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    Facts & Figures
    Everything is at a bit of a standstill because of the Company defining 'crossroads' of the CEO choice. Lots of positives last week as they seem to have decided to 'sharpen the pencil' and revisit with the elite candidates. The new Fiscal Year begins 8/1 and the new CEO will own and be responsible for that time period. Everyone in the Building and the institutional investors know, that if it was to be an 'inside ' candidate ( Testa, Howard, etc. ) it would have been announced a few days before the ER call. It is now a bit of an awkward situation ( we always find a way to mishandle a situation ) , but all the chips are on the table and we are ALL IN .
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    This is showing up on Fidelity’s UNFI newsfeed. For some reason, UNFI didn’t post it on their website, nor is it showing up in Yahoo Finance’s UNFI newsfeed.

    “Crisp Selected by UNFI to Help Food Suppliers Better Use Data for Distribution Insights and Planning”.

    Good article. It will probably be showcased at next week’s Investor Day (Thursday, June 24).

    Efficiency improvements like this increase profit margins!!!
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    I have always been against short selling. I have seen companies destroyed by short selling. Especially bad is naked shorting. Today we are witnessing another extremely bad consequence of shorted, due to the Reddit crowd. The Reddit crowd by punishing shorts is rewarding bad companies with bad management.
    This is a horrible situation. The SEC must ban short selling. If you don't like a stock don't buy it.
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    I’m bullish on UNFI over the long term because it seems extremely undervalued when compared with other companies. And once the market recognizes it, UNFI’s valuation will rise.

    UNFI ranks 103rd in revenue of all US based companies at $27.3B (TTM). Of the top 300 US based companies ranked on revenues (TTM greater than $10.9B), only 7 of them have market caps less than UNFI. When the listing is expanded to the top 500 US based companies ranked on revenues (TTM greater than $5.69B), only 10 additional companies are added to the list. In fact, there is only 1 company that has higher revenues than UNFI, but a lower market cap.

    The same holds true for EV. Only 9 companies in the 300 grouping have a smaller EV than UNFI, and when the list is expanded to 500, only 25 other companies are added to the list.

    Only 1 company in the 300 grouping has a PSR less than UNFI, and when the list is expanded to the 500, only 3 other companies are added.

    The P/E (next yr’s est) is only slightly less than this year’s, which suggests that the analysts are underestimating the future impact of the following:
    1. Economies of scale (efficiency improvements),
    2. Debt reduction,
    3. Revenue stability and growth,
    4. Upcoming events (earnings, Investor Day 2021, etc.).

    UNFI’s upside potential seems much higher than its downside risk.
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    "We're also in the midst of active succession planning for UNFI’s new CEO. While we don't have any incremental update today and don't plan to announce anything prior to or at our June 24th investor event, the process continues with the support of our top tier search firm and our Board of Directors. "
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    Just read the earnings call transcript and I didn’t see anything that would warrant a 18% drop in their market cap. For UNFI’s market cap to drop over $400M after announcing stable earnings and quarterly revenues that came in at only 3% below the consensus estimate seems like an overreaction.

    UNFI adjusted profit of $0.94/sh was just ahead of the consensus on Capital IQ of $0.92/sh. Fidelity had the consensus estimate at $0.88/sh.

    Quarterly revenues of $6.6B were only 3% less than the analysts’ expectations of $6.8B.

    Net debt decreased $62M for the quarter, which from an EV standpoint should translate into a share price increase of about $1.10/sh ($62M/56.3M shares = $1.10/sh). So adding this to the 18% drop makes this “correction” even worse at 21%.

    The new P/E is just 9.5 if one uses a FY earnings of $3.45/sh and a market cap of $1.85B.

    I’m still bullish on UNFI over the long term.
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    6 months ago I posted to buy DAC on this board at $12, today we hit $70 and it is still cheap. Do yourself a favor and buy NMM right now similar set up, they are going to earn $12 this year and next $60 per share book value.
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    Has anybody heard any rumors on who the next CEO will be? This stock price action is suggesting someone positive.
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    Since they paid 3 billion to double their revenue in 2018.
    Maybe they should sell UNFI today for 3 billion.
    Comes out to 53 bucks per share.
    I would vote YES.
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    Shorty McShortBear
    My next Pure Earnings Short Sell Play of the Day is going to be: UNFI. In a few minutes I will Cover my HQY Short Sell, and throw all my hard cash into a Short of UNFI, specifically to hold through earnings release, in anticipation of a significant pullback in stock price based upon a weak and disappointing earnings report. Why UNFI?? Here is my analysis:

    1: Stock is modestly over-valued. Not nearly as much as I would like for my Pure Earnings Short Sells, but it is still expensive and very likely to sell off if it missed or even meets consensus estimates for REvenue and EPS.
    2: My analysis indicates a very good chance UNFI will miss consensus estimates on either Revenue or EPS this time around.
    3: Analysts are very lukewarm on UNFI: The average rating is Hold. The average 12 month price target is $36.50! Yes, $36.50! That leaves literally NO upside potential to this earnings release, even if they strongly beat on EPS and Revenue estimates.
    4: Analyzing current financials, we see UNFI is using a LOT of Debt in comparison to other companies ion this sector. P/E Ratio is quite low, but that is offset by negative financials such as high debt and poor Gross Margins. Overall, financials are NOT as weak as I would have liked, most of my chosen PESS Plats of the Day have even weaker financials, but...there are not that many companies reporting earnings in this daily time period, and so UNFI still meets my criteria and is the best Short Sell play of this particular earnings day.
    5: Just within the past 3 months, company insiders have been dumping their shares. It is interesting we have almost no Insider Selling over the past year prior to May 12, yet after May 12 we have a BUNCH on Insider Sales, including big ones by the company President, The COO, and the CEO.
    6: UNFI has a history of missing consensus estimates on EPS or Revenue at their quarterly earnings releases. In fact they have missed at least one of these two measures, EIGHT out their last TEN quarterly earnings releases.
    7: UNFI has a history of reacting poorly in stock price movement to their earnings releases. In fact, the stock has sold off TEN out of their last TWELVE quarterly earnings releases.

    For all of these reasons, I see UNFI as an excellent Pure Earnings Short Sell play, offering 75-80% odds of success and good potential for a 6-12% downside collapse tomorrow.

    Good Luck Folks! :-)
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    The CEO, president and COO all sold shares at 37 dollars. They must think this is a 2 billion dollar company. Yet they paid 3 billion to double their revenue in 2018. This makes you wonder, how much do they comprehend on what this company is worth. Is it 2, 3 or 6 billion?
    Looks to me we need some new savvy leadership.
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    UNFI---The insiders dumped their own stocks on May 17-2021 clearly the indicator that the EPS and REVENUE for the Q3-2021 were way off..... and the stock has been rallied toward yesterday close. I think UNFI will be sold off big just like the other food stocks when they released their earnings.... Just like Costco, BJ, KR, SFM, USFD, SYY, USFD etc,...all the food stocks' earnings either meet or beat all the consensus estimates but the markets want more and more.... and they ended up selling off for an average 3 days, then a massive purchases came in. I will be buying if UNFI sell off HUGE today.....
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    Shorty McShortBear
    Covered my UNFI Pure Earnings Short Sell around 12:00 Noon ET at an average price of $32.29 for an OUTSTANDING and HUGE (by my standards) profit of just over $39.5k. My biggest single day PESS profit of the year so far. This one worked out just perfectly, and is a perfect example of why the successful PESS trader has to try to ride out his winners instead of taking fast profit.

    Immediately threw all my money into a brand new Pure Earnings Short Sell of GEF. Short a lot of shares at an average price of $59.60.

    Good Luck Folks. For you Longies, I hope UNFI roars back up for you guys to $100+, because you can be sure if that happens, Shorty will be back in three months to pay you guys another visit. :-)
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    UNFI needs to close at 35.50 in order to bounce back $37 near term, or as early as next week.
    I am still buying more UNFI stock for any dip.....
    UNFI got a nice upgrade today from ""Northcoast Research Upgrades United Natural Foods to Buy From Neutral, Price Target is $42
    MT NEWSWIRES 10:11 AM ET 6/11/2021 ""
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    Investors can obtain some insight as to UNFI's valuation by taking a look at the pending buyout of Core-Mark by PFGC for $2.5 billion and debt assumption. Core-Mark is a significantly smaller company than UNFI and they compete in many areas---though the buyout values Core-Mark higher than UNFI's present market cap. PFGC is a direct competitor of Sysco (SYY); could UNFI be next? Regardless, UNFI now has a valuation comparison that demonstrates just how undervalued the stock still is, despite the huge move over the past year. Stay long, we're headed higher...
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    Way oversold. It’s very undervalued based on pure fundamentals
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    Not sure why the UNFI's insiders (the mgt team including CEO Spinner) sold lots of stocks on 5-17-2021 ahead of June 0-2021 earnings,....What behind the unloading the company stock...Any news?
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    UNFI --stock has come back after hitting an OVERSOLD condition from $32.01 low yesterday. It managed to gain .45 cents after selling off $2 in the morning. There are interests in the UNFI as
    UNFI is still sitting in the OVERSOLD condition..... I have been buying UNFI since yesterday and
    expect to see it bounce back to $37 near term....
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    Something is up. The trading range has changed. For the last 10 months (?) or so that I have traded in this, there has been a series of share price runs up and down, but recently, it has been a steady slow rise in value. Don't get me wrong, I like it. But, I get nervous when things get like this.
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    Report from Seeking Alpha

    United Natural Foods FQ3 2021 Earnings Preview
    Jun. 08, 2021 2:11 PM ETUnited Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI)
    By: Akanksha Bakshi, SA News Editor2 Comments

    United Natural Foods (NYSE:UNFI) is scheduled to announce FQ3 earnings results on Wednesday, June 9th, before market open.

    The consensus EPS Estimate is $0.92 (-34.3% Y/Y) and the consensus Revenue Estimate is $6.81B (+2.1% Y/Y).
    Over the last 2 years, UNFI has beaten EPS estimates 50% of the time and has beaten revenue estimates 63% of the time.

    Over the last 3 months, EPS estimates have seen 2 upward revisions and 6 downward. Revenue estimates have seen 4 upward revisions and 2 downward.

    Looks like they are hitting their marks.