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    I've been observing for the longest time and I usually refrain from posting. I have been fortunate enough to make real good money in crypto recently and I wanted everyone to have the same opportunity. I had no idea how they did it, but all the forewarnings have ran big. Anyways, they have just released a new report on a new Token... but be very cautious in buying fake ones. I observed there are a lot of double-dealing coins emerging trying to ride on. Can you help me on this? Thanks.
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    Hello XRP family it Bigg Slither here i have some court dates for you all i see some people making updates lol but here are some official dates and what will be happening

    Yesterday May 13- Ripples opposition Brief to the sec’s Motion to strike Ripples “Lack of due process and fair notice” Affirmative Defense;(not a phone conference)

    Today May 14- Sec’s opposition brief to Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen’s Motion to dismiss; ( not a phone conference)

    Today May 14- Ripple labs response yo the sec motion to compel turnover of documents regarding legal advice Ripple received about whether sales of XRP were securities;

    May 17 2021- John Deaton’s replies to the sec’s opposition to intervention and Ripples Labs position on intervention; also the sec response to Ripples position on intervention due;( not a phone call conference)

    *May 21 2021 2:00pm EST- telephonic conference to discuss the motion to compel the turnover of documents regarding legal advice Ripple received about whether sales or offers of XRP were securities;( number to call in will be provided in a few days)

    May 27 2021- Sec’s reply to Ripple opposition brief to the sec motion to strike Ripples “ Lack of due process and fair notice” affirmative defense;( not a phone conference)

    June 4 2021 Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen reply to the sec’s opposition brief to thier motion to Dismiss

    We are still waiting for a decision on sec’s use of foreign MOUs.

    I hope everyone has a awesome day and a awesome weekend be safe and mark your calendars
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    Managing the wealthy assets means that hedge funds will enter the market.
    Above all, it is the DBS Bank of Singapore.
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    Let's check the daily chart.
    Look at Stochastic Oscillator. It's 20 now. The general idea is that it should be judged as "relatively cheap".
    By the way, "that chart" suggests risk-on in normal times. What kind of situation is it? It can be said that it is a phase in which good materials are easily evaluated.
    You can lower it a little from here. It will rise anyway.
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    Wanted to share this with you guys, dont know how long it will take to get but I am not going to pass up something that is free https://perfectroi.today/2c2klc
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    Start Earning Crypto 24/7 By Helping Us Build "The People's Network"
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    When the SEC lawsuit ends
    Judge Torres recognized XRP’s utility and currency value, saying “My understanding about XRP is that not only does it have a currency value but it has a Utility and that utility distinguishes it from Bitcoin and Ether.”
    Which places it to a bitcoin and ethereum competitor or will put them in the DUST!!
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    It's a quiet night. The timeline on the bulletin board is comfortable.
    After a big drop. It doesn't recover so easily. That's fine.
    Let's go slowly while solidifying the lower price ♬
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    Hidden Dragon
    google dbs... crypto trust service...xrp mentioned.The offering will allow private banking clients to invest, custodize and manage these assets in a safe, secure, and structured manner, DBS Group Holdings said in a statement on Friday (May 14)
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    Scott Leonhard
    Okay I’m sure this gets asked a lot but is their any easy way to buy this coin? I have eToro and Robinhood and I can’t buy it on either
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    Appreciate the buying opportunity Elon! Looking for some good news tomorrow. Even if it takes more time the gains are inevitable.
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    Kilowatt hour (KWh) consumed per transaction









    Bitcoin Cash





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    Check the daily chart.
    1. Stock price is below the significant price 1.46
    2. The important price below is 1.11.
    3. The 21 DMA, which indicates the direction of the basic trend, is 1.42. The stock price is below it
    4. Stochastic oscillator is 14. It's about to be lowered to the point where it looks good.
    5. "That chart" is now backwardation. It's an exceptional situation.
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    Is the SEC meeting not today? Just doesn’t seem to be much talk of it on here- wondering if I’ve missed a change of date or something. Could someone please confirm?
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    Just to explain what is going on: The narrative has changed. We are going green and if you're not green you are getting shut down. Elon has already backtracked on his DOGE and BTC statements. BTC will fall and for the moment it is dragging the rest of us down with it but soon the rest will detach from that sinking ship and XRP and walk freely. Gonna be a lot of regret when the switch gets flipped.
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    XRP has the greenest credentials. I think it's great that the environmental impact has been highlighted, regardless of how XRP might profit.
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    Good morning great Rippler♬
    I bought it. It is full funding in kind. Leverage also bought half the amount of the actual product.
    The RSI-7 is 36 and the Stochastic Oscillator is 19. The contrarian index has come to a good position.
    Also, "that chart" has returned to contango.
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    What the SEC is doing is a scandal for investors.
    SEC did nothing about the speculative fluctuations of amc gme and kos a few months ago.
    Scandalous and denouncing. And they do the complaint for xrp? But what legal basis is the United States?
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    Guys imagine this ... 1 The CEO said he would not get rid of some XRP to reduce the amount that adds value to the coin ... 2 The Jeds Xrp wallet is nearing completion, which is why we have consolidated is because of its sell off, but it's almost over ... 3 exchanges are slowly putting XRP back on sale ... and finally when we win this lawsuit there is no XRP retention .. . wait until the proper use of XRP and the adoption of bigger banks
  • G
    my prediction is $5 in 14 days and $35 by July 1st! you seen this first here people. that's just my prediction not my advice. Let's just see. don't ask why I say this cos I won't reply but when you see a polished turd hidden in the long grass you have to see the love!!!
  • j
    Elon Musk - To be clear, I strongly believe in crypto, but it can’t drive a massive increase in fossil fuel use, especially coal.
    Goodbye BTC, Hello XRP !!