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  • @Ruprecht you and 'us' are of completely different mindsets. We come up with views which we try to substantiate with facts and reason. We are saying give it time Vivus will work itself out in time. Due your Due Diligence as a possible investor and buy when you think the time time is right.

    You on the other hand are only and monotonously screaming and shouting 'this company is going to zero, sell you shares now and immediately'
  • IMHO....I'd be very, very fearful If I were BOBBY DIGGS! Web has turned up enough "Prior Arte" LOL... to hang you out to dry...IMO it looks like you conspired to commit securities fraud in the most culpable manner of falsely creating the appearance of mis-proprietary actions and false claims of improper business functions to defraud investors. Surely there is room for investigation of this subject...SHORT SELLERS need this type of action to keep them from committing heinous actions such as the diggs letters. It one thing to write them, its another to flood the internet with them and then pump that message of the companies social media financial pages..
  • It seems to me that Ruprecht's days are numbered here folks , he and his team of deceitful, lying and attacking people are all being exposed and have not been able to complete their objective to completely destroy our Company. They really tried to keep Qsymia buried and in fact I believe they have also done the same with Belviq and Contrave. I do not believe that VVUS is completely worried any longer about Qsymia and its ability to generate huge revenue streams. If VVUS were not to be forced to complete the CVOT studies (which I believe they will not be doing) they would save nearly 200 million dollars and this alone will help VVUS move its PAH drug through the FDA approval process. I believe VVUS has already completed phase 2 studies using Q for Sleep Apnea. Stendra/Spedra has been a gift that keeps on giving to VVUS and there is more to come there. So, Ruprecht and his team focus on Qsymia and destroying its value as they have been doing for years VVUS focuses on other issues to move the Company forward. If VVUS were to use all of the attacks against Q in court it may be a win fall for us, who knows. These attacks have been numerous and have been going on for years. https://vivuspatent.wordpress.com/2012/07/

    Posts from July 2012 on vivuspatent
    4 posts published by bobbydiggs during July 2012
  • KTOV = Mcap $16 Mil /Cash $17 Mil / O/S 10.6 M / NDA submission for potential Blockbuster this Quarter = 20++BAGGER ..ONE OF THE BIGGEST BIOTECH OPPORTUNITY EVER ! Thank me later guys

    Kitov Pharma (KTOV)

    Market Cap: $17 M
    Cash $17 M
    Price: $1.50

    Shares Out: 10.6 Million

    Kitov Pharmaceuticals Initiates NDA Filing for KIT-302 as a Treatment for Osteoarthritis and Hypertension

    Kitov Expects to Submit an NDA for KIT-302 in the Third Quarter 2017.Kitov announced that it began the process of compiling the documents necessary to file an NDA for its lead asset KIT-302 as a treatment for patients who experience both osteoarthritis and hypertension. The Company hired Parexel International Corporation, a clinical research organization, to digitalize and formally submit its NDA application. Kitov expects the filing to occur during the third quarter of 2017, with a potential FDA approval during the second quarter of 2018.

    KIT-302 is a combination drug that treats osteoarthritis pain and hypertension simultaneously

    Primary efficacy endpoint achieved Lead drug candidate KIT-302 achieved its primary efficacy endpoint in a pivotal Phase III trial

    Marketing potential Pipeline candidates address large, multi-billion dollar markets


    Kitov’s current pipeline products, KIT-301 and KIT-302, are combination drugs that treat OA pain and HTN simultaneously. In December 2015, KIT-302 successfully achieved the primary efficacy endpoint for its Phase III clinical trial. In August 2016, the United States Patent Office issued a patent covering KIT-302.


    Of the 27 million Americans with OA, 50% also suffer from HTN, which is also a common side effect of stand-alone OA drugs. With no single medication currently treating both conditions, KIT-301 and KIT-302 are targeting this multi-billion dollar market.

  • ruprecht/diggs....Maybe you can explain why RFD was completely wrong about the ANDA outcome and completely wrong about a generic Q entering into market 2015-16. You yourself made the same claim and it did not happen......Why? Oh VVUS won the And a suit and your friends have refused to re-write their garbage and repay all the investors who believe in you and them. Anyway, it is good reading and investors should read it. All good for VVUS now in my opinion. !https://vivuspatent.wordpress.com/2013/10/02/vivus-qsymia-patents-two-vivus-patent-applications-covering-qsymia-allowed-by-the-uspto/#comments

    VIVUS Qsymia Patents: Two Vivus Patent Applications Covering Qsymia Allowed by the USPTO
    * Two Qsymia applications, from a new Vivus patent family first filed in 2008, appear to be in a condition for allowance * Assuming the allowed applications issue as patents, Qsymia’s patent term m…
  • ruprecht and his alias mooky have been claiming that VVUS was about to get a letter from the SEC and that VVUS was about to be delisted, Ruprecht claimed that Teva was about to release a generic Qsymia and rup said it was for sure coming end of 2016. Rup and his team have filled this board with paid postings and have been attacking VVUS, its management, share holders and anyone who posts here that is pro VVUS. This group of thugs has been playing this game for years as you can read the links previously posted and see for yourselves. This manipulation is as corrupt as it gets and those who are involved with Rup should all be held accountable. Cant wait to see the end of the show. All through this attack VVUS has held it ground and has done well preserving cash, building cash, became profitable and has purchased another drug that is on its way through the FDA approval process. Rup, your team is finished as I see it and you have been exposed, VVUS is going to be a great turn around company IMO so you should change your name and move on to your next project.
  • Well look's like webs prediction of VVUS reaching 100.00 a share by end of year is out the window.Call VVUS today shareholders and demand a reverse stock split.
  • All the attacks coming from ruprecht are all mastered by his bosses in my opinion and they are not and have not been valid. Ruprecht is paid to attack here and he is paid, I believe as part of the team that includes you chocolate, mooky and a couple of others. So you know full well why it is Brought up, the same attacks by this guy since 2008 or so and most have been debunked and now investors can read and analyze for themselves before they invest in this or any other company. Ruprecht and his team should be exposed because you guys will not come clean. What you are doing is criminal in my opinion.
  • Web why do you have a gofundme page set up for your losses in VVUS?
  • Web why are you wrong all the time with your vvus predictions?
  • 2 days ago someone said,..."f demand for a PhenTop combo EVER grows substantially -- THEN TEVA will market it. They already manufacture Phen and Top. Possibly the world's supply." Finally a stitch of reason and truth from the mind eraser....

    Well now you making sense is some small way…”Teva quit possible makes the world’s supply of phen and top”…now you see it…exactly as it is…These generic companies see Qsymia as competition and want to exterminate this company...slowly eating into their house like termites…nibbling worm wholes in the numbers. Thus the ANDA’s.
  • Ruprecht/diggs...Did you file a third party challenge against VVVUS in Europe? How did that turn out for you? How many of your thoughts and ideas actually turned out to be true, accurate and more importantly how many were proper won? My guess close to ZERO!

    VIVUS European Qsymia Patent: Third Party Challenge Filed
    Robert Diggs Deeper: Was the Combination of Topiramate and Phentermine Really New When Vivus’ Qsymia Patent Was First Filed?
  • As web would say VVUS is holding up strong even as the market hits record high's.PAID PUMPER
  • Here is another one Ruprecht was wrong about......Stack them up and let the law figure it all out is my thought. Run, rup run!https://vivuspatent.wordpress.com/2012/07/

    Posts from July 2012 on vivuspatent
    4 posts published by bobbydiggs during July 2012
  • On Oct. 10, 2013 a letter from the Clinton Group sent shock waves
    up the VVUS chain of command from an anonymous blogger regarding VVUS’s patent portfolio…IMHO based on all my research this is the initial short position at the time it first emerged and has finally been laid to rest…Seven years later. I became aware of VVUS on the IP news and started to follow the stock down and began to dip after a number of binary trades, that failed. I started building a position under 5 dow to .94 cents….Now I’m holding and expecting VVUS to begin its recovery as soon as Dr. Reddy’s declares…Lets see what the BLOGGERS can come up with now.

    here’s an excerpt:

    "As you know, the Company's intellectual property has been challenged by an anonymous blogger and by an analyst at Lazard Capital Markets (“Lazard”). We believe these attacks are unwarranted and ill-founded and that the Company should do more to provide information to the market about the strength of its intellectual property assets.”

    The unknown blogger gained support from a Lazard analyst. it’s an iterating letter and worth reading for some perspective on just how big these ANDA outcomes truly are.


    VVUS started a direct slide down from $10.00/share on a perfect arc to 1.00…all on the work of an ANONYMOUS BLOGGER?

    Lazard supported blogger…REALLY?

    You see how easy it is to scare people…..So long LAZARD…

    VIVUS, Inc. (NASDAQ:VVUS) - Clinton Group Sends Letter to VIVUS CEO, Says Co. Should Do More to Give Info on Strength of 2020 Patents
    October 10, 2013 Board of Directors Vivus Inc. 1172 Castro Street Mountain View, CA 94040 Re: Defending the Company's Intellectual Property Gentlemen: I write on behalf...
  • PE 3.64?
  • web/kevin why does the share price keep going down?Why do you keep posting things that are 5 years old?Do you think rup is the reason for VVUS trading under cash value?Just a few questions VVUS share holders would like to know.
    your pal mooky
  • Vivus could make a move towards $1,60 by August. If the markets don't collapse.
  • This could be a great time for CI to take the remaining bonds. They should quietly exit. More like sneak away.