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Xinyuan Real Estate Co., Ltd. (XIN)

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  • the sooner trumps is gone and Pence takes over the better I'll feel and so will America
  • Before you sell into this rally, keep in mind that this stock has a BV of $14.00 and even now is trading at half the PE of most of it's competitors. I don't know if it can hold on to these levels, but I am not selling below $8.00. I just hope it does not get there too quickly.
  • Refinancing of 13% loans to 7.75% loans complete, should free up a huge amount of operating cash going forward.
  • ***** As of the end of June 2017, Xinyuan during the year to obtain the reserve project to account for construction area of ​​1.21 million square meters, an increase of 57%; reserve value of 20.2 billion yuan, an increase of 92%. Through steady, Xin Yuan successfully achieved the steady growth of the project reserves for the follow-up development savings of a number of high-quality project assets...... etc. ******


  • Xinyuan launched the first domestic smart housekeeper robot
    Publisher: Xinyuan brand of the Ministry of Culture Published: 2017-07-11

    Link on IV.
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  • Reuters July 17 - "Growth in property investment, which mainly focuses on residential but includes commercial and office space, accelerated to 7.9 percent in June"
  • What channel is Lucifer on?
    Missing in action.
  • Internationalization of science and technology goal.... Google English translation......

    ***** July 7 to 8, Xinyuan Group 2017 annual work conference held in Beijing. Xinyuan Group Executive Director and CEO Zhang Lizhou, CFO Zhang Yuan, vice president and general manager of the operation center Jiang Wei, vice president and general manager of investment and development center kind of good law, vice president and general manager of information flow Su Haiyun, and from Xinyuan Group Headquarters functions, regional companies, city companies and various subsidiaries of a total of more than 150 people attended the meeting...

    ..... At the meeting, the Xinyuan various functional departments, business executives to the General Assembly summary report on the first half of the development results, and share the second half of the development goals and plans. Xinyuan Group Executive Director and CEO Zhang Lizhou combined with the current changes in the external environment and the latest challenges and proposed Xinyuan domestic real estate business as soon as possible to break through the scale of a new level; Xinyuan internationalization, science and technology to achieve industry-leading level..... etc ******


  • June 2017 investor presentation under "What's New" ......


  • ********* Xinyuan vice president and CIO Su Haiyun ********


    《和讯》对话鑫苑副总裁兼CIO苏海云:共生者共赢 - 媒体聚焦 - 新闻中心 - 鑫苑集团
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    2. First in our history who does not have political or military experience, and thus it has been a challenge to learn how to interact"
    3. whether he fears "beyond stupid", he answers with a chuckle "NO" (if it were me I would say HELL NO)
    4. Only one who orders him around was "my daddy" - and that father was very unsuccessful at it.
    HINT: NY times got called out for putting what these people said! Who are these four NY times quoted. Anybody here!
  • Perhaps a short-term pull back is more likely before the next rally on XIN? google awe*some*stocks - they offer pretty good trade alerrts. you dont have to trade their tickers but it definetly helps you recognize possible patterns for stocks you're trading.
  • ***Xinyuan successfully stationed in Zhuhai, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay Area ***

    ***** "Recently, Xinyuan in Zhuhai, the core location of a successful access to a quality project. Zhuhai is Xinyuan following Sanya in southern China after the second floor of the child. With this project, Xinyuan officially "settled" Pearl River Delta urban agglomeration, the strategic layout of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay, the territory is improving...... etc " ******


  • SSYS shows a little head fake today and then resumes its slide tomorrow as it heads for $20...........................only prospect is to manufacture miniature dido's using LUCY as model
  • ****** Real estate investment, a key pillar of China’s economy, is expected to fall back to a “normal” level – about 2 to 3 per cent growth – in the second half of this year, according to a top Chinese economic adviser.
    “Real estate investment actually would have peaked in 2014 if there hadn’t been an upsurge in 2016. So the year-on-year growth will slip to 2 to 3 per cent in the second half, or even negative growth, due to the high comparison base. But that should be a norm in the future,” said Liu Shijin, vice-chairman of the China Development Research Foundation, a top think tank, on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Dalian.......... etc *******


  • Malaysian Malacca project starting to get mentioned by XIN ..... could be an investment decision in the near future on the project.


  • Whats a person to do .................should one drop his SSYS now and eat the loss or sit and hope it goes back up before dropping to $10
  • And other European potential projects....

    " Recently, Xinyuan Group and the Swiss Attixs hotel group signed a strategic cooperation, the two sides will be on a global range of project development and development of extensive cooperation. This means that Xinyuan in the frequent sub-beauty of the United States, to speed up the landing of the strategic pace of Europa, its international layout will be further expanded to form a more mature and perfect overseas layout........"


  • XIN looks at potential London projects......

    " British LBS company visited Xinyuan common look at the London real estate market "