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At close: 4:05PM EST
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    I had to sign up to post. Have been in oil and gas/chemicals for 14 years already. I run a chemical plant that makes $1.5 million revenue per day. In the industry we know talk at great extension of crude to chemicals pathway. It is not simply taking crude putting it through atmospheric distillation tower, FCC, Alkyl and isomer unit make couple different cuts and be happy with it. Runnin a refinery is not very profitable. However if you refine crude and take a chemical pathway such as cracking liquids to make ethylene, methanol, LDPE LLDPE you have a syngerized business that does not put product into pipeline where your profit floats onspec prices. Here in southern texas we have got crackers, polymer units popping like there is no tomorrow, CP Chem cracker off Houston, SASOL new Mega Complex in Lake Charles La, new Mega Olefin plant to build in Corpus Christi wiht Exxon and SABIC which will be printing money in 3 years. What I am getting to is that base chemicals business is stronger than ever and in part is supplmented due to oil and crude feedstocks. Tesla's are run on batteries but are manufactured out of polymers from those base chemicals. Exxon is cutting jobs midstream in oil, refineries that sit bythemselves witout internal feedstock and product cricle. Shell is mothballing Norco Refinery which sells on spot prices. So yeaht tighter integration will make an break this business. Exxon with its assists is positioned to boom chemicals surge in the middle class in the develping nations is born. Middle class in those nations will drive demand for ethyl, methanol, plastics and oil derivatives.
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    Every dip is an excellent buying opportunity. Looks like she takes a breather today but the trend is definitely up. Loving being invested in company that has management that will fiercely fight to retain the excellent dividend!
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    Gordon Geico
    Every dollar over 40 for WTI is about $453M in revenue for XOM.

    So that's about 2.7 of additional revenue just like that.

    No dividend cut.
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    Maybe she takes a breather tomorrow but the trend is definitely up. Riding this baby to 75 and will reassess then. Feel very good about XOM!
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    I'm not expert but 6 month, 1 year chart looks lot like last May explode upward. To the moon!!!😀
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    Nice overnight crude purchase at 3:40 AM. Short or go neutral at will but make no mistake.......crude demand is back.
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    just wait till the House of Saud throttles the "big valve" back to half off. Demand is increasing and so will crude price.
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    Taking out the stops on low volume. Seen this movie before.
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    Oil prices still climbing. Should be an up day once smart traders override the algorithms.
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    Big News
    I've read that a vaccine could be approved very soon. What would it be price target in that case?
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    So, we're on a healthy leg up (seemingly) to the resistance at $44-45; if you bought in below $35, are you looking at any strategies to capitalize on dips? I've missed some opportunities to sell into a strong day/buy the retrace... but haven't decided if that would be playing with fire (less risk if I go intra-day). Thoughts/ideas/recommendations? I'm looking to hold long-term for the dividends, but I think the volatility makes it feasible to optimize the intra-day swings...
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    Gordon Geico


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    The dividend is $15B per year, actually... Also, in 2015, 2016, and 2017 the price of oil was on average around $50-55 (plus/minus in a few spots). In those three years, XOM earned a combined $82.6B in operating cash flow, with which they funded a combined $50.9B of CAPEX/investing cash flows and paid $37.6B in total dividends. In this same period of time, their asset base expanded from $337B to $349B and shareholder equity grew from $171B to $188B... so their equity/assets GOT MORE HEALTHY!
    They've also said that above $50/oil they're fine... (edited)
    NEW | 25 Nov 2020, 01:51 PM
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    Simple Woody will corner the ALGEA market!! Who cares if this stock falls to $1 dollar a share if we have Massive amounts of GREEN algea!! Shareholders can then bury this stuff & PRESTO!! In a few million years... OIl baby!!! OIL!!!
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    Everyone at OPEC+ got the message loud and clear. It will be either 60$ if key players collaborate or 40$ if not. Elasticity is such that they have to agree and now they will.
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    I think we will see 70s some time next year. It’s going to be nice getting there while collecting dividends. I’m in at an average price of 43.2$
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    The future is hydrogen gas, not lithium batteries. There isn't enough lithium to replace all vehicles. Most hydrogen produced today in the United States is made via steam-methane reforming (natural gas). XOM produces the most natural gas in America. The very act of natural gas production (including fracking) to then convert to hydrogen is actually in step with reducing CO2 emissions. Hydrogen production (from natural gas) will be the new energy.
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    Sell Apple. Buy Exxon Mobil.
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    Cleveland iron ore
    caleb, another short who was betting on XOM dropping when he bought at around $32.....now he is down over 30% and he thinks posting on yahoo finance is going to make people sell and bring the price down....not the way it works caleb
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    i was hoping it stayed lower until the dividend to get some more, but happy with whatever comes, Who else is Green on their Cost basis??
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    Exxon Mobil Corp is irrelevant. The company will soon go out of business or become a small cap company trading at $5-10 Billion Market value. SELL before it is too late!
    "Exxon Mobil Corp. warned it may take up to $30 billion in writedowns on natural gas fields acquired more than a decade ago, and reported a third straight quarterly loss."
    The following countries have also announced plans to ban diesel and petrol cars in the future.
    ALL EU Countries are banning gasoline and diesel cars by 2030 in average
    California - 2035
    Egypt 2040
    UK 2030
    Israel - 2030
    Norway - 2025
    China – no time commitment
    Costa Rica – 2050
    Denmark – 2030
    France – 2040
    Ireland – 2030
    Netherlands – 2030
    Singapore – 2040
    Slovenia – 2030
    Sri Lanka 2040
    Sweden - 2030
    and the list goes on!
    With the awful impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic, the oil industry — let alone individual names like Exxon Mobil (NYSE:XOM) — faces a steep uphill battle. Not only that, the sector is in a knife fight, one in which it will survive. However, it
    With the awful impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic, the oil industry — let alone individual names like Exxon Mobil (NYSE:XOM) — faces a steep uphill battle. Not only that, the sector is in a knife fight, one in which it will survive. However, it