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Yelp Inc. (YELP)

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    Hope Yelp tanks!! Reps keep calling me to pay $350 month for BS advertising.
    Yelp is free, why would I want to pay $350 when my business is established? Lol
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    YELP does remove reviews that businesses don't like.
  • e
    Beat estimates and raised guidance. I think I am about to load up.
  • K
    Sell this is a bad bad news
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  • M
    Mordena Vs Vanilla Ice
    Be careful when shorts sitting at 6X of avg daily trading volume. Going in at $38
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    Mordena Vs Vanilla Ice
    If hedge funds spread buyout rumor imagine what will happen. It can pop at least 25% over night. Actually, google can see YELP bargain at 3.5B
  • j
    I heard about YELP the other day on (http://Thetraderguide.com). It’s looking like an interesting play.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Yelp is up 4.93% to 37.43
  • T
    last earnings it went down huge right after earnings release then recovered the next day
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    Hi Investors and Yelp,
    Just be aware that two of my businesses are cutting off the $249 stream of monthly Yelp revenue and if our business is ever targeted and vandalized or our employees are ever affected negatively, we're coming for you in the 9th circuit!!! I give Yelp zero stars and will find a way for our businesses to opt out of YELP. Being a public company Yelp you have a responsibility and duty to use an algorithms that could inadvertantly damage businesses
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    It's weird that before I had an interaction with them as a business owner I had no real opinion about yelp. Then they tried to sell me $550 a month service to be the first business listed when someone searches insurance (I own an insurance business) in my county. Historically, how many people search for insurance on yelp I asked? The guy said about 50. I told him the numbers don't make sense to me, he said that having a free listing isn't enough because I will never show up in the results because they show paid listings, they even promote paid listing if someone searches me by name.

    Just because I like talking to people and come from sales I give people a chance to plead their case. The guy kept me on for two hours. To this day no one was more aggressive trying to sell me anything that hard. It would be hard to come up with a caricature that would match the aggressiveness of the pitch, and to my surprise a guy called me a day after to say that he could not sleep because he knew I was making a mistake. I assured him that $550 or any cheaper version wasn't appealing and I was content with my decision to which he responded with a more aggressive approach.

    Yelp reps kept calling often. When I told them I want to be placed on a do not call list they acted as if I told them I like to lick cats. Like they have never heard such thing before. Are you sure, this is a drastic step? Yes I'm sure.

    After that I asked my clients about their yelp experience and they all had about the same story that I spelled out above.

    This company, even without spelling the most obvious problems we have seen in the news has, I think, even a bigger problem and that is corporate culture, and the business model is antiquated. To a business owner they provide zero value, to the consumer the value they provide isn't strong because of the tainted reputation.

    If I had to guess, I would guess Yelp will go under.
  • D
    Yelp has spiraled into the worst review platform. The stock has gone nowhere but down for 5 years and for good reason. Yelp's platform cannot be trusted. Yelp has this policy of holding businesses hostage who list on their site. Yelp first starts by luring a business into their platform by encouraging the business to list with them for free. The business then encourages people to leave reviews. After 6 months Yelp's "special algorithm" program kicks in and most of the positive reviews that a business has under their Yelp page are literally wiped out and sent to the junk file at the bottom of the page called, "other reviews not currently recommended." The ONLY way to get anyone at their customer service to help the business owner get their reviews back is to pay an "extortion fee" by paying egregious advertising dollars to Yelp. Yelp’s business model is driving away businesses in droves, and anyone owning this stock should get their head examined. They are trading at 70x forward earnings with 8% revenue growth and they don’t pay a dividend. This company will be bankrupt in 5 years if they keep losing businesses and followers at the pace they have been over the last 12 months.
  • P
    Over the past few months, Yelp has been taking steps to help businesses reeling from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic — things like waived fees, virtual service listings and GoFundMe fundraisers (that last one had a mixed reception).

    But without getting into the question of whether the United States is reopening at the right time in the right way, it's clear that the reopening is happening, and businesses are going to need new tools to safely navigate the changing landscape. So Yelp is announcing two of those tools today.

    First, it says it's expanding on its COVID-19 banners, with a full COVID-19 section on each business profile. So those businesses can indicate whether they're doing things like enforcing social distancing, sanitizing spaces between customer visits, requiring that employees wear masks and/or gloves, requiring that customers wear masks and so on.

    These updates will be timestamped. There can, of course, still be a difference between what the business promises and the reality in the store. But as a consumer, at least you'll know how up-to-date those promises are.

    Image Credits: Yelp

    In addition, Yelp says it will use a combination of human moderation and machine learning to update these sections with information that businesses have posted elsewhere, like whether they offer curbside pickup or virtual services.

    The company is also updating its waitlist feature, which restaurants may be turning to as a way to avoid long lines and crowds. Restaurants will now be able to print a QR code that customers can scan to add themselves to the waitlist in a contactless way. Hosts will also be able to manually adjust wait times, and they'll get alerts when they're approaching legally mandated seating capacities.

    In a statement, Yelp's head of consumer product Akhil Kuduvalli Ramesh said that the company's response to the pandemic has broken down into two phases. During the first phase, "We helped businesses convey how they are updating their operating models and services they offered."

    He added, "In phase two, as people begin to reenter businesses, addressing the health and safety needs in the local marketplaces across the US is of paramount importance."
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    yelp needs to merge with groupon, 3 or 4 billion all stock deal would equate to yelp getting it for free.. money in the bank for any buyer of groupon. plus lots of cost savings would be generated.
  • D
    Nice drop from $40. I just got in. Yelp and other internet stocks will be safe heaven of the trade war. Similar stock in China was valued at $10+B yet Yelp with worldwide market Asian and Europe is at merely $2.6B. Short rebound to $35 after downward settles.
  • N
    The recent new Apple rating system integration into iOS Maps is very bad news for Yelp. Apple clearly wants to distance itself from Yelp. Apple creates trustworthy products and services, while Yelp has lost public trust and is mostly seen as an immoral organization. Many good companies have shown stock price recovery through the global pandemic, while Yelp stocks are still down.
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    Yelp's (NYSE:YELP) cost cuts will include workforce reductions affecting about 1,000 employees and furloughs affecting an additional 1,100 workers.
    Yelp cites the coronavirus lockdowns, which took a chunk out of add revenue at the end of the March quarter.
    The company will also reduce salaries and indefinitely suspend buybacks under its share repurchase program.
    Yelp expects to incur $8-10M in costs related to the restructuring plan.
    The company had $491M in cash and equivalents at the end of March and is exploring additional ways to improve liquidity.
  • S
    Seriously. I can't speak to YELP the stock itself but as a company, YELP is a complete #$%$ Shady business practice, no way for consumers to get help when a business pays them to block reviews, etc. Extortion is a very good word used by Hannah earlier. This company is a JOKE. PLus they got downgraded recently.
  • M
    The CEO sure loves to award himself stock and then sell it.