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United Parcel Service, Inc. (UPS)

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  • $PLUG conversation
    Is $WKHS the NEXT $PLUG given similar paths and customers???
    Will Amazon go DRONES with Hydrogen???
    Will USPS go Hydrogen for Delivery Trucks ??
    Will FEDEX announce 3Q like Andy said???
    Will $UPS shock everyone ????
    Andy is talking Q3 Hydrogen USA Delivery Trucks???

    Thoughts???? Whose your guess for Andys third Qtr Hydrogen Trucks ???
  • Nice numbers for Friday, still holding till this is back at $120.00.
  • Fed Ex has been taking us down the last two days.
  • FED X employees in Charlotte, NC vote to do away with the union ,
  • Ups on the way back. Now over $112.00.
  • Something's gotta give!!! Pensions and Union are doing a job on UPS. Employees are being overworked and once the older generation starts to retire, UPS will then have to deal with the younger generation that won't have the dedication and determination to keep pace with the company's demands.
  • UPS reports earnings on Thursday 7/27. My early guesses are EPS $1.50 (vs. analysts avg of $1.46) and revenue of $15.60B (vs. analyst average of $15.47B). Those figures plus a solid going forward update should get us around $113 or so.
  • keep in mind that the main reason Fed Ex is more than UPS is because UPS has a lot more shares on the open market. thus the difference in price
  • Golf carts are a great idea. The Union should be concentrating on unionizing
    FEDEX. Fedx is over 100.00 dollars a share more than UPS. Stop hindering UPS!
    Get to work on FEDEX!
  • So far this year, 90% of the early reporters (including FDX) have beaten REVENUE expectations. That compares to the usual 50-60% metric. FDX had terrific beats on both revenue and EPS. Analysts expect UPS to grow revenue by 5.8% and EPS by a measly 2.1%. Last year we did NOT beat analysts expectations on the EPS # but matched it. So, given the trends, it sure seems like UPS is in a position to report a very nice quarter. Hopefully, it wil allow the company to continue their capital expenditure rate while addressing the mounting pension issues.
  • About 2 months ago I posted about the UPS Non-Union Retirement Plan letter I'd received. It indicated that the plan was about 82% funded down from the earlier 90% level. Today, UPS has announced that it's going to freeze the non-union pension plan for thousands of employees. I guess it's the first step of several to address all the company's growing pension issues.
  • Folks should check out the story about the FDX/TNT integration progress by the Motley Fool. First off, we should recall that the UPS offer that was turned down was an obscene $7B. FDX swooped in and bought them at them at the wholesale price of $4.9B. Essentially, UPS did all the "prep" work and was rejected and FDX simply bought up the scraps. Smart vs. not so smart. After the first year, the TNT acquisition has resulted in a 3.3% operating margin. Time is required. But, regarding UPS, could we have afforded $7B in the first place given our pension issues? We might be better off following the strategic acquisition route of smaller companies that fill an existing need.
  • We recently announced that we’re changing the way we deliver retirement benefits to our active union-free people in the U.S. This change will take place on January 1, 2023.

    Although these changes don’t affect you because you don’t currently earn benefits in the UPS Retirement Plan, we wanted to tell you about the changes.

    Instead of earning benefits in the UPS Retirement Plan, active participants will earn enhanced benefits in the UPS 401(k) Savings Plan staring January 1, 2023. Any benefits they earn through December 31, 2022 will be preserved.

    We’re announcing this change five years in advance to help our affected people prepare.

    This decision was made after an extensive and thoughtful evaluation of our retirement benefits. Great care was taken to balance the effect on our people with the right outcomes for our business.

    We know how important a financially secure retirement is for our people and their families. Rest assured we remain committed to offering comprehensive and competitive benefits.

    Again, this change does not affect your benefits. Please direct all media inquiries to Corporate Public Relations at 404.828.7123
  • what a joke FDX is kicking UPS as........!
  • I still don't get it......even when I click on the UPS stock news tab all I see is how great FEDEX is.
  • $AMZN conversation
    #AMAZON received my box stolen by #UPS. I spent my hours on the phone with both. Even though I can see the box is located at 3837 Bay Lake Trail Las Vegas nobody at Amazon will help retrieve it from their own facility. In fact, 10 out of 10 people I asked at #AMZN did NOT know who Jeff Bezos is. 1000 business cards and sales brochures are inside with my address on them. Please return ASAP
  • This is how lame UPS management is. And no rose colored glasses. FDX has caught UPS in Revenue. Read again. FDX used to be 1/3rd. Last year alone FDX revenue was up 10 Billion in ONE year. From 51B to 61B. UPS revenue has increased 2B over three years. Just amazing. FDX rocks in growth. Sad but true.
  • Wonderful, now the UPS "Conversations" section opens with FDX's success in the last quarter. Then, UPS is all about raising it's charges this Christmas. NICE GOING, UPS, KEEP ON PLAYING INTO FDX'S HANDS - GREAT PR!!
  • Wow!! FDX completely blew out analysts expectations. $4.25 vs expected $3.89! $15.73B revenue vs expected $15.56B. I'd say the pressure is squarely on us for a big, big quarter. TNT is really starting to help them but they had great growth in express and ground. BTW, a report about companies with underfunded pension programs mentioned GE as the worst but UPS in not great shape and FDX a bit better.
  • #AMAZON received my box stolen by #UPS. I spent my hours on the phone with both. Even though I can see the box is located at 3837 Bay Lake Trail Las Vegas nobody at #UPS or #AMAZON will help. #UPS says call #AMAZON. #AMAZON SAYS CALL #UPS. #UPS refused to start an #investigation. I want my box back!