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    BUSTED: Trump appointee has made $430,000 this year alone lobbying for Saudi Arabia
  • I see where they say Walmart is not going to bid for Whole Foods. If its true it is one of the first smart moves this company has made in many years. It does sound like they were considering it though and if so just thinking about it would prove how dumb this management really is. They don't have the money to pay cash for it like Amazon so it would have piled on even more debt on the back of this company and it would have done nothing for them except hasten their demise. Let's hope they don't do some almost as stupid and try to buy someone like Sprouts Farmers Market. In the meantime it was another red letter day for WMT stock. People who are holding this or buying into it now are just not very smart but the Walton's say thank you as they continue their massive dump of WMT stock.
  • Someone else asked this question yesterday, but obviously no one could name ONE SINGLE CITY.

    Can anyone name ONE city in the south where European Americans

    are killing and shooting each like these

    African Americans.


    Teen among 8 killed, 50 wounded in Chicago weekend shootings
    It was an extremely violent weekend in Chicago with 8 killed, including a 17-year-old girl, and at least 50 others wounded since Friday night, police said.
  • The bill is such a transparent sham that one of its provisions, the repeal of the tax on investment income for wealthy individuals and families, was made retroactive to the end of last year. There is no reason on god's earth to make this retroactive unless your main purpose is to shove more of the nation's wealth upwards. Which is what this bill is primarily designed to do.


    A Message to Trump Voters on the Occasion of This Healthcare Bill
    You pulled the lever. This is what you were voting for.
  • Carrier's plant in Indianapolis is preparing to lay off 600 employees beginning next month.
    Trump duped 600 Carrier workers into thinking he saved their jobs.

    Trump got a photo op.
    Carrier got a tax break.
    Workers get pink slips.


    Trump's Carrier deal is not living up to the hype — jobs still going to Mexico
    Carrier's plant in Indianapolis — the poster child for President Trump's pledge to save US jobs — is planning layoffs next month.
  • Shep, what's to explain?


    The Black-White Test Score Gap
  • In the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton received about 22 votes for each one vote for Donald Trump in The District of Columbia

    #1 in food stamp use? 1. District of Columbia

    • Percentage of the state's population on food stamps: 21.97%
  • Mein Trumpf's son in law, Jared Kushion, has a 2.3B BILLION DOLLAR mortgage coming due on the property at 666 Madison Avenue next fall. Let's all watch in horror as King Cheeto tries to foist this overpriced skyscraper off on the Chinese in return for political favors.

    Jared's father was just released from PRISON following a two year stint involving witness tampering, racketeering, etc, involving NYC real estate.

    Follow the money. Most people who voted for Trumpf are from uneducated red states. No problem for them, since the smart states always pick up the tab for their poor choices in elections.

    Does anyone, even southern meth-headed, lazy white boy, think that Mein Trumpf is sane?
  • Nobody wants the poison of Trump anywhere near them but will that stop Trump from butting even though he doesn't have a clue what's in the bill?


    Senate to White House on health care: No Trump, please
    Donald Trump may be the President of the United States, but when it comes to passing health care reform through the Senate, Trump is the understudy to Mitch McConnell's lead.
  • just wait until you get the higher deductibles, premiums and lousy insurance of Trumpcare...
    (why do you think they did the bill in secret, and not even begin the big cuts until 2020?)
  • gee more white people are on food stamps...19.5 million white moooochers....eating up all the steak , the "bucks" as the bigot Reagan said “strapping young buck” buying T-bone steaks........are white people...lol... getting whites off food stamps would make the biggest dent in welfare money

    Number of people on Food Stamps by race.
    White: 19,475,000
    Black: 17,100,000
    Hispanic: 8,550,000
  • Maybe Walmart should just try and find another business to get into because they in no way have the brain power in their corporate suite to compete with Jeff Bezos. He's burying them and will continue to destroy them. There's a reason Warren Buffett got out of Walmart and one of the main reasons was he knows Walmart cannot compete with Bezos and survive.

    ""The Berkshire Hathaway CEO said this week in an interview with CNBC that Bezos “is the most remarkable business person of our age.”

    “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again,” Buffet added.

    Buffett was impressed with Bezos’ ability to grow two seemingly different businesses—retailing and cloud computing—into multi-billion dollar behemoths that are shaking up their respective industries."

    Being in WMT stock is the equivalent of cancelling the life insurance policy of a 95 year old person terminal cancer. Even most novice investors can see that.
  • Seriously, when you have Amazon, Aldi and Costco, you don't need anybody else. The rest can close and I wouldn't notice a thing. It called simplifying your life while you get the best prices and great service.


    I bought a Costco vacation — here's why the retailer has completely changed how I book travel
    When I told friends I was going to Puerto Rico, they were jealous. When I told them I booked the...
  • Ryan Johnson was 22 when he succumbed to a heroin addiction
    America is not a great place for people with only a high school degree, and I don’t think that’s going to get better anytime soon,” said Angus Deaton, a Nobel Prize-winning Princeton University economist.


    Young White America Is Haunted by a Crisis of Despair
    “America is not a great place for people with only a high school degree, and I don’t think that’s going to get better anytime soon.”
  • Wal-mart and Sams are always crowded.
  • This analyst from JP thinks WMT could put in a bid for WFM. Do you guys think the GOV would allow that?
  • The GOP's American Health Care Act is one of the most hated pieces of legislation in history. The American people much prefer Obamacare. The question now is will the republicans somehow be able to pass their hated legislation and if so will it be renamed the The End of the Republicans Act.


    Trumpcare fixes nothing
    There are a lot of big problems with the US healthcare system. All told, an outdated and inefficient healthcare system is one reason economic growth in the US is chronically weak. Congress is hard at work on sweeping healthcare legislation—that add
  • http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/king-cops-killed-white-men-conservatives-silent-article-1.2632965

    KING: White men killed most cops in 2016, conservatives silent
    Contrary to popular belief, despising police brutality does not mean I despise police officers.
  • Little wonder why the red southern states use the majority of the welfare and food stamps in this country. They are LAZY.

    I was reading an article over the weekend about the ridiculous anti immigrant law that Texas passed and how many of the immigrants has fled Texas and have gone to other states that have compassion and love for their fellow man instead of hate. Now Texas companies can't find the workers they need to fill their positions that need to be filled. They interviewed one man in Texas who owns a drywall installation company. He said the immigrants are very hard workers and the job is tough but they work six and sometimes seven days a week and 16 hour days sometimes. He lost a number of workers because they fled the state and now he can't find people to fill the positions and his business is being badly hurt. He said he has hired a number of Americans to fill the positions but they don't even last a half a day before they quit the job.

    Southern red state Americans are nothing but a giant chain and anchor on this country who don't know the meaning of putting in a fair days work. No wonder those states are the pits to live in or to visit.