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  • b
    Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    We have certainly talked about this a lot but I continue to side eye $VRTX as to their approach on not only an approvable end point but how they propose to get there. Below is a comment from Reshma Kewalramani on the last CC

    "'Ive said a number of times previously, the companies that make augmentation therapy. About 5 of them have gotten their approvals in the U.S. based on levels of AAT. And so we need to go through that. Separately, we are very interested in, and I'm sure others might be interested in understanding the impact of our small molecule correctors on lung function measured by imaging or something like a pulmonary function test, and those are all considerations that we continue to talk and think about. But the framework for our package really is functional AAT levels, antigenic AAT levels and the clearance of the polymers from the liver".

    1) As mentioned augmentation therapy already exists. 2) If they were going to attempt to go the augmentation approval endpoint route, FDA would need to see clear benefit of the corrector over that SOC. Personal opinion, I don't see it showing substantiating improvement....why? the corrector by design has to perform multiple biologic complexity's just to turn the protein into what Augmentation therapy already is, a functional protein. Then is it safely correcting enough to be clinically significant. Sure augmentation therapy does nothing for the liver disease, but RNAi does with superb result at this point in time. I am by no means out to trash VRTX here just pointing out it appears their approach to this target is not only not competitive but I am viewing it as a lack of resources and a character flaw to their organization for continuing down this rabbit hole....for what?
  • J
    Takes alot of backbone to be buying during swift market sell-offs like we're having this afternoon but when the factor causing the selloff is non-company specific, that's the time to be accumulating. Cheers!
  • t
    Adam Feuerstein has an interesting idea. He thinks that Vertex could make a deal to seek growth. There are many small biotech companies around Boston, which have promising drugs.
  • J
    I am Korean interested in bio/pharma stocks. I have been wanting to buy Vertex but it never came to buy this. Yesterday's drop was a great opportunity and I did buy this stock and I will keep buying it for the next weekends. Everybody is concerning about competition in he future. But the thing is This year's earning will be the highest for sure. Just 1-2 year if you want to trade, buying VRTX must be now
  • A
    Wow, 1/5th of the Company wiped out on a drug that does not even contribute to earnings or revenues. Amazing
  • O
    This company is due for a gap-up on Monday. They have positive earnings, growing operating cash flow, cash on hand and positive cash flow from financing. They also trade at only 28 times earnings and have a 0.76 beta. Seems like a better deal than most of the companies that have been riding up lately.
  • K
    Kapil Khanna
    VRTX has been on my watchlist for a while now. I have been waiting for a sell off like today to start building a position. Financials are solid. Company is debt free and well run. These setbacks are expected in the drug discovery business and guides future successes. I started a position at $215.
  • T
    ark investment management just bought 66400 shares according to their trading info
  • j
    Honestly yesterday's price movement was total manipulation. I don't see any of the institutions sold single share of their holdings yesterday. Thus I don't think it will be usual 3-5 days selling due to margin calls because there would be no margin calls. It could have been one day sold off and quick bounce back to $250 and go sideways till earnings report. I'm almost certain they will beat the estimate handily and gap up to $270 ~280. I'm in at $214 and expecting 25 ~ 30 % return in 2 weeks.
  • W
    The current value is over $400 if you calculate EPS. People that are commenting here, are the ones do not know anything about investments.
  • A
    OK, so VX-814 which was an investigational phase 2 trial was discontinued .

    So this drug was responsible for 0% of VRTX revenues and profits. And the waste of money into its research has now been stopped. Good news for VRTX, unless one would want them spending money on a drug that most likely won't result in success. Yes, its one of about 15 drugs in phase 1/2 trials, so it is unlikely to have much impact fundamentally on the Co. These super pharma's spend money on R and D. That's what they do. They don't expect every drug to be a blockbuster success. I'd be more focused on upcoming earnings and revenues. That in addition to the current phase 4 trails on 4 drugs that are promising. This will rebound very fast. Buy it cheap while you can. Analysts looking for $2.32 a share this quarter verses $1.23 last year. On the revenue side they expect 1.5 bil vs 950 mil. Gimme a break. I'll be buying today
  • B
    $ARWR conversation
    If $VRTX loses $11 billion in market cap (based on before hours trading), Shouldn't $ARWR gain at least $10 billion in market cap? That would make $ARWR's share price north of $100! But since this is $ARWR, it probably will end down today.
  • F
    free money friday...

    was happy to see this buying opportunity show up yesterday, bought 100 shares at around $216. So kind of the stock gods to offer such a gift!
  • M
    We will see a nice jump back. Shorties will cover in the morning. They don’t want to be short over weekend. I bet a few articles will come out this weekend saying oversold, good buy, etc. buy and hold till earnings. $250 target for me 👍👍
  • R
    For vertex AATD drug; Liver enzymes levels were up 4x normal limit in the vertex patients and the drug didn't go where it was supposed to. Vertex has a different drug, VX-864, that treats the same disorder but is structurally different than what got axed. JPMorgan analyst says "the market may discount this next shot on goal; however, 864 is structurally distinct from '814 and many times more potent, potentially offering a more optimal therapeutic window." Read out for that data in early 2021. Down far enough to start a position imo. 223 is the Fibonacci level of support.
  • M
    As the father to a child blessed to be on Trikafta, I see this sell off as ridiculous. Follow the fundamentals. VRTX has real revenues with a real pipeline of their own drugs and via partners. Yes, I am long VRTX but my investment has had nothing to do with this small phase II program. Failure is part of the game and its a BIG reason why therapies like Trikafta have to be priced so high.
  • P
    Who was person pitching ARWR all this time? I should have listened!! I don't like being a bagholder.
  • j
    It was 222 premarket....230 close...or higher
  • M
    It’s a phase 2 drug right? So there is no profit on it yet cause it haven’t even hit the market and they are not making money on it. I know it was potential money maker in the future but that doesn’t mean that earnings is going to be bad? What’s everybody’s thoughts
  • t
    People selling vrtx on the news and buying arwr?
    I would more multi billion dollar RNAi drugs in the pipeline.
    Arwr’s market capitalization low ~$5 billion....vs vrtx’s balloon bursting ~$56 billion
    No brainer imho