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United Parcel Service, Inc. (UPS)

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  • I still don't get it......even when I click on the UPS stock news tab all I see is how great FEDEX is.
  • Wow!! FDX completely blew out analysts expectations. $4.25 vs expected $3.89! $15.73B revenue vs expected $15.56B. I'd say the pressure is squarely on us for a big, big quarter. TNT is really starting to help them but they had great growth in express and ground. BTW, a report about companies with underfunded pension programs mentioned GE as the worst but UPS in not great shape and FDX a bit better.
  • Wonderful, now the UPS "Conversations" section opens with FDX's success in the last quarter. Then, UPS is all about raising it's charges this Christmas. NICE GOING, UPS, KEEP ON PLAYING INTO FDX'S HANDS - GREAT PR!!
  • UPS will be as good as the people they can employ in Connecticut and few are jokes over paid and under brain .
  • I agree with those who post the fact that it only seems like UPS gets negative press!!! $100 difference in stock between FDX & UPS I know UPS is a better Company than that......some of the best delivery employees anywhere.
  • Whats happening is we are getting so much volume. Because of Amazon we are rolling out full Saturday delivery routes. Starting now at various hubs and expanding. We will most likely lose money till staffing is competed. We have Mon-Fri now. Working on Tues-Sat with new highers and volunteers. Why not use everyone? DOT restrictions like hours on road etc...Dont forget the more Amazon delivers their own goods the more FedEx hurts. Also FedEx is registered as an airline instead of transportation so they cheat that way to avoid taxes. One on One in fair fight UPS would dominate.
  • FDX will report tomorrow. Many analysts expect a beat as some TNT results are accruing. I did notice something pretty dramatic metrics about the FDX vs. UPS comparison. UPS has over 2 1/2 times as many shares outstanding. The FDX revenue per share is nearly 3X greater. Overall revenues between the 2 companies is pretty close as over the years their ground operation has closed the gap and the TNT acquisition promises to bring them even closer. So, the $100/share price difference is warranted and will probably grow higher.
  • I knew a supervisor who went out of his way each morning to say hello to each of the Drivers who might, in the future, go postal. He knew that the way UPS treats their employees, the day would be a certainty. It already happened in Georgia, and now in San Francisco.
  • Happy to look at UPS this morning compared to AMZN, AAPL and FB. GLTA.
  • Why the recent runup, anybody know?
  • Here we go again. First, we miscalculate the regulatory process for the TNT acquisition. As a result, FDX acquires them at a significant discount. Now we acquire SF Express despite seemingly having to be aware of its dispute with the logistics company that manages the Alibaba connection. So, just like our uneasy relationship with Amazon, we seem to have replicated the situation in China. No wonder FDX has the investors favor. Our latest news (except for facility capacity stuff) seems to be stifling (TNT, cigarette fine, SF Express and has been playing out in the share price. If not for the nice dividend, one wonders where share price might be?
  • shooting at a UPS facility in SFO this morning
  • Why can't UPS start revving up and posting positive happenings within UPS. We never see anything but the critics posting negative data that scares investors away. Does UPS even have at least a writer or two that have gone to sleep???? FDX is always posting something positive that excites and encourage people to invest. Come on, Abney, let's get positive posting for UPS.
  • UPS sure is fading as FDX takes center stage. In the last 52 weeks, FDX is up 23.9% while UPS has gained just 4.7% or so. FDX's forward P/E is just under 15. UPS is 16.6%. All share price metrics but the dividend work against us. I'm just waiting for something dynamic to turn things around.
  • Moving up, $113 to end June would be great.
  • UPS has just seen the last of the selling. Looks like a potential push higher is in store. have you guys heard of awesome.stock.s. i started receiving their allerts and so far i am happy.
  • UPS blamed for shipping cigarettes that weren't taxed? I don't get that. How is UPS responsible for ensuring that the sender paid taxes on whatever goods they are sending? This is just a shake-down of the company. If some drug dealer ships some illicit drugs through the company, are they going to arrest the CEO? What's next? The governments expect UPS to do ITS job? What a bunch of garbage ..
  • Is the sleeping giant awakening?
  • A good day for UPS, happy I bought in the beginning of the month. GLTA.
  • Over the recent years. it seems that we have never had a dynamic, high profile CEO. I think it's fair to say that Abney is anything but. I wonder whether a person like Jim Barber would be more media savvy and, by extension, have a greater impact on share price. It sure seems to be the play book at FDX. Thoughts?