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SPDR S&P Oil & Gas Exploration & Production ETF (XOP)

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91.01-2.01 (-2.16%)
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    why is this down while crude is about to cross 70? I have no idea. Please let me know your explanation why you're long or short on xop? thanks!
  • G
    I foresee this going back to $300
  • A
    Reversion to the mean - $5.50 looks to be the support. The accumulation is real at this level. Look for a breakout of the $XOP in the weeks to come, this should translate to higher highs for us longs. Looking forward to the ride in the month of May 🚀
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    doubled down 3 days ago 14% gain erased in 2 hours
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    Yes on XOP I have been collecting Premiums since Monday on credit spreads
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    Another oil inventory draw:
    The American Petroleum Institute (API) reported a crude oil inventory draw of 3.4 million barrels for the week ending Aug 1, compared to analyst expectations of a 2.848-million barrel draw.

    The inventory draw this week compares to last week’s large draw of 6.024 million barrels, bringing the net inventory moves for the year into net draw territory, according to API data. A day later, the EIA confirmed an inventory drawdown of 8.5 million barrels.

    After today’s inventory move, the net draw for the year is 8.23 million barrels for the 32-week reporting period so far, using API data.
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    According to chart analysis, this will break out much higher after 3 weeks. And yes, we hit the bottom on Friday! A bullish wedge formation is nearing its climax. We will touch $21.50, then drop one more time towards $20.50, and then jump to $25 after 3 weeks period. Valuations are now in throw away category, and given Saudi Aramco’s IPO, the Saudis will engineer a cut in production to support higher prices. As for domestic shale producers, many of them have already planned for reductions in caped next year, which will slow down new production. Natural Gas will spike much higher in April timeframe as it becomes obvious that new production is much lighter. Finally, China tariff deal will also put a bid in this ETF. All bad news is priced in, and none of the good news is! Very favorable set-up coming.......
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    Lots of smaller oil companies will be going under. And unfortunately thats what XOP invests in. XLE is a much better bet with oil at these prices.
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    D M
    Year to date oil is up about 27% while XOP has only managed 11%. Why can't oil stocks recover with oil?
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    The entire energy and transportation sectors are down to levels that are unthinkable. When the Coronavirus panic is over, XOP will be back to >$20. Right now, we haven't hit bottom. If Russia doesn't go along with the output cuts, we will drop even lower
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    Jeff Jones
    $AMLP conversation
    DO NOT PANIC sell.... I can guarantee you this will be higher in 2020.
    Crude, NG, LNG, petrochemicals,etc. are all ESSENTIAL to modern day life!..it's NOT going away
    This is simply end-of-year Tax Loss Harvesting ... $IRR $JMF $BGR $TELL $NDP $BCX $GMLP $OIH $XOP
    ‘Nobody ever made a dime panicking’ ~Jim Cramer
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    $XOP $XLE $USO $USL positive news coming out from the Saudis and Russians in holding production cuts - still reluctance from other parties as meeting date pushed back to June 17-18 - so tough to call considering all the parties involved
    more energy content from this account
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    For years this fund invested in high risk oil stocks and took a huge beating. The holdings have since improved and they are investing in better quality companies. Unfortunately it will never recover to highs or even close because of this.
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    This was an incredibly profitable trade. Took cost basis out and riding the profit.
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    $GUSH conversation
    Oil could hit $100 per barrel within the next 18 months, Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris told CNBC on Wednesday—a hard pill to swallow with Brent currently trading below $30 per barrel
    Oil could hit $100 per barrel within the next 18 months, Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris told CNBC on Wednesday—a hard pill to swallow with Brent currently trading below $30 per barrel
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    Market at all time highs and XOP at a 52 week low
    Are people going to quit using oil?
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    Trump Needs To Start Buying All US Oil And Storing It Somewhere. But Where?
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    The top 10 holdings for XOP are
    COG, EQT, SWN, CVX, XOM, CXO, HES, RRC, PXD, and COP. So if you wonder why XOP is up, you are really asking why those companies are up. One reasoning is that the media follows near-term oil price, while the longer-term investor is looking at longer-term oil prices. Beyond that, yeah, it seems very strange on a day like today that people would be bullish on oil production and exploration. This seems ripe for a turnaround (down) to me.
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    Got out with a 70% loss. Never buying this again
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    D M
    How high does oil have to go before people start buying oil and gas stocks?