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Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corporation (WAB)

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  • l
    I've 200 shares of WAB. Can't remember when bought.
    Also, have had GE for a long disappointingly time. Couldn't understand why advisor told me to HOLD.
  • j
    jim harris
    Bought when the pandemic hit...loving finally make a right move in these crazy markets....sold Ge to buy Webtec💰
  • D
    .12 cents dividend per share. What do you think the Max per share price can be this year?
  • M
    This is the ONLY company I can find that's working on a battery powered locomotives (if anyone knows of others let me know)..... The time has come to merge the most efficient form of ground transportation on earth with most efficient form of energy on earth!! I've seen that many North American railways (I own shares in 2 of them) are promoting their goals in reduction of Co2!!!! There isn't a better or more visible way to do this than adding a few electrified/hybrid consists into their operations!!!
  • B
    Joy! I got 2 whole shares from the GE merger - easy street, here I come!!!
  • N
    I just got wabtec shares through Ge spinoff is this is good company should I keep shares or sell it
  • G
    We are reaching a 3 year low for WAB with a top range of 113 and nominal price from the high 70’s to low 80’s. This is prior to the GE acquisition. Pressure on the stock is due to a second round of negotiations with the union and some risk as GE may need proceeds from WAB stock to continue operations. On 6/3 a strike may occur if agreements with the Union are not made. The drop in stock price reflects this event and once the trade deal is set I would expect a 2-3% rise in share price. WAB last quarter was strong, but its too early to tell how long it will take WAB to gain efficiencies of the combined companies. GE transportation was a customer of WAB and there are saving to be expected and redundancies to shave cost. Long term and at these levels WAB is a good buy. Technology in Rail have lagged other areas of transportation such as autonomy but eventually this will have to change and WAB is the leader in train control with products like PTC.
  • B
    Strong growth ahead that can streamline operations. Smaller company can execute much faster with cheap GE subsidiary purchase
  • M
    do GE shareholders get shares of WAB?
  • K
    I'm new to this stock. I hold GE and after the spinoff decided that WAB got the better end of the deal, so I added to my spin-off shares of WAB.

    As far as I can tell, the Q1 numbers good like a beat. So what am I missing with the market reaction?
  • S
    GE selling shares messed up a solid quarter for shareholders. That's my take on this swift decline.
  • M
    Anyone else bullish about battery powered locomotives? Hook up a hydrogen fuel cell car for power behind the locomotive and create the cleanest free running long distance consist in the world!!!
  • S
    Earnings a couple weeks back took WAB to the high-$70's. GE then announced they were selling their shares for $72.50. The stock now trades at $67 or a 14-15% decline. Nothing has changed for WAB since earnings except this GE stock sale. Doesn't make a lot of sense, but that's the market sometimes. Just have to decide if this is the new reality or is this in fact an opportunity.
  • P
    Look into future, industry leader, all forms of current rail transport must and will expand. Think big - existing rails logically have space above, below and adjacent to current tracks.
    Just bought 100 shares to learn and track progress.
  • S
    Wabtec is a key player and leader in the rail industry worldwide. I understand the GE integration has created major challenges, but I also believe the GE products give Wabtec more competitive advantages than they had prior to the merger. Still researching the company, but I like the idea of buying industry leaders when they're dealing with short term challenges. That's where I see Wabtec today. Not buying yet, but definitely under consideration in the low $60's. Once the GE integration is wrapped, wouldn't mind seeing WAB bring GBX into the fold as well. There isn't any replacement for rail, so the long term looks great in my opinion.
  • m
    Great earnings report. Good to see $76 per share. It will go higher.
  • L
    Am just reading about WABTEC, learning about the GE TRANS sale/merger? I have been offered to sell my less than 100 shares for a $7/share processing fee! Sounds a bit much to me. Also doesn’t sound beneficial to any stockholders with under 100 shares. Can anyone enlighten me to why the company is doing this?
  • F
    Way oversold, rail freights has a bright future with all the oil pipe projects being canceled.
  • A
    i received 48 shares, will this be taxable?
  • B
    the stock is the best buy on the board, after the GE deal a double or more