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    Any news
  • V
    They just featured VRME on this sites morning watchlist. (
  • K
    I am sick of all the spam on yahoo! I actually try to stay off of the VRME message board now and exclusively use (
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    Heavy Insider Buying.
    Heavy Institutional Buying.
    Priced at 0.7 times 2023 Revenue Guidance,
    with 34% combined gross margin for VerifyMe and recently
    acquired PeriShip with its 400 customers served on a silver platter
    for VerifyMe to sell tiny add-ons for anti-counterfeit,
    track & trace, consumer engagement with its best in class solutions - invisible QR codes,
    online and physical verification before purchase with a smart phone.
    This stock is a screaming buy, best value I've seen in 13 years.
    VerifyMe revenues are doubling this year over last, with 70% gross margins
    and tiny operating expenditures.
    That part of this company only needs a $5M annual revenue run rate to show a profit,
    and PeriShip is already profitable!
    The balance sheet is stellar with tiny debt and a huge current ratio: ability to pay bills next 12 months.
    Insti and Insiders loaded up at $3.215 with same price warrants, and before that,
    Insti loaded up at $5.30 with No warrants!
    Tiny float and only 8.2M shares outstanding,
    this one will fly when the market discovers it.
    Diamond in the rough, I see a $10 stock easily within 12 months of today, a four-bagger.
    12 patents with more pending
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    VRME DESPERATELY needs to increase investor awareness with the Green Planet reports/articles
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    Money Moves
    Anybody here?
    I am broadcasting on all AM frequencies. I will be at the South Street Seaport everyday at mid-day, when the sun is highest in the sky. If you are out there... if anyone is out there... I can provide food, I can provide shelter, I can provide security.
  • D
    Only 4.5 million shares after the offering. Raised 10 million in cash, teenie tiny float. Great worldwide Business.
    This could really run far.
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    John Anthony
    Wake up. This offering was insiders dumping and cashing out. Haven never been able to monetize IP or anything else ever. Scamme will be at a $1 again soon.
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    Just raised $10 million yesterday, low share count, Robinhood or HFT could take this up like UONE and in a great business imo
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    Seems if volume picked up the offering would close quicker
  • o
    is today’s article in yahoo about 106 mill IPO correct?
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    Jim W
    "organic growth" would be ideal as it seems there are substantial acquired technologies as this point which need to be successfully marketed. While the current position seems ideal for growth, there needs to be substantial increase in price. How much longer can the investor hold onto a stock that is continually boasted by the analysts, but seems to slowly dwindle? Mr White knows this otherwise he wouldn't have mentioned the "organic growth". I have a feeling next quarter's numbers will be better than the current estimate.
  • S
    If VRME can authenticate products, currency etc., they should easily be able to AUTHENTICATE all printed ELECTION BALLOTS in every state. FAIR & HONEST ELECTIONS is true Democracy. Unfair and dis-honest elections is Socialism. Inform your Senators & Congressmen of
    Bring back FAITH in our Government. Help spread the word on this and watch vrme Fly.

    I don't understand why the company appears to not be pursuing and not being assertive this area.
    Get the word out and ask the company to actively pursue Honesty in Elections.
    We are brand protection and customer engagement experts. We help customers address highly sophisticated counterfeiting and diversion challenges, achieve new levels of engagement to extend customer relationships, and gain high-definition business inte
    We are brand protection and customer engagement experts. We help customers address highly sophisticated counterfeiting and diversion challenges, achieve new levels of engagement to extend customer relationships, and gain high-definition business inte
  • a
    Today's news that the Company is doing up to a $1.5 million stock buyback has to be one of the worst corporate decisions in Corporate American History, in my opinion as a shareholder (for now).

    Here is a company doing LESS THAN $300,000 a year in revenue and they are taking the most precious commodity they own, cash, and buying their OWN shares back. Whaaaaat???? How about spending some money on sales, marketing, advertising, acquisitions...ya know, things that will make your company GROW! Buying back shares will add ZERO value to the company... Z E R O. A typical reason for companies to buyback their own shares is when the stock is apparently or actually undervalued. This company has a market cap of 17 MILLION DOLLARS, 47X revenue and they LOST ($2.4 million), and they are buying g back stock??????? Unreal.
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    How Much of The $800 Billion Printing Business Will This New Technology Take?
  • D
    Amazing news today with only a 22 million market cap and 9 million in cash and only 100k in debt..strong balance sheet and growing globally now.
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    why low volume today
  • 4
    Renavotio? Do they have a website? What products do they make?
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    John Anthony
    This stock is a zero soon
  • D
    Anyone ready for a breakout?