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Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund (VTI)

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  • w
    The following may be beneficial; particularly for younger investors:

    What were you doing thirty years ago on August 7, 1992?
    The only thing I know for sure is that was the date my Vanguard Total Market Fund (VTSMX) application & my initial investment check were received. Once the position's value became $100K, it was converted into the lower fee Admiral shares, VTSAX. The Admiral shares bar has been lowered a bit with just $3K being the current minimum initial purchase amount.

    Thirty years ago, my principal was charged a 25bp purchase fee.
    For the first few years, my account was assessed a quarterly 2.50 maintenance fee.
    And more curiously, for the first few years of my holding VTSMX (the fund was started in 1992), besides paying quarterly dividends, it periodically paid long and short term capital gains.

    My initial buy was done @10.35 8/7/92
    Since then, 19.8476 has been paid per share in dividends and 1.12/sh in LT & ST gains totaling 20.96
    Shares closed 8/5/22 @101.12
    Basis math = 1080% return. I have reinvested most dividends and all LT & ST gains and added just about every year. In total, I have made 75 additional investments or about 2-3 per year on average. Early on, I made four equal dollar amount additional investments. At the beginning of the year, I marked on my calendar 4 equally spaced dates and on that day, regardless whether the market was "high" or "low", I mailed my check to Vanguard. I loved the randomness of my execution date that was provided by the USPS!

    I am still adding, although now into VTI, a position I initiated a few years ago because our elected officials were making rumblings (didn't happen) that retail would no longer be able to identify specific shares when selling. I was thinking about the future when I may sell some shares. I have yet to sell a single share and very well may never do so. While this fund is not an income oriented fund given its relatively low yield, adding additional investments and reinvesting divs has resulted in a nice quarterly income stream that I will tap in the future (I'm still employed).

    For the past 28 years, I have kept accurate return figures for all of my equity exposure (no Beardstown Ladies calculator was used--search the words if you have no clue!). Prior to that I just figured I was doing "okay". Numbers do not lie. I own a few other funds/ETFs and a bunch of individual equities. While some years I did better than VTSAX and some not, the variance was not that great either way. While I have fun investing in individual stocks, I decided it was best to put most new cash into VTSAX and this is what I have done. VTSAX is TAX EFFICIENT to boot!

    Moral of the story:
    Yes, Virginia, BUY & HOLD can and DOES work.
    DISCIPLINE is KEY (check your emotions at the door and buy when you plan to do so and keep adding)
    Keeping accurate return figures is useful.
    The earlier one starts to INVEST, the better.

    Check back in another 30 years!
  • J
    my son is 10 years old so i invested $60 thousand in this fund two years ago, any recommendation or keeping this way. thank you
  • D
    Should I also invest into VOO? Or are these index funds one in the same?
  • P
    Biden's new bill will increase corporate taxes, therefore limit growth; we likely are in a recession or heading into a mild but prolonged recession. VTI has gone up considerably in past few weeks. I think there's more downside risk than upside, so will wait on the sidelines until there's more clarity. Thoughts?
  • T
    Invest in the long game. 20 years from now you won't care very much if it is up or down because your nest egg will be large!
  • B
    DEbating on getting this now or waiting til it drops more , what u guys think? interest rates suppose to go up end of month, maybe it drop lower???....
  • g
    yahoo show expense ratio of 0.14 for vti ?
  • -
    I don't see how the VTI or any of these big funds can ever rise up to the levels they were at. The reason is, they were all pushed up artificially by the Fed, they can't do that now, the gravie train has left the station...
  • F
    Correlates well with the market indexes however, pending recession, fed increasing interest rates, mid term election potential fiasco's, inflation roaring.. It's probably better to error on the side of caution and wait to start buying in. Maybe mid 4Q.
  • W
    BUY,BUY, BUY And reap the rewards when your retired
  • L
    $Vanguard Total Stock Market EtfDividends tomorrow! 💰 🤑 (automatically reinvesting)
  • A
    Really, at 190 today after just missing on my first-ever drip this week by a measly 2 bucks or so (of course I want this to go up, just thought one DRIP share would be a nice treat with this market rollercoaster)...
  • B
    I had to buy some shares to bring down my cost. I may buy a little more. I have a small position, so bring myself to break even should be easy and then I can sit on this. Do you expect this to go down a lot more?
  • T
    Well... knock on wood, but it seems we are slowly going back up.... in the mean time, keep on lowering my avg cost per share :-)
  • E
    Why is it going up?
  • J
    stay the course
  • F
    VTI reflects the market, it's not fear causing the decline, it's the reality of Bidenomics.
  • T
    I've been reading articles saying the bottom is around here. nobody knows but as a long term hold you can't go wrong buying around here.
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    We should just put our money under our mattresses.... JUST KIDDING! BUY BUY BUY!