    Zeolite is a “molecular sieve” that captures carbon, amongst other things.
    The focus on the environment and reducing carbon makes this asset invaluable.

    Add to that the other catalysts,

    The critical importance of antimony

    Antimony prices at 10 year highs

    UAMY have 2 new processors upping their capacity 10 fold

    They have sent 2nd lot of samples to the US defence for analysis ….. big $$$$$ deal imminent.

    They have a deal with Ambri batteries (backed by Bill Gates)

    So much going for them. And if you like technicals, their chart is prime.
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    How UAMY is under $1 with so many catalysts, is beyond me.

    Antimony highlighted as critical by US government.
    Over reliance on unreliable Chinese supply.
    UAMY the only producer of antimony in the US.
    Multiple governments looking to change supply as China is unreliable.

    UAMY has deal with Ambri Batteries (Ambri produce liquid batteries which will replace lithium ion batteries. Liquid batteries need antimony).

    UAMY has potential huge deal with Perpetua (who mine Antimony) to plug antimony supply gap.

    UAMY has deal with US government defence

    Price of antimony is increasing.

    If stock market is about speculation and catalysts. UAMY is loaded with them all.
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    What is the typical length of a T1 trading halt on the NASDAQ?
    It depends on the reason for the trading halt. If the NASDAQ was notified the company has news pending, the halt will last until the company issues the news and gives the market time to read and digest the information. In that case your best guess is as good as your cats.
  • K
    How is it possible that this stock can be halted all day with no press release what is going on?
  • a
    A company just bought 11 million shares yesterday so you’d imagine there is some insider knowledge