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VirnetX Holding Corp (VHC)

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  • I'm not sure if you can blame KL for a judge who for some unknown reason can't issue a final ruling on a trial that ended
    on October 6th 2016. It is simply outrageous that it has taken this long. AAPL has lost and lost and lost again yet we are
    denied justice. It just goes to show you that if you have boatloads of money to throw around you can pretty get anything
    you want in this country. What a damn shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED.
  • I wonder where Carl has been over the last several months. Carl was the self-proclaimed expert on VHC, spouting "GREAT" things to happen for Virnet X. It appeared at times that Carl was on the payroll always spouting a veryt bright future for VHC. Carl, though your optimism was appreciated, "all" your calendar deadlines and red lines in the sand, never nevermaterialized. So Carl, what insight do you have for us on VHC. When do you think the Judge is going to make a decision? Do you think KL will get the 20 M from Japan.
  • KL should be dumped, unfortunately family members are part of the board I believe. What is KL doing to earn his $1,000,000.00 + salary? While enjoying his lavish life style, communicating to investors that VHC entered into a $20 M contract with a Japanese Company, that in reality was a bogus attempt to raise funds, keep VHC a float a while longer before they declare bankruptcy was a short term strategy that appears to have failed. I dare ask KL, what is his long term strategy. He is the CEO, the last time I checked. Sometime ago, I sent an email to KL and pointed out that pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered. I agree with Hank Moody, what a dog.
  • Woof, woof. what a dog.
  • Was that a insider dumping? Is Hank Moody just a short sellers mouth piece. If he hates the stock so much why does
    continue to follow it? I think we all have seen his kind before. Once his monthly payoffs are gone, so is he.
  • Company told everyopne they were getting $20 million from a Japanese group that was promising to make them the exclusive "Godaddy of secure hosting domain services" in Japan. Company has a Japanese patent that allows them to do that. The whole deal was to be consummated with $20 million on Monday. The company had previously extended the deadline for payment by 3 weeks, The Japanese company was buying the stock at $3.64 about 20% under the market, a hell of a deal. Nobody could figure out why the delay for the payment. Friday at the close of the market Virnetx says the Japan company is having money problems and cant come up with the $20 million. This #$%$ off investors who believed the company was on to a new frontier. Turns out it was all bull sht. Somebody at Virnetx #$%$ the bed. Now everyone is questioning everything management is doing. Company has almost now revenue and the CEO is paid $1 million a year and has a jet. Go figure.
  • Total slap in the face to retail investors. Another company with corrupt executives.
  • Why the big sell off today?
  • Does anyone know why we're not getting the $20m?
  • How can this continue to be delayed??? Is there no oversight of Federal Judges? And what needs to be done to crush the PTAB and eliminate it from history??
  • now when the twenty million comes it will prolly double from here...
  • Better see the $20 million next week or look out for a big sell off.
  • Hey Yahoo - how did you come up with this pathetic "conversations" order of messages? Why are the messages not ordered by posting date? There is a post on here dated "yesterday" but it is behind several other older messages. Dumb
  • So no deal ?
  • holding... $20 million July 17???
  • I'm confused. Is Judge Leonard Davis the judge involved in this case? He retired in MAY. Who exactly is in charge and
    what exactly are we waiting for?
  • Judge Ronald Davis would have certainly handed down the long overdue verdict. It's been a long 7th lime
  • Who's banging the bid at the close. Must be a big short hurting.
  • Damn smart phones! I was trying to say It's been a long time since we've seen a Judge with real integrity in this matter.
  • comments here are weird... go to Investor Village and read LDM and nealhugh.