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  • my peoples, all telecommunication stocks are down today the sector is down. vz is a dividend play that's true. however, look at the charts history always repeats itself this stock is going up to 50 buclaroos whether u buy it or not. consider this price a gift and jump on board:)....
  • Dear People That Post Comments Bashing Companies, No one is forcing you to invest or do business with them. Your 1 post out of only 1136 isnt going to tank the company. You are allowed to put your money and time to more productive uses elsewhere. Release yourself from your sad state of affairs.
  • I dont know why your all saying this stock and company sucks. It's not a growth stock and it never has been. You only buy it for the dividend period. If you buy 100 shares today.... In 20 years you will make $4,640 just in dividends, and that's not including dividend raises. That's not too shabby is it.
  • Is the dividend safe?
  • Verizon please fix these message boards.
    Default S/B "Newest Reactions " not "Top Reactions" !
    Whats happening in the market is now not yesterday.
    Let's get away from the MM psychology she's a ditz.
  • T mobile & Sprint have done good, well advanced against big-sized dumb companies like Verizon and AT & T. Verizon is always followed to them in any ideas so that its SP continues to drop. SIZE is of course MATTER only when there are competent top management who can make its decision right and on time. But, Verizon is NOT. Shame on you
  • Yahoo..........Worst Acquisition Ever Made

    Their website doesn't work.
  • Ex-VZ employee here. I got hit in one of the layoffs early this year. I switched to T-Mo shortly after getting the shaft from this disaster of a company and I encourage all the other people who were laid off to do the same. I not only saved about $30/month on the bill for my entire family...and got a better data plan, I'm actively working to do to this place what it did to me. If throwing workers out because of the leadership's mismanagement isn't enough, Lowell has now endorsed the "I'm an Immigrant Campaign," simply because it will allow him to replace loyal American employees with cheaper foreign labor so that he can get a bonus bigger than the $12 million bonus he got this year.

    Join in and help sink the Titanic. If you don't want to use T-Mo, any other carrier will do. VZ lost almost 1/2 million customers last quarter...let's make this one even better.
  • ✔️🌐 Dear VZ management
    FIRE all those Yahoo liberal bias news reporters. Set up a news fair and balanced news department like #1 FOXNews. People with working brains had enough of fake liberal bias news like on MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN.
    I'll be asking for this at the annual shareholder meeting.
  • I think the analysts are wrong. I think Verizon has tremendous growth potential. analysts only see current numbers. they aren't taking into account being the first and only provider in the 5g game come 2018. imagine what partnerships would emerge. imagine the increased market share
  • Dear VZ
    FIRE all those Yahoo news reporters. Set up a news site like google news.
  • Sprint NO INCOME! ! from ppl they take from VZ.Not to smart on S part short yes, Long term DUMB!!!
    vz.no is parked
  • Dear Verizon,Go out of business. You suck, and you are reaping what you sewed. You lie, cheat and steal from the little guys. You have tried screwing me over several times and I will never use any of your services every again. I let all my friends and family know every opportunity I get. This is why you will lose. You can't run a business like that. Tmobile and now Comcast is whopping your #$%$ and I can't wait to see you go bankrupt. Yahoo was an awesome company to buy. They suck just as much as you do. Did you even try our Yahoo Finance before buying the company? I have no clue what they did to one of the most popular financial sites on the internet in the past few years, but obviously your good ole' boy system didn't notice. Good luck idiots
  • If Yahoo Continues To Bash Trump Each & Every Day..........

    I will sell my VZ stock, cancel and change my cell phone program to a less expensive provider, which I can do now!

    Change Yahoo or adidos......
  • Does This Mean VZ Will Fix Yahoo's Broken Web Site?

    VZ was ripped off on this deal. Yahoo is virtually worthless and unable to keep pace with software updates........

    Marisa Meyers screwed VZ good!
  • Finally.MM gone. A travesty. I don't know what VZ thinks it boughtm butm Yahoo Finance has been sabotaged for you. PLEASE put it back to where it was 6 months ago--before YHOO "enhanced" it. It really stinks now.
  • Sprint offering 1 year free service will leave a mark

    VZ may show good Q2 postpaid adds because of their unlimited offer, but Q3 postpaid losses could be huge. JMHO.
  • mat is very interesting at these prices as company will eventually turn the corner but mu patient but could rake in big percentage prophets in a year or two
  • this is a great long term div stock at a great long term price right now, not for shorts or day traders, T is also looking good if goes below 37, bp long term below 33.50
  • Two super cycles on horizon. 1. Release of the next generation Apple phones this fall. 2. System upgrade to 5G. The system will begin to be upgraded in 2018 and run through 2020. 5G operates at up to 40X faster than 4G. In areas where there is a good signal cable will begin to die even faster. Why have cable when you can stream everything and anything using your wireless carrier.

    This will be good for VZ with the huge turnover expected in new phones and selling bigger data packs.

    VZ is a good long term investment opportunity.