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Wells Fargo & Company (WFC)

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  • d
    Here’s the pull back from day traders taking profits..new base forming above 40 until the next good news..
  • C
    Charlie gonna Charlie
    I'm gonna drive the WFC stage coach when this is over and done with...
  • R
    Just curious.

    Unless you are short or own puts why would anyone without any skin in the game, bother to repetitively post negative views regarding WFC on this...or any other site?

    If you've been short, bummer.

    If you've been long puts, bummer.

    If you are neither of these then it seems like you might want to find a new 'hobby?'

    I for one am long.

    The daily cup with handle formation has brought us to what could be a profit taking plateau.

    However long term investors who think the economy will roll on for at least a few years should take a look at the weekly charts.

    A move to 60 by 2022-2023 could be very interesting. The potential for a second successful cup with handle formation could get us to $100 in 2024-25.

    I'm in.
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    Charlie gonna Charlie
    Gentleman! Start your engines...

    "After a 2020 of hunkering down to sustain possible credit losses, the nation’s largest banks are now shifting their focus to ramping up lending activity."
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    Analyst Actions: Citigroup Adjusts Wells Fargo's Price Target to $50 From $37, Maintains Neutral Rating
  • B
    Let the stock buybacks begin with vigor in early Q3. The Q3 & Q4 earnings reports on an EPS basis will be ones for the ages, as the share numbers fall, efficiency ratio steadily improves and management executes against the turn-around plans already in place.

    When the asset cap is lifted (not if, but when), a 8-10% pop will be the result. Be sure to be there Longs when the day arrives. The market will have a short memory as WFC's dissapointing past drifts into history. The market values performance and Charlie and team will deliver..........bank on it.
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    Sit back and wait, we are heading for $50.
  • S
    Just read a Morningstar report saying Wells Fargo can repurchase up to 20% of outstanding shares within just the next 2 years. I'm long WFC from the mid-$20's with a target of $60 within the next year or two. Good luck WFC longs!
  • N
    Should be a dividend announcement coming soon, right?
  • T
    Fed currently limits the large banks to share repurchases & dividends totaling Ave. quarterly earnings (trailing 4Q's).

    With today's earnings that average is $0.36/share. Subtract out the 0.10 dividend and they can buyback $1B this quarter.

    At the end of June, the shackles come off and a fully restored prior dividend is a reasonable expectation.
  • J
    I'm buying a lot of WFC on this pullback today. Great earnings report and future looks very bright!
  • A
    I’m hopeful this has a short term pull back to 41. I sold all my options on the big rise to 42. Failed to buy back at 41 the next day, thinking it would touch the 40.70 area from previous high. Definitely 50 by EOY. Maybe even October.
  • x
    50...50...50...do i hear 50?
  • J
    I sold 67000 of my 87000 WFC shares today. i bought at $24.60, sold at $43.60.
  • B
    WFC could double from 4-15-21 to Q1-23, propelled by:

    *Eventually, rising interest rate will allow banks to improve their Net Interest Margins (NIM). NIM improvement is the mother lode of bank earnings potential, especially in combination with increasing credit demand. WFC's Consumer weighted credit portfolio and low risk profile benefits the most over the long-run.
    *The next chip to fall will be stock buybacks after Q2-21. WFC's purchases will be top-end strong, as the earlier stock is retired the sooner and greater the long-term EPS contribution.
    *Expense efficiency has management's attention, is easy to measure,, offers few places to hide if missed. Don't miss.
    * Finally, an issue called the Asset Cap will be resolved. Not if, just when. Since banking is ultimately a leverage game, seeing the Cap go away will move the needle.

    *Of course there is the pending Dividend increase....................for those who care.

    Long and very patient.
  • M
    wfc down in pre market but probably end up closing above 41
  • m
    Investors are always looking for stocks that are poised to beat at earnings season and Wells Fargo & Company WFC may be one such company. The firm has earnings coming up pretty soon, and events are shaping up quite nicely for their report.
    That is because Wells Fargo is seeing favorable earnings estimate revision activity as of late, which is generally a precursor to an earnings beat. After all, analysts raising estimates right before earnings — with the most up-to-date information possible — is a pretty good indicator of some favorable trends underneath the surface for WFC in this report.
    In fact, the Most Accurate Estimate for the current quarter is currently at 71 cents per share for WFC, compared to a broader Zacks Consensus Estimate of 68 cents per share. This suggests that analysts have very recently bumped up their estimates for WFC, giving the stock a Zacks Earnings ESP of +5.32% heading into earnings season.
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    The Fiddler
    way undervalued
  • J
    The market likely gains some confidence in WFC from these reported earnings. It will continue to trend higher.
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