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Financial Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLF)

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33.92-0.07 (-0.21%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
34.14 +0.22 (+0.65%)
After hours: 07:59PM EDT
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    It's strange how people talk about all the profit they have been making through trading of Bitcoin while I'm here not making any profit at all.Can someone put me through on the right path.
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    Trading and investing literally has to do with determination, consistency and having a mindset to never give up is key. Just like a battle or war, we take loss in our stride and continue to fight. Never give up, never get too comfortable and you'll be surprised by the outcome. Forex trading remains the best.
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    They just featured XLF on this sites morning watchlist. (
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    Banks are going up from here as profits rise !! BUY XLF and ride to 40+
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    I am staying far away from XLF - It looks like it is going to drop off a cliff. I actually get way better stocks at (
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    Trading and investing literally has to do with determination,consistency and having a mindset to never give up is key. Just like a battle or war, we take loss in our stride and continue to fight. Never give up, never get too comfortable and you'll be surprised by the outcome. Forex trading remains the best.
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    xlf is at the 52 wks low buy 1000 shares
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    banks look to be still short.....since all the repurchasing of shares took place, banks own a lot of their's still short and talking recession up....right now they are stripping gen z of their collective minds, they have never seen a correction
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    Time to Lock in Profits
    Goldman went red !!!!!!!!!!!!
    JP Morgan continues to new lows !
    Banks revenues and profits are collapsing at a catastrophic rate even as the FED just ends QE !
    I told you XLF 30 soon !
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    30 coming soon for xlf as credit cards, loans, bonds default, credit contracts,
    Fixed income, mergers acquisitions ipos dry up along with wealth management,.,,
    Massive inflation will cause demand destruction across a wide swath of businesses who will go bankrupt
    the FR giveth for 12 years and now they taketh away...
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    JPM new 52 week LOW premarket on earnings.
    The party 🎉 is over for financials, they told you to buy them so they could get out because the truth is the inflation of these financials are 100% due to fed money 💰 printing and now due to inflation and public outcry the fed has stopped printing. If you want to see where these financials are headed click the max link chart on yahoo for JPM for example it was 36 per share in 2012 was 22 before big bailout and qe all the rest was fake due to fed money 💰 printing. They told you rising rates good for banks 🏦 what a lie as defaults surge and demand dries up. Zero pct rates and QE was the way they got maximum profits and the party 🎉 is over as no one can deny..
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    Buying more at this price is a bargain.
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    So the consumer will be weak, oil will wreck consumers budget, but Banks will be fine? Defaults in credit cards, mortgages will increase if the FED overtighten 😂 The consumer will be dead but oil will hit $180. Holy cow, this is all fabricated narrative and self fulfilling prophecy
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    Party 🎉 is Finally Over
    Click my icon to read my post on JPM board explaining why credit card companies and financials are going to drop for years from this high point as fr money 💰 is shut off. Its already causing retail stocks to tank..
    You will dream if xlf over 30 in months as recession dead ahead..
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    As long as rates are not zero, banks will have room to make money. Inflation sky-high, currency value going down the sink.
    Some action will be needed and banks will finally be able to lend profitably.
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    Time to Lock in Profits
    Devastating news for All investors ! Read it understand it Accept it Recession in weeks ! Home depot tanking ! Without the FR trillions and with massive inflation of food, gasoline, rents and fed raising rates at the same time will devastate financials who depend on the feds money 💰 and you see loan demand drying up and real estate will tank. Bonds will default, credit cards 💳 will default. The wealth management, mergers and acquisitions and ipos will collapse. The 12 year party 🎉 induced by the fr is over and now the big hangover is coming ! Depression for years and bank stocks back in single digits where they were before the fr crazy 😜 money printing !
    "Everyone’s Talking About The RH CEO’s Ominous Macro Comments On The Company’s Earnings Call"RH (RH)
    336.93-48.76 (-12.64%)<---- YOWSA
    As of 01:28PM EDT. Market open.
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    The Fed is rapidly removing liquidity from the economy.
    Shrinking balance sheet will cause huge long overdue correction in this market. especially financials.
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    Time to Lock in Profits
    Don’t fight the Fed” they always tell me but if you are long this market today is that not what you are doing ?
    ”When everyone is greedy be scared” Warren Buffet
    ”Buy low sell high”
    if it looks like a bear market
    sounds like a bear market
    smells like a bear market
    feels like a bear market
    well you know the rest don’t you ?