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    They had some interesting insights about VEON on (http://Multistockalerts.com). Definitely made me think twice about the company.
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    COVID is raging worse than ever through India. Neighboring countries have closed off their borders so that's one thing. Pandemic probably going to put a heavy damper on Veon revenue growth unless isolation mandates happen to offset customer usage.

    From the 1Q2021 report, Veon revenue markets of concern taking a big hit QoQ, in some regions:
    - Russia: down $100M -9.8%
    - Pakistan: up $31M +9.8%
    - Ukraine: up $7M +3.9%
    - Kazakhstan: up $10M +8.7%
    - Algeria: down $26M -14%
    - Bangladesh: down $2M -1.4%
    - Uzbekistan: down $10M -17.6%
    - Other: down $19M -50.6%

    Net total revenue down $108M YoY

    They're not getting to the other side of this pandemic, yet.
  • C
    Why is this not much higher on today'searnings numbers? It makes no sense. I guess investors prefer profitless no-moat businesses like food delivery.
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    VEON successfully enters into a USD 1.25 billion multi-currency revolving credit facility agreement
    March 10, 2021·2 min read
    AMSTERDAM, VEON Ltd. (NASDAQ: VEON, Euronext Amsterdam: VEON), a leading global provider of connectivity and internet services, announces that it has successfully entered into a new multi-currency revolving credit facility agreement (the "RCF") of USD 1.25 billion for VEON Holdings B.V. ("VEON Holdings").
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    For a low priced stock, today's $0.10 swing on average volume is starting to show a bit of awakening. Hopefully the Company continues to improve performance and revenues despite continuing drag on their continent from COVID.

    Experts are predicting India will see a peak in COVID around June/July before renewed crisis-induced isolation efforts start to work in the same direction as vaccine inoculations. Less than 10% out of 1.2B citizens protected so far but doubtful anybody there will be avoiding the shots like in other countries, after being surrounded by death.
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    Roger Andre
    Alot of activity but not much movement in share price. Why is that?
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    Russian mobile carriers consider smartphone integration for digital ruble
    Russian mobile carriers consider smartphone integration for digital ruble
  • K
    Averaged up. Started to believe in management.
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    Generous quarterly dividend got dropped after 1Q2020, so it's been 3 quarters, so far. It might get reinstated in 2021 if they meet specific cashflow goals. In the meantime, maybe the share price should trend up as their revenue performance improves.
  • s
    THE”on”-connection is a key to a sesame mountain vault
  • G
    +200m customers, worth +\-20Billion ($9-$15 per share) trading under $2 due to one missed dividend for restructuring. No brainer
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    VEON is up 5.71% to 1.85
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    1Q2020 : $0.15/share dividend paid out

    2Q2020 - 4Q2020: dividend suspended.
    Unless I misunderstood the wording in their 2nd quarter report, I think it should read as no dividend for the (rest) of FY 2020.

    When they can afford to restart the dividend depends on their cash flow performance. No guarantees but maybe some time in 2021.

    Below from Page 7 of their 2Q2020 Report dated 08/06/2020:

    "Regarding dividends, our policy remains as previously disclosed: to pay at least 50% of EFCF after licenses while maintaining Net Debt/LTM EBITDA at around 2.0x and taking into account medium-term investment opportunities. Cash flows generated in the first half of 2020 were weaker compared to last year. Given that in the second half we may potentially face a number of uncertainties, we currently believe it is unlikely that we will pay a dividend for FY 2020."

  • C
    Something to think about regarding VEON:

    VEON has roughly 200 million customers

    Enterprise value is $10 BN

    So it trades at $50 per customer

    Even less if you ascribe value to the data and banking businesses

    T Mobile has 85 million customers

    It trades at approximately $3,000 per customer (subscriber)

    Yes I get that customers in say Pakistan pay a lot less per month than a US cell phone subscriber

    But that's still an extremely wide gap

    Add to this that the growth runway in places like Kazakhstan Pakistan and Bangldesh is much greater than in the US because less than 50% of people have a cell phone
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    From today's earnings:


    In September 2019, VEON announced a new dividend policy, which targets paying at least 50% of prior year equity free cash flow after licenses in dividends to shareholders. Dividend payments will always remain subject to review by VEON's Board of Directors, taking into account medium-term investment opportunities and the Group's capital structure. The Group's internal target is to keep Net Debt/EBITDA at around 2.0x (2.4x post-IFRS 16).

    In line with this dividend policy, VEON's Board of Directors has approved the distribution of a final gross dividend of US 15 cents per share for FY 2019. In calendar year 2020, VEON plans to make this single dividend payment (US 15 cents) with a record date of 27 February 2020. For ordinary shareholders at Euronext Amsterdam, the final dividend of USD 15 cents will be paid in Euros.

    This final dividend of USD 15 cents per share, together with the USD 13 cents per share declared at the interim period brings the total dividend payment for FY 2019 to USD 28 cents per share, which represents approximately 70% of 2019 equity free cash flow after licenses. We believe this demonstrates the commitment of the company to return cash to shareholders while managing an appropriate level of Net Debt/EBITDA at the Group level.
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    I feel this will move up on the positive news. They're in right business to grow their enterprise.
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    Some of the charts are still showing a 30 cent dividend February 26th 2020. I feel like once the some buyers realize the dividend has been removed the stock price will drop some. I personally like when the company uses the stock earnings to reinvest them into the company for expansion demanding higher stock prices.
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    based on company Dividends, Consistency, Catalysts on the way... my opinion is this will probbly rise to a bit above $2
  • D
    Can VEON get to $ 3 by April 1
    Your opinion please
  • n
    Quick ratio is 0.43, and debt is over $10bln. This means that Veon has problems servicing this debt. I expect a dividend cut, even though the payout ratio is only 83%.