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UR-Energy Inc. (URG)

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  • A 100 million dollar mixed shelf filing was done yesterday. This may not have much of an effect on the stock price positive or negative. What it means is that for 2 years the company has the right to issue more shares as needed. I suspect that URG is anticipating a share price increase and plans to use its shares to buy more uranium assets. Apparently being a junior minor is not the goal of the current leadership. I see this as a good thing. As uranium prices rise there will probably still be some bargain assets out there from firms that cannot tread water in the current low priced atmosphere.If URG can pull off a bargain purchase using its stock then this could be a $4+ stock in a few years (IMHO).
  • I wonder if this is the real deal? It could be. It's almost 2018 and the market often starts to respond a few months before the news. People who have been invested for more than 5 years have seen similar increases in stock prices. I read that Sept is when many long-term contracts are signed. Maybe utilities are expressing interest. Thinking I'll just sit tight.
  • For those who do not recognize it, I believe we are in a slow motion short squeeze that could take us up to $1 within 2 months. A short squeeze in oil would play out much faster (IMHO).
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  • Looks like URG is playing a bit of catch up with CCJ and UEC moving for weeks. URG is always the poor cousin in the group and remains unappreciated. My guess is it's moving a bit into the earnings announcement and could trade to 80 cents or so. There won't be much of a follow up unless spot starts moving again but with CCJ and the other Jr's on the move a bit I guess anything could happen and that's what a few folks are expecting.
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  • This Q looks like last Q. URG could look really strong by the end of the year - low debt and a lot more cash. I still think they could be an acquirer.
    Wayne Heili is CEO of Peninsula Energy which probably doesn't mean anything.
  • Spots creeping back up along with CCJ. Term contracts are running out for utilities...they will not be able to satisfy coming demand on the spot market, as they continue to try to feed on the spot market secondary sources dry up term is going to move back to $40...probably by EOY.
  • 2nd quarter operational results should be out be out any day now, earnings 7/29 per IBD pretty accurate, my guess why we have the low volume and the slight pullback in URG..
  • First criticality achieved at Funqing 4 on the 16th of July
  • Tanzania uranium project suspended

    10 July 2017
  • If URG continues to tread water with no volume it should eventually favor the longs. The shorts can't cover and eventually spot prices will go up (IMHO).
  • Lowering taxes in the State of WY for U miners didn't pan out..been keeping a eye out on that article is on
    Caper Star Tribune, they mentioned UUUU...didn't know they were not hedged longer...lol no wonder they wanted to buy out URG
  • On CNBC this morning our Energy Secretary, Rick Perry, commented that nuclear energy will become a major contributor to our country's energy program going forward.
    Thought that his comment would propel URG up today.
  • I wonder what's up with the large negative share price in AH?
  • 1 in 3 women and 1 in 2 men will experience cancer in the USA today. Uranium and it's byproducts mutate human DNA. I hope if you are invested here you get what you pay for.
  • I don't think this is too meaningful, but it doesn't hurt. No other uranium company can claim this. UR-Energy Inc. (NYSEMKT:URG – Free Report ) involves in exploration, operation, acquisition and development of uranium mineral properties. It has an average four-quarter positive earnings surprise of 100%.
  • 14 days to cover!
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  • One of the saddest stock I ever watched.
  • Nuclear-wary Japan restarts another atomic reactor...That bring it up to 5 Yahoo.....or google lol