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EXCO Resources, Inc. (XCO)

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2.15-0.10 (-4.44%)
At close: 4:02PM EDT
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  • Justin, Andy, Was wondering Both you guys seem to be the mostlevel headed and knowledgeable posters on board Not that others have no clue ,i was short when she split around 50 4.90 area as you both know if you read posts covered a bit early wanted 15,000 but my son only could get a little over 6500 on very hard to shirt without up ticks Went long when we had that huge vol day thought that it was short covering and, i say and, possible fresh buying BUT i was wrong lost about 900 still up about 1200 Ever since she broke the 20 mov avg and you can ck it very easy i think it was around 1.14 -1.117 area we have hit it a few time but fot what seem forever we have stayed below the 20 With the 20 and 50 mov away from each other more than not that's not a good sign But i been watching the last week On the 7th we had big vol over 6 million and we had over a dollar move 1`,60 to 2,60 and the last 5 days we been trying to get about the 20day avg I really don't know why anyone in their right mind would want to buy as the interest ion bonds is paid in stk which as you all kills the stk The only way t has a chance someone posted that if they DID NOT PAY STK ON INTEREST THAT COULD BE SOMETHING THAT COULD MOVE IT UP? buT AGAIN HOW WOULD THEY HANDLE THE PAYMENTS?? Do either of you guys have a reason to be a buyer rather than shorting her on rally s which seems to me the smart way to trade her the best way seems to move on Why i am still watching and looking to play is beyond me I guess i am plan stupid again this time if she goes under a buck will they split her again i think she will never be a stk worth owning to make money wouldn't surprise me one day if we were a sub penny company ? Again any thoughts ??Thanks and the best of luck to all in this great bull mkt were having but not in xco or many oil stks gas too ?
  • Volume getting back to a normal number. So why did XCO experience that incredible volume last week or so? Who was doing all the buying besides the shorts and why did they do so all at once?
  • Holy smokes, a positive article on Exco. I can't feel my arms, I can't feel my arms
  • NIce volume today
  • Hopefully this isn't going back to the woodshed.
  • Management does have the option to pay debt interest in the issuance of new debt. If this occurs then the stock could rise dramatically on the news.
  • As mentioned yesterday, this stock could whipsaw the other direction on any positive news. Yet, I see no company news and this stock is roaring higher anyways this morning.
  • Oil and gas price are going to go up so gas shares too.
  • I hope with this hiccup some of you decided to short it...because there will be another reverse split coming. FYI..they will not be delisted as of now due to the last reverse split, this is why they waited until the last day possible to do it.
  • Another great day today?!
  • Wilder. Why did this guy jump full throttle into XCO months back? He is suppose to be a smart guy in this energy field.
  • if you think 1.92 is bad wait for the next reverse split.....shorting since 4 and change....
  • The stock may have fallen because the company has the option to pay over $50 million a year in debt interest payments in the form of shares. This would essentially wipe out existing shareholders over the course of a year or two max.
    As the share price drops, the more dilution to existing shareholders occurs and the stock price goes into a death spiral.
    So looks like short covering and maybe one or more large buyers occurring here.
    BUT management does have the option to pay debt interest in the issuance of new debt. If this occurs then the stock could rise dramatically on the news.
  • With this kind of short covering volume today just goes to show how many of these fast buck trading houses there are out there. They smelled blood in XCO for years now and have not been disappointed money-wise. I just wish XCO would merge with say LNG. Be their main provide of NG for them to export.
  • This isn't retail volume, this is HFT/algorithms
  • Total joke that hurt many, many people. Thanks Wilbur, Howard, Prem.
  • Nice up day and volume is extremely high again. Can't help but wonder if this is the big board buying....
  • My math shows Wilbur in the hole to the tune of about $600M on this one.
  • is the performance of the company is bad as the performance if their stock. they had a small profit last quarter.
  • im not one to post daily so it is what it is, but I will tell you cash is king and shorting this once call gem is the easiest thing to do. It is not like shorting Lehman or bearn from 110 or 85 to 8 or 6, but the opportunity is here. just my 2c and good luck...