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United States Oil (USO)

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  • 12.50 coming
  • The scenarios are quite interesting at current levels for USO. if you guys have questions you should ask AWE-some.Stock-s. They often respond to my emails which is helpful.
  • This is the last time I invest in a stock like this. The manipulation is unbelievable
  • Oil's headed back to 40 dollars, the US is pumping like a #$%$ rabbit and the Saudi's couldn't stand to stick by the OPEC freeze anymore because they're bleeding money, so now Russia and everyone else will go back into full pump mode. Inventories haven't budged all summer, you people that think there is a crude recovery coming in 2018 are fools. We're supplied till 2021 even if we stopped pumping right now. Get ready for 1 dollar gas by winter. SCO is the way to go guys. .....
  • when does the api report come out today? thx
  • This fund going down the drain and ,after a how much oil has been on the downside wti's the Catalyst to its death.
    the real problem is the fact that everybody that is ignoring the obvious overwhelming and compelling glut on the market with Saudis won't admit nor deny but we know it's there because of all the in between reports. don't believe every word of the reports this funds is manipulated for inside profit anyway leverage by the people who own it don't lie to yourselves on a daily basis anymore, you see it's draining precipitously don't you ?
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  • The fund is only 50% invested in options. 50% Cash
    And the fund is totally into aug 2017 oil options. When those come due the fund will have lots of bucks to invest in new options.
    If oil is way down in August then they will the opportunity to get into oil options at a good price.
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  • Crude Oil is resuming the downtrend AH, already loosing +1% after today "positive inventory data", if frackers don't idle Rigs and don't stat limiting production, oil price is doomed this and next year, OPEC won't subsidize the shale oil again, if they don't come to reason oil price will collapse below 40, I don't know if the intention is to bankrupt weaker companies so they can be bought for pennies by bigger companies, but on this scenario everybody is loosing and the shale oil is to be blamed
  • Ali report or it's anticipation is pushing oil stocks higher
  • Here is API report, large draw down which doesnt cover the 4th of July weekend, which next week we should see another drawdown in inventories,

    P. Saefong
    Markets/commodities reporter

    The American Petroleum Institute reported Wednesday a much larger-than-expected drop of 5.8 million barrels in U.S. crude supplies for the week ended June 30, according to sources. Phil Flynn of Price Futures Group said the decline was a "delayed impact" from the tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico last month. "The supply side is tightening," he said. The API data, which was released a day later than usual due to Tuesday's holiday, showed a fall of 5.7 million barrels in gasoline supplies, while inventories of distillates were up 400,000 barrels, sources said. Supply data from the Energy Information Administration will be released Thursday morning. Analysts polled by S&P Global Platts expect the EIA to report a decline of 1.6 million barrels in crude inventories. August crude CLQ7, -3.10% was at $45.50 a barrel in electronic trading, up from the contract’s settlement of $45.13 on the New York Mercantile Exchange.
  • no comments on eia report yet.
  • 7 more rigs to 763. I remember last Friday the first week we had a drop of 2 rigs in about 22 weeks. The oil traders went crazy and bid up oil like it was the new trend....what fools! Oil will test $40 at some point production numbers are rising and of course OPEC is cheating like they always do.
  • all reports are b's they all have agendas.do you think anybody can measure oil weakly.think again they can't measure 1 tank or pipe line correctly.
  • Oil is up 2% on one rig more than last week. One rig. That's a thin excuse for the big boyz to run oil up. Thin excuses are set-ups to short later, like after the 4th of July, when there will be a gasoline draw and an oil build up. They will run oil past $46 today and then short the living daylights out of it next week.
  • USO is selling off every day. buy cover next day. this is great for day trade
  • I'm impressed USO is only down 4% today!
  • This fund is is volatile, and as insincere as the Saudi Arabia rats
  • EIA says crude supply rose by 100K BBL. Gasoline supply fell 851K BBL and distillate supply fell by 200K BBL. So crude inventory is essentially flat but there was a draw on gasoline. Not too bad!