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VelocityShares 3x Long Natural Gas ETN Linked to the S&P GSCI Natural Gas Index ER (UGAZ)

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  • a
    abyssus abyssum invocat
    mmm..cheepererrr ugagf
  • T
    how come gas is up to $3.10 which is 6% but credit Suisse only paying 7%? Where's the 3X?
  • A
    I really don't know why ugaz it's not moving mother nature is changing we have almost 32 inches of snow everyone is at home more gas is being used and this stock it supposed to be x3 leverage for God sake Texas is getting snow. come on stop playing with this stock credit suisse .
    we know that u need to buy our shares so raise the price and everyone is going to sell it .
    I will never sell my shares of 4800 shares even if it goes to zero . because its been a while .
  • d
    I have a straightforward question, looking for a straightforward answer from stock market savvy willing respondents: does anybody think that there will be a last rally with UGAZF and what is the highest one can expect it go up and around what time? I have lost 78% (roughly $40,000) from this investment and I really want to move on.
  • J
    JOHN D.
    I am shocked that this isn't skyrocketing with the super cold weather. Craziness how they are ripping off investors.
  • A
    I had a heavy loss due to UGAZ. Hope it recovers a bit
  • C
    I didn't know UGAZ was still trading, I sold last year at 19 with huge loss from 64 purchase and gave up SUSIE.
  • S
    Spender Yolo
    Ah ugaz. My old friend. Where I lost 20 k 40 in boil. 10 in oilu
  • J
    This investment is not worth you losing your money in.
  • J
    Nat gas supply is declining big time, this should go up at least 25-30% tomorrow.
  • d
    Should I still wait and for how long?
  • D
    NG spiked 3.5% today and UGAZF 6.2% when did 3X UGAZ became 2X UGAZF after delisting?
  • d
    Is it a good idea to average down and cut the loss and sell?
  • M
    no db today why not
  • -
    Natural gas prices continued to slide on Tuesday follow a sharp drop on Monday, closing at the lowest levels seen since August. Support is seen near the December lows at 2.15 and then again at a weekly upward sloping trend line that comes in near 2.05. Short-term resistance near the 10-day moving average at 2.28.  Short term momentum has turned negative as the fast stochastic generated a crossover sell signal in the middle of the neutral range. Medium-term momentum has also turned negative as the MACD (moving average convergence divergence) index generated a crossover sell signal. This occurs as the MACD line (the 12-day moving average minus the 26-day moving average) crosses below the MACD signal line (the 9-day moving average of the MACD line. The MACD histogram is printing in the red with a downward sloping trajectory which points to lower prices.
  • R
    NG price will move towards $2.60 -2.82 range soon as production is reduced and demand increases as we approach winter contracts. Commodities prices are very volatile and unpredictable to a large degree. Last year a few hedge funds folded as they shorted NG all the way through the high $4's (obviously charts didn't point out that NG would climb to almost $5). If the technical charts pointed NG going to $4.90 those hedge funds would have never shorted NG in the $3's and $4's. Those that heavily rely on the charts should be very careful. All longs know that the reason you spend hours every day on this board is to create panic to longs to sell their UGAZ shares (not sure your motivation besides maybe you have shorted NG/UGAZ).
  • e
    Hi every one, My name is Eric and i have a question for any one here who can help please! i got into trading 6 months ago but First of all i want to thank you for all of your videos and thoughts and advices you give to people like me and others out there! And let me cut to the my message! I will be short but at the same time im begging you to take a minute and try and see if you can give me just your opinion based on your experience and the decision of course will have to come from myself! Im looking for an honest and respectful opinion please!
    I bought Ugaz on Monday and im currently seating on an average of 24.50$ per share and i have bought 496 shares and im down 33% as i bought them at 12000 and im down 4K! I must admit i have made a terrible mistake and i shouldn't have bought this without doing a deep research and have a better knowledge and experience! And now im so scared that im loosing like this and that i can even lose more and more, and i was thinking to take another 20K and average down and sell on maybe a half loss of what I'm currently losing! So please and please help me make a good and saving decision! Thx a lot for your help guys and God bless!

    So do you think it's a good idea to do this? Or just wait a little longer through this week and maybe into next week also and see what happens? Any help would be appreciated as i have already lost on 2 expensive trades since i began investing in the stock market and anything more than those will be absolutely devastating! Thx once again
  • E
    I have an okay amount of profit in UGAZ I mostly just Day trade/short swing trade it but now that the prize is going up I’m wondering if I should take profits and hop back in right away or just hold it and keep adding to it. any info or guidance for people who have been trading it for a long time and know the Stock when it starts moving like this?
  • N
    The last time natural gas was this price (May 27) ugaz was 23.50. the mathematics don't work to the investors advantage.
  • K
    Can someone please explain what is happening? So if, "Triple-Digit Storage Injection Sends July Natural Gas Futures Slightly Higher: The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported an injection of 102 Bcf natural gas storage for" lower than last week's EIA report actual injection/ withdrawals (109 Bcf) then why UGAZ is not going up?