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The Wendy's Company (WEN)

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  • A Huge Thank You to WENDY'S. Sold part of our position to purchase a good, solid used Silverado 4x4. Up here in N. Maine a necessity. I called Ohio and told them our neat Blessing. They sent me a" Dave Thomas adoption sticker" and a "Wendy's decal". Now when we go for rides it gives us a great opportunity to expound on a really Great Company and investment. Mark and Linda.
  • When did all the idiots show up I was just checking in. I have 30,000 share with an average cost of $7.20 Never gonna sell ASIA will be HUGE.
  • What is up with the after hours action on Friday? up .17
  • try a6 month chart on bigcharts
    use the 50 dma and two indicators, so you get the 50 dma and 100 dma

    indicators pointing to 14.5

    doji for indecision, changing directions

    see the 100 dma, we went below the 50 dma already, time to revisit the 100 dma down around 14.5

    value $11, $12 or so, see my postings below

    $14 makes sense, $12 makes sense

    the big player got to dump his stocks already at $16

    really think its ready to sell off

    5% drop proposed for soon, 10% or more for these high flying too high PE stocks without earnings growth
  • Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names. http://dataunion.tistory.com/3641

    The Wendy's Co NASDAQ : WEN Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks May-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 2,830 NASDAQ Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is 0.8 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stock
  • no buyers, noone is buying up here

    that's my opinion. It seems to me all the selling is on the index uptics

    just my honest opinion

    so, sooner or later they all run for the exits and it crashes

    I think the next ex-dividend date is around 8/20/2017. If your shout you pay the dividend.
  • We went to this Wendy's restaurant in Laurel recently: https://www.yelp.com/biz/wendys-laurel-4 What's interesting about this one is we had a bad experience as did nearly everyone else at this location. It really sets a bad example for the brand image. I realize this is probably just a franchise and probably has no impact on the stock or the HQ. But perhaps the HQ could visit this location and provide special surprise training to get it in shape.

  • who is buying
    $140M buyback for the year is only 9M shares. Ave is around 2M? per day
    did they agree to pay this much for it?
    what's up?
    insiders sold some huge chunks, seems the buyback is helping them

    2.5B debt is too much

    debt to earnings is too much

    long term, it is good to pay off the debt. If they could, they could let the price fall, not have a dividend, pay of the debt. Stop giving away the shares to the insiders.

    the more I learn the more interesting it gets

    Blackrock, why do they have a piece of the action. What price did they come in at? Maybe when they announced the $1.4B buyback in 2015 or whenever it was. Not sure its 1.4B either, wihout going back and looking it up. Maybe they bought at $4 a share after the announcement??

    PE way too high
    dividend too low relative to MCD, 10 year note
    value at $11-$12, I'd say based on that

    but the forces are at work

    somebody gets ripped off though, as shares are being bought at these lofty heights

    just my honest opinion. seems more ponzi scheme and manipulation than fair stock trading

    but it works for them, buy at $4, maybe $9 , sell at $16. Only who holds the bag?

    They have a lot of revenue, though. It could have potential some day. Some healthy food. Nice stores. Nice image.

    It gets more interesting every day.
  • pay down the debt vs stock buybacks
    why not pay down the debt, don't get the whole story, a company owns a big chunk
    but pay down the debt vs overpay for shares. PE very high, dividend modest
    pay down debt, get rid of the interest on the debt
    maybe afraid of a takeover?

    maybe it wil work out for them
    hopefully its not them getting shares as pay

    anyone know what is going on?

    thanks in advance

    $14 first target
    up from $9 a share is a bit for one year

    interest comparisons with the 10 year note or MCD's dividend puts the value $11 to $12 I think
  • indicators pointing to 14.5


    put "http://bigcharts"; in front of it

    doji for indecision, changing directions

    see the 100 dma, we went below the 50 dma already, time to revisit the 100 dma down around 14.5

    value $11, $12 or so, see my postings below

    $14 makes sense, $12 makes sense

    the big player got to dump his stocks already at $16

    - Multiple Matches - BigCharts.com
  • up $200M plus Market Cap in 5 trading days after a huge run up from $9 this year. Earnings $22M for the quarter, revenue off 24%

    SEC has been notified
  • Goldman downgraded Tesla with a 50% of its then current price target.

    Stocks can go below their value. Based on comparing their dividend to a 10 year note, I have a target of 11. It looks like support on a 3 year chart. Maybe it goes to 11, bounces and goes even lower than 11. Maybe they will have to lower their dividend.

    $22M last quarter earnings /6,537 stores = $3,365 per store. Minimum wage is $5044 ($9.70 per hour) not including any benefits.

    PEG is zero (no growth) and PE 32 on Morningstar. PE 43 based on last quarter.
  • compared to walmart: Dividend is 63% that of Walmart's dividend, Walmarts PE is 53 percent of WEN's PE

    WEN is risky to hold

    Maybe the cash dries up and the dividend gets cut

    employment numbers means the fed is more likely to raise. the 10 year is 2.39 (moving up fast, it seems). WEN dividend is 1.7%
    WMT pays 2.37% (at its current price). 1.7/2.37 * 15.6 => WEN worth $11.19 based on that

    WEN Price to Book is 7.3. 1.5 might be considered good.
  • Don't forget WEN was at $9 a year ago and $3.8 five years ago.
  • Bought 500 shares today at 15.15. For long term.
  • I am now 70 and do not patronize fast food and haven't for many years. About 10 years ago, I bought 1500 shares of Wendys at a good price. I thought it would be a good long term investment and I had purchased a chicken caesar wrap while traveling and loved it. I thought his franchise had a great future. The stock has performed very well for me.
    Fast forward to this June, 2017. I was traveling with my son and family(wife and a 6 and 8 year old). They kept eating at Mcdonalds and Burger King. I finally convinced them to try Wendys in Moab Utah--don't you see, I was an owner. What a disappointment. While the staff seemed, friendly, the tables were dirty, the carpet needed to be torn out, the famous drink machine had a bottom door that would not stay shut until an employee came out and kicked it, the menu was on cardboard that was crooked and the prices were high and the offerings limited. I was embarrassed. My son states he will not go to Wendys as it is always a poor value. Yikes, what gives here? Should I sell? Was this an aberration?
  • Value based on dividend ~$12.36 per share
    dividend 1.83%
    10 year 2.28
    1.83/2.28 = .8
    .8 x 15.45 = $12.36

    they earned about$13,000 per store, check their numbers, $22M per quarter x 4 quarters/6357? or so stores; I forgot how many stores they have
    anyhow it comes out to $13,000 per store per year earnings
  • index up .4%, WEN up 4%, PE 43 based on last quarter x four, earnings shrinking (as I see it), revenue down 24% or something ridiculous like that
    Sometimes the SEC should do their job or go to jail for not doing it. People that hold the indices in their 401Ks get ripped off in the long run, I feel.
    Just my honest opinion, check the numbers.
  • With oil prices dropping money saved by the consumer at the pump is going directly to casual restaurants including Wendy's. Don't worry about the Amazon and Whole Foods merger. It takes at least a year for integration to be complete. By then Wendy's will have more stores converted to franchise which translate to steady revenue. The 4 for $4 value deal is pretty good. My local wendy's is packed every night.
  • Poor little Wendy is the Nasdaq punching bag and with Trump's health care plan, she's in grave danger.