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  • NASTY TUTES can't shake off the longs - don't want to take along on a ride up...Nasties gotta go...Credit Sissy leaving its signature trade finger print of .0025....look at these forign banks...and show them the exit.
  • Kevin, I believe you are right on the "Money" with your "SHOOTOUT" comments. VVUS has been one of the most if not the most manipulated small stock we have seen in many years in my opinion. The picture that is being put together with the diggs blogging and ruprechts attacks are all exposed and hopefully to the right people. As they have tried to exit unnoticed after sealing the share holders value I believe the long arm of justice is about to make her move to hold those who would use unscrupulous attacks and methods are about to be held accountable. Yes, I believe the Company has so many good things going for it and we will see very soon if this management is going to move the needle. I believe that they will.
  • I thought VVUS held up pretty strong today with the market being up 100 points.
  • If VVUS settled with TEVA and ACT then how is Dr. Reddy’s still pending? Anyone!
  • The SHOOTOUT at OK Corral is over already...

    Sorts are dead, decapitated. The head was removed and the body still runs around like a chicken....clucking and crowing every day...North Tide aka Uber trader gone...the quants are re-programing as we speak. Bond holder's counter risk measures basically unwound by North Tide..JMO. The only person who missed the memo is bby dumb dumb aka rumplemintz.

    Beware of RUPRECHT, cyber creep... and his host of cohorts.
  • @Kevin: Kevin! I accidentally muted you and I can't figure out how to undo it.
  • If the major health insurers had any sense they should establish significant investment positions and then approve Qysimia for general obesity. Visit your local hospital lobby and watch the grossly obese of all ages stagger in and out for their heart, pulmonary and diabetic visits. Healthcare ? don't make me laugh. The obesity is set at the top.
  • More from preppy scumster Rumpmintz.

    "This simple twice-a-day formulation seems to be based on Dr. Najarian’s earlier patents (see the Examples section), the earliest of which is cited throughout the prosecution of the ‘540 and ‘548 applications."

    What an absolute Dumb Dumb... disecting a VVUS CONFERENCE CALL? HILARIOUS!!!!

    In light of this, how can the once-a-day formulation offer anything that is surprising or unexpected? Was it formulated primarily for convenience and compliance?
  • @Chocolat Do you see Vivus rising into August? If yes, then what are your thoughts?
  • If you know anything then know this....from FTC research on Approved Generics..." The Interim Report, however, also found that “AG entry
    significantly decreases the revenues of a first-filer generic company during its 180-day
    exclusivity period.”
    Apart from a preliminary analysis of the use of AGs in patent litigation settlements, the Commission left most questions of long-term effects – including any possible
    impact of AG competition on the calculus of generic entry via patent challenges – for
    exploration in a final report."

    So...what....They know the short term effects and the range of sales that are NOT attractive to ANDA applicants and Qsymia is one UGLE candidate.....LMAO@rumproast
  • @Ruprecht you and 'us' are of completely different mindsets. We come up with views which we try to substantiate with facts and reason. We are saying give it time Vivus will work itself out in time. Due your Due Diligence as a possible investor and buy when you think the time time is right.

    You on the other hand are only and monotonously screaming and shouting 'this company is going to zero, sell you shares now and immediately'
  • Some shorts are trying to get out today before earning. Most likely they got earning information from insiders. This stock is too dirty!!!
  • 2 days ago someone said,..."f demand for a PhenTop combo EVER grows substantially -- THEN TEVA will market it. They already manufacture Phen and Top. Possibly the world's supply." Finally a stitch of reason and truth from the mind eraser....

    Well now you making sense is some small way…”Teva quit possible makes the world’s supply of phen and top”…now you see it…exactly as it is…These generic companies see Qsymia as competition and want to exterminate this company...slowly eating into their house like termites…nibbling worm wholes in the numbers. Thus the ANDA’s.
  • is this #$%$ ever go over 2+? TIRED of owning this sit.
  • IMHO....I'd be very, very fearful If I were BOBBY DIGGS! Web has turned up enough "Prior Arte" LOL... to hang you out to dry...IMO it looks like you conspired to commit securities fraud in the most culpable manner of falsely creating the appearance of mis-proprietary actions and false claims of improper business functions to defraud investors. Surely there is room for investigation of this subject...SHORT SELLERS need this type of action to keep them from committing heinous actions such as the diggs letters. It one thing to write them, its another to flood the internet with them and then pump that message of the companies social media financial pages..
  • Hey web when is the reverse split going to be announced?
  • EXTRA EXTRA get your VVUS shares now while they are on sale 90% off.
  • Seth needs to come out with some bad news on VVUS soon,if not this is going below a buck.
  • It seems to me that Ruprecht's days are numbered here folks , he and his team of deceitful, lying and attacking people are all being exposed and have not been able to complete their objective to completely destroy our Company. They really tried to keep Qsymia buried and in fact I believe they have also done the same with Belviq and Contrave. I do not believe that VVUS is completely worried any longer about Qsymia and its ability to generate huge revenue streams. If VVUS were not to be forced to complete the CVOT studies (which I believe they will not be doing) they would save nearly 200 million dollars and this alone will help VVUS move its PAH drug through the FDA approval process. I believe VVUS has already completed phase 2 studies using Q for Sleep Apnea. Stendra/Spedra has been a gift that keeps on giving to VVUS and there is more to come there. So, Ruprecht and his team focus on Qsymia and destroying its value as they have been doing for years VVUS focuses on other issues to move the Company forward. If VVUS were to use all of the attacks against Q in court it may be a win fall for us, who knows. These attacks have been numerous and have been going on for years. https://vivuspatent.wordpress.com/2012/07/

    Posts from July 2012 on vivuspatent
    4 posts published by bobbydiggs during July 2012
  • ruprecht and his alias mooky have been claiming that VVUS was about to get a letter from the SEC and that VVUS was about to be delisted, Ruprecht claimed that Teva was about to release a generic Qsymia and rup said it was for sure coming end of 2016. Rup and his team have filled this board with paid postings and have been attacking VVUS, its management, share holders and anyone who posts here that is pro VVUS. This group of thugs has been playing this game for years as you can read the links previously posted and see for yourselves. This manipulation is as corrupt as it gets and those who are involved with Rup should all be held accountable. Cant wait to see the end of the show. All through this attack VVUS has held it ground and has done well preserving cash, building cash, became profitable and has purchased another drug that is on its way through the FDA approval process. Rup, your team is finished as I see it and you have been exposed, VVUS is going to be a great turn around company IMO so you should change your name and move on to your next project.