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    Success depends on the action or step you take to achieve it. Show me a man who has no investment and I'll tell you how soon he'll be broke. Investment is to build a safe paradise for the future
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    invested in the green
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    Moving on to the balance sheet. As of May 31, 2022, we had cash and cash equivalents of $5.7 million as compared to $27.8 million as of February 28, 2022. The principal use of cash was increased inventory purchases due to the state of transportation issues we discussed.

    As a result, we increased our inventory carry by an additional 6 days. Additional cash was used for the usual paydown of accounts payable and accrued expenses from the fiscal 2022 fourth quarter. Total debt as of May 31, 2022, was $16.3 million as compared to $13.2 million as of February 28, 2022. This increase is primarily related to the $5.6 million increase in our domestic credit facility used for inventory purchases.
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    I use EBITDA multiples rather than multiple of sales. If you like 9x (seems reasonable to me, but predicated on growth rate and whether annualizing a single quarter is "reasonable") , the 24M x 4 x 9 = 864. Subtract debt of 6M results in market cap of 858M divided by 27M shares = $31.77.
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    Looks like this stock had an amazing run $1.83 to $23 in a short period.
    So, looking at the SEC filing today. Company is warning about difficulties in some segments even though revenue is higher. The big problem seem to be drain in the cash balance.
    Cash balance went down from $58 million 9 months ago to just $21 million now.
    At this rate, expect cash raise thru equity offer, imo.
    Probably, this is a good short. But, watch it closely.
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    what do you think about VOXX
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    Insiders hold 31% and institution 51% is perhaps a suppressing reason for this great growing company. They need to do more on analyst coverage and highlight accomplishment more often. Six months ago the stock was $24 to $17 three months ago to $12 now with growth since then, clearly a disconnect.
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    I was reviewing the recent filings and realized that I had not fully appreciated what was going on. The Company has said it has accepted the IOI from Kahli to acquire 60% of Eyelock. (I'd previously thought they were more still in discussions. This is the outcome from the process that VOXX had engaged an investment banker for. Thomas Kahn had pushed for an IPO but I'd guess revenues were too low at 260k for the last quarter for that to be feasible.)
    So now they are in diligence process. Let's assume for this discussion that Kahli acquires the 60% of Eyelock in exchange for some of his 4.5M shares, which the Company then retires.
    Let's see what happens to valuation metrics. I'm going to assume an EBITDA multiple of 9 for annualized Q1 numbers, and 1M of Mr. Kahli's shares for this example - you should use your own estimates.
    EBITDA for Q1 was 11.3M x 4 x 9 = 406M - 27M in debt = 380M market cap => $15.82/share based on 24M shares.
    Eyelock had (1.6M) of EBITDA for the quarter on 263k of sales and no gross margin. So now we add about 1M of EBITDA (60% of 1.6) to get 12.3M of new EBITDA x4 x9 = 443M - 27M =$19.25/share based on the now 23M shares.
    The numbers get better if you use a higher multiple of EBITDA, or a higher EBITDA which the Company has guided. And I'm just guessing/using as example the purchase price.
    The base numbers would improve further if they sold all of Eyelock, but if you think that Eyelock has great potential, well, VOXX will still have 40% of it.
    Bottom line - the standstill agreement foretells a significant improvement in VOXX's fundamental metrics.
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    Being reported $0.38 profit and $162.5 mil for the quarter quite impressive.

    “ Voxx International Corp. (VOXX) on Thursday reported fiscal fourth-quarter net income of $9.4 million, after reporting a loss in the same period a year earlier.

    The Orlando, Florida-based company said it had profit of 38 cents per share.

    The consumer electronics maker posted revenue of $162.5 million in the period.”
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    Fundamentals have this as a $30+ stock easy...eyelok news would add to that. Holding....
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    with the share price well below book and an upcoming stockholder meeting, I'm assuming today's announcement was supposed to give stockholders some comfort; if so, it didn't succeed with me. the only part I welcomed was the greater authorization for share repurchases.
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    Regarding the convertible Class B shares owned by Shalom........anyone have any idea as to how
    many class A VOXX shares they could be converted to ? Thanx
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    Is there a mistake with growth in Newswire PR. It says 42.7% but below in the text, the broken down figures, show much faster growth. Also Q4 (Q1 in Yahoo) 2020 was 102M and this Q4 is 169M. So it should be 67% growth. Am I wrong?
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    Thank you to the first caller on the CC today. Was refreshing to hear some direct frustration hearing very similar outlooks each CC from mngmnt and the positivity being met with all these messes they find themselves in.

    I personally felt the 360 camera would be a bust due to the distorted picture view and competition and mentioned it to a couple investor friends. I also think Eyelock will be a bust given there are several evolving platforms using much more than just the iris for facial recognition etc in the biometrics space. It’s a great potential growth area but these guys clearly are not the ones to be market leaders capturing massive market share. On the contrary I doubt it will ever break even on a meaningful basis and it will be the big fish that win the battle longer term. If the company was efficient, they would’ve already partnered with bigs in ways that gave upfront $ to fund further research rather than trying to be cute and fund it on their own tiny budget (around $50+ mill and growing as far as debt/IOUs). They still have basically meaningless revenues from Eyelock (less than $1 mill for last fiscal year looked like).

    These guys never learn. Their existing businesses are fine if they cut out heavy overhead with the GMs they have but over time they manage to blow $ here and there while continuing the very hefty payouts top execs and chairman. The 50/50 owned distributor biz they partner with is consistently profitable yet VOXX is massively unprofitable and has been for years.

    That’s the big problem with being a minority voter little shareholder in a company structured like this. Let history be the guide I guess. They have a very proven long term track record (decades now) of doing next to nothing for minority common shareholder value realization.

    At least the executives and chairman still get paid millions.

    All in my opinion only.
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    omg, shorts going to town on the ask. I purchased at market and it dropped 55 cents within about 9 mins.
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    Michael 1
    Despite criticism, the empirical evidence is clear; share prices and operating performance at targeted companies often improve after activist involvement.

    So it is best summed up by W Buffet who said: “If every company were well managed, there would be no reason for activists. The truth is, at some companies, the managers forget who they’re working for.”
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    Share price when Lavelle became CEO in 2005 was $14.25. Thirteen years later the share price is $5.45. Dow in 2005 was around 10,000, now it's around 25,000. Can anyone respond with a reason why he should still be CEO?