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  • K
    Hi all, I tried out the service yesterday and thought I’d share my thoughts on the experience. I started by googling Tia Health in Google, which quickly displayed the landing page for Tia. I clicked on “book appointment”, and went through the steps. Sign up took about 2-3 mins (would have been faster if I memorized my Health Card number). Options are then presented to describe your reason for the visit (I’ve had chronic shoulder pain and never addressed it, mainly because I really dislike waiting for hours in a Dr.‘S office). Providing the info also took about 3-5 mins. Then, a list of Drs is presented with their location and availability- I thought it was cool that if a Dr in Ottawa was available he could see me in Toronto. One was available in about 30 mins, which I booked. I joined the call but then received a message saying the Dr was delayed as there were 10 patients ahead of me. The delay was about 25 mins (I didn’t care as I was home anyways). I saw the Dr. Over video, discussed the issue, and received an anti inflammatory prescription and referral for an ultrasound (basically what I was expecting if I had went to a walk-in clinic). The prescription was faxed to my pharmacy of choice, and I called a nearby ultrasound clinic to book the referral. Overall, it was a wayyyy better experience than what I’m used to, so much easier and faster. As someone who doesn’t have a family Dr, this will be my “go-to” now. Got me thinking that the local walk-in clinic business may transform in the same way bank branches have, less local real-estate in favour of improved experiences through digital.
  • J
    market is moving away from overhyped, overvalued stocks to undervalued companies with fundamentals. WELL is gonna do well.
  • D
    The Canadian Federal Reserve aanounced today they are holding off on raising interest rates. Meanwhile the mainstream media continues to frame the market downturn relating to investor concerns that the feds will raise rates and continue with the hysteria of inflation even though both the feds in the states and in Canada are unlikely to go above 3% even after a few years of incremental hikes. Historically this rate is not a very high one. Take WELL as an example their free cash flow from operation could more than handle a sudden spike in the interest rate (both from a prime lending rate but also from a LIBOR perspective) .. only those companies that don?t have free cash flow and have increasing expenses are in any serious risk and even in those situations the lenders are more likely to renegotiate the terms of the agreements as opposed to entering a lineup creditor in a bankruptcy scenario where they only have a possibility if receiving a small portion of their investment back.To be honest I think all this BS about inflation and interest rates is actually a cover for the biggest shorting of the market of all time. Hedge funds and institutions missed out on the 2020 rally (that was primarily retail investors like you and me that made out like bandits). That?s why it is considered among hedge fund circles as the ?most hated rally of all time?.. they missed out and now the only way they can salvage any hope is to short the hell out of the market and scare retail out of their positions of the companies they want to own but don?t want to buy at excessive multiples.Please don?t fall for this trickery. They send out trolls and the media plays along and provides cover. This is all part of a trend you see everywhere else in society these days: the top 1% are ensuring that this continues to be a ?trickle up? economy and you will be manipulated from every angle to ensure that occurs.Don?t buy into the MSM hedge fund and troll fueled hype.Buy and hold good companies like well with growing margins, free cash flow and amazing growth prospects and you will be fine because at some point when the hedge funds and financial institutions have pushed out retail who have to buy in a super high multiples the narrative about interest rates and inflation will suddenly disappear and you will wonder #$%$ happened.
  • M
    Pretty impressive day considering recent run and nasdaq sell off. Can you imagine when market returns to tech in the next few weeks. That's a lot of money just waiting to get in
  • Y
    The VAX (volatility index) is at big new highs this morning. No wonder tons of stocks are red and unfortunately are likely to be red for entire week. Having said that, WELL is only down by a tad compared to competitors today. Goes to show it's overall strength.
  • E
    Here are some take-aways from the Echelon conference on WELL today:
    * The WELL business is strong and performed well in Q4 and that strength has persisted in the new year so far. I believe Hamed indicated that he is “excited” to share financial results in the next earnings report
    * The company’s reduction in share price is not at all correlated with company performance or prospects. I believe Hamed indicated that the company has never been stronger operationally.
    * The company has a strong cash position and is generating significant cashflows and has the ability to reach $1B in sales at similar operating margins to today (ie. over 20%) within 4 years (plus or minus one year). This would be achieved purely based on the company’s own organic growth and tuck-ins completed with its own cash generation. (the analyst at Echelon really liked this and made a comment about it)
    * Hamed said the company has been generating “millions in positive net cash from operations” before investing activities and pointed to the generation of approx $8M of positive cash from operations in Q3 and noted that this didn’t include a full contribution of certain acquisitions.
    * The company is building a highly consequential “health system” in Canada and is number one and top 3 in a number of key categories in Canada and no other company in the country really matches them in terms of capabilities both as it relates to in-person and virtual capabilities.
    * The company’s performance on a per share basis (revenue and EBITDA per share) has been very strong and this is something they’d like to talk about more
    * In the US, Circle and WISP are growing quickly and doing very well. CRH is likely to again generate significant cashflows this year, I believe he indicated that there would be >$40M USD in cashflow generated by CRH alone before tax and leverage costs.
    * The company is not looking to issue stock and had originally set up the shelf prospectus back in August because of a potential US IPO but given how badly the US digital health comp group was performing they decided it was not the right time.
    * The company's largest investors have been highly supportive (including Li Ka-shing’s group which was specifically mentioned) and have been in touch with the company often and have been supportive and buying stock over the last few months
    * Hamed came across very positive and confident in the company and its prospects

    Hope this is helpful - obviously its difficult to see the share price decline but its good to know management remains bullish and operations remain strong
  • P
    For those that don’t understand shorting and the tricks we can play. Here’s some informative reading. Pay special attention to NAKED SHORTING. It doesn’t matter how great a company is. If the volume is only in single digit millions it can easily be swamped with sells from naked shorts. EASILY.

    What is Naked Short Selling?
    Before we get into Naked Short Selling let’s understand the basic premises around short selling.
    Short selling is the sale of a security that is not owned by the seller.
    The motivation for short selling is an investor's belief that a stock's price will decline, enabling the short seller to buy the stock back in the future at a lower price and make a profit.
    Normally, when one short sells a stock, their broker will lend them the shares to sell. The loaned stock will come from the broker's own inventory, from another one of the firm's customers, or from another brokerage firm. The shares are sold and the proceeds are credited to the short seller's account.
    As payment for borrowing the shares, the short seller is charged a fee, quoted as an annualized percentage of the value of the loaned securities - i.e. a borrower of a stock with a 5% stock borrow rate will be charged $5 per year for every $100 of stock borrowed. Stock borrow rates change daily based in large part on the supply and demand to borrow that particular stock.
    If the number of shares available to borrow is in short supply and/or great demand (which is often the case in highly shorted stocks), finding shares to borrow can be difficult and expensive.
    A frequently asked question and outlined in our FAQ’s but let’s look at naked short selling from various perspectives.
    How does naked short selling effect the stock market?
    When a seller "naked short sells a stock" they do not own the shares they are selling and therefore are selling artificial shares. This is like counterfeiting a stock. This process creates an obvious unfair advantage to the seller and an imbalance in the market as the sell side is now increased with more shares – many of which are counterfeit. There is a time limit on how long the seller can sell these shares and be naked on the trade and the time limit is 3 days. This is where the RegSho rules come in and the data we track. If the sellers broker-dealer has not located a borrow to cover this short trade within 3 days they will need to purchase back the shares they have sold on the open market. This process is referred to as a "Buy In".
    "When it comes to illicit short selling, the shorts win over 90% of the time"Naked Short – A license to steal?
    Naked short selling is yet another creation of the securities industry and is in essence nothing more than a license to create counterfeit shares. When you are inflating the amount of stock that is outstanding in a company, this is considered counterfeiting. The rules justify the practice by saying it helps create smooth, efficient and orderly markets. Same stuff we have heard countless times around high-frequency trading, but in reality we believe this practice leads to shady characters creating unlimited supplies of counterfeit stocks which in turn results in your investment continuing to decline and you wondering why?
    I am sure you here because you are a shareholder in a company that just continues to go down, and you have no idea why. Nothing material has happened but the trading doesn’t make any sense. We hear it all the times. Most CEO’s don’t even understand, and are baffled. The worst part is, good luck getting anyone to listen! There is a major epidemic going on right now with naked short selling right now.
    It's funny when we hear CEO's say , I will just buy all the shares up and own the whole O/S and they wont be able to short me anymore. Really?
    Read about: Global Links Corporation and see what happened when Robert Simpson purchased 100% of Global Link’s 1,158,064 shares. Then you will truly understand how the system is rigged. Back to counterfeiting…
  • D
    Very nice jump today..fingers crossed for more green...LETS GO WELL HEALTH
  • j
    Only green stock in my portfolio today. Go figure
  • Z
    Zachary D
    From the press release: The Board believes that the recent market prices of the Company's common shares (the "Shares") do not properly reflect the underlying value of such Shares. As a result, depending upon future price movements and other factors such as WELL's available budget, the Board believes that the purchase and cancellation of such Shares would be a desirable use of corporate funds in the best interests of the Company and its shareholders.

    Share buy backs baby!
  • P
    WELL plans to activate its previously approved share buyback program after it has released its Q4 and 2021 financial results and is no longer restricted.
  • T
    I've lost significantly on this, even in my averaging down. I beat myself up with could have should have and would have type thinking but, at the end of the day, I'm not a day trader and this is still a sector and a company that I think will perform well enough over a few years to provide a modest return, likely a very good return if you get in at these levels. Even a modest return over two or three years might be at the higher end of the dividend paying ETF's and that's not too bad I guess. Alongside that there is always the potential that a bigger fish will want to buy Well and we exit at a premium so there is still a speculative component over and above what the fundamentals may deliver over the next few years. If I've learned anything from it, it is that I really shouldn't have unbalanced a modest portfolio in hopes of a much better than market return over a year or 18 months. What is tied up in Well is not working for me elsewhere BUT, each day is a new day. If you decide to stay in at these levels, in some way it is like buying at these levels and I am certainly pleased to see the market reacting to the good news with movement in the right direction. It's a vulnerable trader, I expect some more ups and downs and a lot more opportunistic and 'influential' trading but I think the trend over the medium hall will provide a good return for those getting in now and eventually a reasonable return for any of us in at the high 7's and low 8's. I'm hanging tight. Finally, as I see other posts arriving, as a vulnerable trader ( I'm not so confident that you will see the impact of share buybacks and cancellations on the fundamentals reflected in the market. They are good over the long haul of course, especially when conditions eventually favor a US IPO. In the interim though, I wouldn't bet on share buy-backs having a sustained effect on share price equivalent to their impact on the fundamentals, nor do I need that as a long term holder. They will have their very positive impact as the business evolves.
  • M
    Great day for Well...just think about how high this will go once the Tech sell off is done and people return to growth stocks. Up 5% when everything else was way down on double the volume... $5 tomorrow
  • D
    Today was a win for the longs. The entire market was a blood bath. Take a look at the daily charts of everything and WELL.TO moved in the opposite direction. Shorts realize it is undervalued and they are covering, meanwhile investors are looking for safer growth opportunities and WELL is a unicorn in that regard when you look at the multiples and fundamentals. Nobody can deny that not even the trolls. I’ve never seen a more convincing sign of the bottom (the other day). Happy Friday.
  • F
    Does anybody else feel like this is a good time to add more shares in WELL based on numbers but is hesitant because the broader markets are now overvalued, especially in the tech industry?
  • A
    After today's crazy event it's apparent that there was a bottom at 3.80 last week as I mentioned earlier. let's get ready for another uptrend. cheers!
  • J
    Stock price simply doesn’t reflect fundamentals, smart money will be rewarded immensely with a long term hold
  • M
    Based on the current price, number of shares and projected 100M EBIDTA, Well would be at 0.5$cad EPS annually and 8.57x p/e. Thats before any share buyback. The mean p/e of the canadian healthcare sector is 19.7x.
  • G
    Glad that 4$ was the bottom. Probably one of the saffest stock out there at those price.