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Financial Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLF)

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40.83-0.43 (-1.04%)
At close: 04:00PM EST
40.87 +0.04 (+0.10%)
After hours: 07:59PM EST
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  • M
    Lulu tanking huge.. visa amex banks on deck for big correction as federal reserve removes liquidity from the markets..
  • J
    James P
    This action makes no sense. Biggest rise in 10-year yields in weeks and xlf down.
    Yield curb has to be steepening a little. I haven't looked that closely yet. Like financials for 2022.
  • c
    I’ve been day trading for years and I’m so glad I finally found ( They’re pre-market watchlists cover all the latest market-moving news, and they don’t beat you down with tons of ads. Highly recommend!
  • P
    Everyone knows the Fed is going to raise interest rates too fast. They are going to create another financial crisis on purpose. Get out of everything now before it gets worse.
  • p
    all aboard --everyone on the same side of the boat --Titanic like-- CNBC universal love fest-- earnings better be off the charts--even then it might not be enough-- just bought puts
  • S
    Look into I bonds instead of this casino market. Paying 7.12% interest.
    Totally risk free. Compound interest is back after 12 long years..
    Read this many people buying them. Safe alternative to risky markets finally for seniors especially “The Secret Is Out on 7.12% Inflation-Protected Bonds”
  • p
    way over done-- yields will back off from 1.74 on the 10 year and this will cave-- too over loved too over hyped too over done
  • S
    Steve A
    Getting a bit crowded.
  • p
    CNBC universal praise for the banks-- all bullish -- banks earnings better be spectacular
  • F
    Wallstreets final days coming to an end? Have you noticed most ETF top holdings turned in to gov treasury bonds to stay alive, LMAO. Who trusts bond market but the FEDs themselves. Comments you see are mostly bots. Many ppl cashed out and are done playing the stock market game. Looks enticing, huh? Banks going to fall so hard. Meanwhile crypto currency, physical assets like gold silver land are gaining!
  • R
    Financials are not even pricing in todays comments by Fed Powell. Really a messed up market. We dropped like a rock on fears of NOT increasing the taper and pushing the rise of interest rates. Now Jpowell said otherwise yet we are down so much. Anyone care to explain? $wfc $gs $jpm $xlf $bac
  • N
    So weird rates rise and financials go down and tech rallies. I’m definitely missing something
  • e
    The 10 yr at 1.73 and headed to 3 by mid year. Bankers must be salivating.
  • J
    James P
    Impossible to understand this market. Seems like a new paradigm - buy tech, buy tech, buy tech. There is no love for the cyclical stocks and financials. Maybe someday people will wake up.
  • M
    Sold at $39.60/share with 61.29% profit. Thank you $XLF
  • P
    Party 🎉 is Finally Over
    12 years of fed money printing have conditioned most to believe they found the golden goose and that stocks always go up and to always buy the dip..
    Yet it is proven that once the FED ACTUALLY begins to TIGHEN the money spigot
    the overpriced MARKET ALWAYS FALLS HUGE to fall to historical averages.
    In this case we are talking up to a 50% drop.. (JPM was 22 in 2008.... )
    WHAT is so HARD to UNDERSTAND about this ?
    The feds money printed has INFLATED the Markets for 12 years and now lack of the PRINTED money means DEFLATED MARKETS FOR MANY YEARS
    Move your STOCK MUTUAL FUNDS TO MONEY MARKETS YES TIME THE MARKETS as this has been the biggest one in WORLD HISTORY and upside is NIL downside is HUGE IMO with FED TIGHTENING !Beware another pump and dump.....
    Contrary to what you hear raising interest rates will not help the banks without fed help to keep printing money that is given to banks in all sorts of ways.
  • a
    $XLF Interest rates will soon shoot up. Inflation despite what the government says IS NOT TEMPORARY. It is here to stay.
    This is a return to the 1970’s and this stock is one of the few hedges against what is really going on.
    BUY, BUY, BUY!
  • b
    The 6 Best Long Term Stocks To Buy Right Now! For more info
    When building an investment portfolio, it's always best to look for stocks that have a long history of stability and high potential for future profitability....
    When building an investment portfolio, it's always best to look for stocks that have a long history of stability and high potential for future profitability....
  • k
    I am sick of all the spam on yahoo! I actually try to stay off of the XLF message board now and exclusively use