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Vanguard Health Care Fund Admiral Shares (VGHAX)

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    This fund cannot get out it's own way. Very frustrating position.
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    On Friday, Vanguard announced the estimated supplemental distributions that 34 of its funds would pay to shareholders later this month. These extra distributions are necessary after the taxable income and/or capital gains realized for 2021 exceeded what was paid to investors in December.

    Vanguard's Health Care Admiral (VGHAX) and Health Care Investor (VGHCX) funds will pay distributions of $3.20 and $7.58, respectively, or 3.60% of each fund's net asset value. As a result, an investor with 100 shares of VGHAX will receive an estimated $320 on March 29, while 100 shares of VGHCX will lead to an extra $758 on the same day.
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    well...i have been with them since early 80....have had many different funds....ended up with only care and wellington......i never go to there web site......never check my account on everything thru mail......or call a account broker....dividends are all i care about...and they have been right up there with all the other funds i have looked at.....yes times are changing ...and being 80 i hate it.....but i will have only a few more years of it ......when all is done ....i cannot complain
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    The Masked Finker
    Total return for VGHCX in 2021 if you DRIPPED all divvies (including the March divvy) = 14.3%

    Five year return if you DRIPPED all divvies = 91.3% That means if you invested $1000 in VGHCX in December 2016 it is now worth $1913.

    Year Total Return
    2017 19.6%
    2018 01.1% (my other two mutuals did poorly in 2018, also)
    2019 22.9%
    2020 12.6%
    2021 14.3%

    I have no intention of selling or doing anything other than letting it grow. My one concern is the maturity of their major holdings. If you look at them, some are so highly priced right now I don't see how in the world they can continue to increase. So I wonder if the fund manager might start trying to rotate out some of those with, hopefully better opportunities.
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    Think long term. Now is the time to get health care stocks!
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    I have been in this for a long time. It is my largest holding (in dollars). BUT, it fails to show me any love. I will stick around for the upcoming dividend, then I will look for an exit point. Looking at our 5 year chart, it appears that the annual "high" is generally plus or minus early August. I have been patient this long...... I can probably be patient until August.
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    Getting mighty disgusted with Vanguard after many years of investing with them. VGHAX is my last major position in my VG portfolio. Thought I might consider switching funds if the fears of a market bubble firm up more, so went to their website. Cannot even find a link to send a comment/question to them. "Only robots will answer your questions" type of scenario--otherwise, don't bother us. Then when I look up investment options I am greeted with a couple of women kissing on each other. Yeah, that's what I want to be part of.....a woke investment company starting to be led by people who don't even know what a market crash is but who are keen on political correctness.

    Sorry folks, had to vent.....with the hope than a live person at Vanguard will sense the building frustration of many of us and treat us with a little respect.
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    i have also been in this fund many years, since 1992. I have recently started to take my cap gains in cash, due to higher then average distributions at year end. I want to control when I invest, and also diversify my holdings. Fund is very good, big pharma and concentrated at the top 25-30% so be prepared to hold a long time. Ed Owens was great, the team took over good too. its a keeper, and core fund for any portfolio.

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    We have been having a discussion of the distribution we just got and fall in stock price
    It happens twice a year that they give distributions
    Short term cap gain
    long term cap gain
    a dividend
    It is not what you have made in the mutual fund but what the mutual has made or lost on stocks it has bought
    This fund has a low turn over ratio
    I believe 15% to 20%
    In other words it only sells that % each year
    But it has made a good amount of money in stocks it has held
    So many of the people here have this fund in a Ira so they do not have to pay tax on this gain
    The other thing ,just as important is unrealized gain,,another reason to have in a IRA
    What is this?
    the amount the fund has made on a stock but has not sold the stock to recognize the gain
    This company has made a reasonable amount of money so if you are not invested with an Ira you would want to look a this
    Of coarse,there, ,on this site, people ,much smarter than me and many looking at my comments ,I am just given an opinion

    Now for the very smart ones,,not me
    If you buy this mutual fund and have to pay tax on money that the fund has made but you have not,this one.
    Could you buy a mutual fund that has bought a lot of stocks and lost a lot of money and is now realizing that lose
    In capital loses ,Where may you find such?. I have not looked but oil and natural gas are not doing well, for instance
    You are limited to $3,000 a year taken but if you have over that you can carry forward to the next year
    I have never done this but a few here are making more than me
    This would not be for a IRA
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    I owned VGHAX for five years and sold the position about two months ago. The dividends were ok but share price appreciation was dismal.

    I held it that long because it was in my HSA (previous employer). I moved all my money out and into Fidelity HSA and enjoy access to stocks, not just mutual funds. Most mutual funds don't even come close to tracking the S&P.
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    they pd the dividend today
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    This fund is a winner, stick with it.
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    What happened for it to drop $16 in one day
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    How much longer is Vanguard going to allow this Fund to underperform. I have own it since the mid 80s when it was 5 star fund, now it barely makes 3 stars. Vanguard needs to shake things up and get this fund heading in the right direction. Mediocre returns just don't cut it anymore.
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    Can someone explain to me this riddle. Whenever I move my money into a fund that I've researched and looks in fairly good shape (I transferred into this on 13 Dec 2021). It goes straight down. What is going on from the last week in Dec to this week in Jan 2022?
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    Anybody know when the Dec ex-dividend date is for the Dec payments? I haven't been able to find it anywhere.
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    I've been in this fund 22 years. I've seen this many times.
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    I've been in this fund 25-26 years and have never witnessed these drastic price drops and huge distributions when Ed Owns ran it. Maybe it is time for me to switch funds??
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    You will always need healthcare…. This fund has been GREAT for us, also low fee.✨✨✨✨✌🏻
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    check out the price action on these stocks- they make up > 40% of our fund:

    Name Symbol % Assets
    AstraZeneca PLC AZN.L 6.20%
    Bristol-Myers Squibb Company BMY 5.98%
    UnitedHealth Group Inc UNH 4.99%
    Pfizer Inc PFE 4.64%
    Eli Lilly and Co LLY 4.27%
    Novartis AG NOVN 4.06%
    Medtronic PLC MDT 2.93%
    Abbott Laboratories ABT 2.83%
    Boston Scientific Corp BSX 2.61%
    Merck & Co Inc MRK 2.42%