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    Actually, there was an uptick in the price of VW stock, but it was never called a rally by legitimate analysts. As a new player in the EV market VW has merely created a baseline for the price of its stock to start from - once a real rally begins. In the case of VWAGY that baseline is between $32 and $36. Most reasonable investors, not short term traders, agree any company that is in the conception, development, and birth of its product line(s) and related products in a relative new segment of the industry they have a long life and success in must first supplant themselves and immerse themselves into that segment before they can actually participate and support what any would consider a rally in what their new net worth might be. I personally look forward to looking back on these times in just a few years from now and proudly at a hugely expanded bank account resulting from VW's initial foray and their very successful full expansion in EV's. And, I will brag loudly I bought into VW stock before the rally began.
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    VW has just posted an increase of 21% for the last 3 months in car sales in the US.
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    Q1 2021 - US SALES UP 21%
    BEST Q1 SINCE 2013

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    CHECK IT OUT - Various analysts have all increased their Voltswagen -haha (Volkswagen) stock price target(s). Hey folks, this vividly points to the fact that this is a cheap stock especially when measured against its peers. In fact the average share volume, that I should point out is of course to the buy-side, has become huge and continues to increase, daily. It appears owning and buying VWAGY is a joy. And, has become a must, core holding in so many more investor's portfolio's. Within a short time we will advance back into the 40's and then through the 50's. The big question that no one has the answer to is how fast VWAGY will increase in price 200%, 300%, 400%, etc. The company's leadership believes they will become the world leader and #1 producer of EV's easily within the net few years. Their battery / infrastructure strategy certainly catapults them to the front of the pack. Many are saying Tesla's battery factory may even be obsolete before it opens... Have a great Easter weekend all. Stay safe. And don't forget - buy more VWAGY whenever you can afford to. It won't be this inexpensive for much longer.
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    VWAGY - ADR representing 1/10th Common Stock

    VWAPY - ADR representing 1/10th Preferred Stock

    You're welcome.
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    The Yahoo Board Talking Heads should get a life. VW will do just fine with or without the mindless talking heads.

    No one talks about Honda detuning their Honda CRX computers and getting caught by EPA: 6/8/1998 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. ("Honda") will spend $267 million to settle allegations that it violated the Clean Air Act by selling vehicles with disabled emission control diagnostic systems, the Justice Department, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the California Air Resources Board ("CARB") announced today. The settlement is the largest ever under the Clean Air Act. It includes $12.6 million in civil penalties the largest civil penalty in Clean Air Act history.

    Why should VW be treated any differently than Honda?
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    I sold on the spike up, not at the top, but a plentiful gain. I felt this pullback would happen, too much too fast for this large automaker. That said, I am watching for a re-entry point, but factoring in overall market trend right now as well. Long term, I think VW goes higher. But for a trade, I'm just watching right now. Be ready to act fast on any good -or- bad news in the overall markets...

    As a classic car guy and owner, I have accepted that EV is indeed the future. Be on the right ride is key now, I don't think Tesla is it, I think VW is the big player, followed by GM. Tesla will eventually fall lower in the mix, but if you can't choose, make a basket of them all...

    Good trading to all...
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    VW is again on a mission and they will succeed, as is historically accurate for the company. In 2010-2012 they publicly stated their desire to be the largest car company in the world as measured by units sold. And 3-4 years later they overtook Toyota. Very, very good company strategists and willing management.
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    A Yahoo! User
    fyi... VW is second only to tesla with the number of US Charging outlets.. the next nearest competitor, chargepoint, has less than 1/2 of VW's number.. the future is bright for this co... source Bloomberg article on rivian ticker
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    MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - German carmaker Volkswagen said on Friday it plans to adjust some production over the Easter holiday period at its Mexican facilities.

    There will be three days of inactivity on March 29, 30 and April 5 on production of Volkswagen's Tiguan model. March 29 and 30 will also be inactive days for assembly of the Taos model, the company's Mexican unit said in a statement.

    Production on the Volkswagen Jetta will resume on April 20, the company added.

    Volkswagen had announced production suspensions in Mexico for some of its models in February, including the Jetta, due to an ongoing shortage of natural gas.

    The production schedule for the Jetta was also impacted by a global shortage of semiconductors, the company said.
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    Constantin Cranganu, Professor, The City University of New York"I have written many times that "green" energies will be able to replace fossil fuels quickly and for the most part only when they become cheaper and more reliable WITHOUT SUBSIDIES. What we need is not a slow evolution, generously "anointed" with public money. We need a revolution, those scientific and technological miracles, generated by fundamental research. The invention of cars was not the result of subsidizing horse breeders or carriage owners. The invention of the Internet did not result from the subsidization of disk phones. The invention of the transistor did not benefit from subsidies granted to electronic tube manufacturers. The success of Tesla cars is largely due to the subsidies received. But, for a fair perspective, let's compare the growth rate of Tesla, which sold over 500,000 cars in the first six years of production, with the launch of the Ford Mustang, 56 years ago. Ford sold 2.5 million Mustangs in the first six years without subsidies.An energy revolution means at least a disruptive technology that makes existing ones too useless or too expensive.When London was literally covered by the carpets of horse manure produced by carts and carriages, the disruptive invention was the automobile. Today, eight million people live in London and no horse manure can be seen on its streets.When whale oil was the most sought after fuel for home lighting in the United States in the 1700s and 1800s, killing whales provided jobs for 70,000 people. Of course, in those days there were no NGOs or other environmental groups to protest against the barbaric killing of animals (the novel Moby #$%$ is a fitting reading here). And no one was wondering what would happen when all the whales were killed. Who saved the whales? A disruptive technology, invented in the state of Pennsylvania in 1859 - the first oil drilling in the city of Titusville. And the first product of the new technology - kerosene - proved to be cheaper and of better quality in the lighting of American lamps than whale oil. And as far as I know, "Colonel" Edwin L. Drake, the head of the workers who dug the drilling in Titusville, received $ 0.00 in subsidies from the federal government.When cars proved to be very polluting, and Los Angeles was covered in smog in the 1960s, a cheap solution would have been to ban traffic and force everyone to stay home or ride bicycles, carriages, horseback. But a disruptive invention has emerged - the catalytic converter - and today it is possible to have more people driving more cars without dramatic changes in air quality.More recently, Google technology has made libraries virtually useless. You can find all the free information you need with a few clicks on your laptop or phone. Gradually, libraries will become museums of classic books on paper.And the list of disruptive inventions, not publicly subsidized as in the case of Tesla, is much longer: hydraulic fracturing, iPhone, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia, Netflix, Uber, etc., etc., etc."Green" energies are still waiting for the revolution of disruptive technologies. Or, as Bill Gates recently warned, Climate change is an even more difficult issue than a pandemic. We are missing about two dozen extraordinary inventions.For example, when each family has their own cold-melted mini-reactor in the garage or basement of the house, we can applaud, after a long wait, the new disruptive electrical technology."
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    VW has the lowest PE of the major profitable auto companies and yet has one of the best upside potentials of any of them. Let's skip the hype of the EV lineup and get right to the meat of it all. VW AG is composed of the largest Truck seller in the world (Traton), most profitable car company by margin (Porsche), most auto sales by brand in China (Multiple partnerships with JAC, SAIC....) and the rest of Ducati, Lamb., Audi, VW. And we all know a Porsche IPO would make the VW market cap double that day. With all the potential, it seems silly that the market values VW lower than any other major auto company. The only thing that holds VW back is the ownership structure and multiple stocks that confuse everyone. If it was anywhere else in the world it would be a +$250B market cap company because you buy stocks for tomorrow, not for today.
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    I thought Volkswagens EV lineup was a joke until I looked further. The Audi etron GT is spectacular. It's going to be expensive ($75,000US) but not compared to Tesla. The VW EV SUV is priced less than it's competitors and looks great. The retro mini bus is more than just a retro play, it has many functional innovations and looks like it will be a lot of fun to own. I'm convinced, bought some common and preferred shares last week!
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    VW will reach 40$ end of the week. Mark my word.
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    I'm all in on this stock and when it's tripled, a few percent here or there won't matter, but my purchases have been heavier for VWAPY and POAHY because I like the discount. And I understood that any IPO for Porsche would give the same shares to VWAPY or VWAGY. But even if you don't believe me, you can believe the WSJ. They clearly state that VWAPY is the better deal since it's cheaper and both are stock in VW. The VWAPY preference shares are unique to Germany but in essence are simply non-voting stock. They are not preferred stock (the bond/stock hybrid) like you see in the US. They are preference shares and were created to prevent hostile takeovers in Germany. The law required the dividend to be higher on them because they had no voting rights.
    The ending of the article is poorly worded, which is unfortunate, since he was writing that there is no reason to hold VWAGY over VWAPY. But instead it implies there is no reason to buy any ADR, but it clearly is about VWAGY being a pricier option. If you are good at arbitrage, then you can squeeze VWAGY and at extremes, sell it and buy VWAPY., I did last week and it worked, but it's a little too demanding of my time. I will stick with being a long-term investor and not a trader.
    If you find two almost identical Volkswagens and one costs 25% less than the other, it should be obvious that you are better off buying the cheaper one. Investors seem to be forgetting the same logic applies to the stock market.
    If you find two almost identical Volkswagens and one costs 25% less than the other, it should be obvious that you are better off buying the cheaper one. Investors seem to be forgetting the same logic applies to the stock market.
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    I do not doubt that VW has the money and the Engineering know how to become the electric mobility leader and recently bought some stock myself. However there are some factors which need to taken in consideration. The German state of Lower Saxony holds a considerable share in VW and can and will block any measure that would lead to significant cuts in personel in Lower Saxony/Germany. The unions at VW are strong (even for German standards) and will also veto any such measure. This leads to the question how the transformation to a battery powered vehicle company - which will require a smaller workforce - will pan out. I am fairly optimistic, just wanted to point this out for those not familiar with the German political angle.
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    the volts joke may have been a joke, but in the news it said it brought VW into the news showing their commitment to EV production goals and a change of direction as a legacy car maker.But again the whole market is down today.
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    They are aggressively going after Tesla and people here saying over bought, really ? Wake up this is under value.