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Start Date2016-10-28
Market Cap731.163M
Circulating Supply6.80M
Max Supply21.00M
Volume (24hr)4.10M
Volume (24hr) All Currencies186.86M
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  • Crypto Trader Cumberland Upgrades from Skype to Wall Street Interface
    Coindesk4 months ago

    Crypto Trader Cumberland Upgrades from Skype to Wall Street Interface

    Crypto market maker Cumberland is upgrading from trading by Skype to modern-day Wall Street-style screen-based interactions.

  • Crypto Startup Wants You to Trade on Exchanges Without Trusting Them
    Coindesk5 months ago

    Crypto Startup Wants You to Trade on Exchanges Without Trusting Them

    The Arwen protocol, launched on testnet Monday, aims to let centralized exchange users self-custody their private keys and conduct transactions off-chain.

  • Gemini Launches New Mobile App for Crypto Traders
    Coindesk6 months ago

    Gemini Launches New Mobile App for Crypto Traders

    Gemini has launched a mobile app with full functionality, allowing customers to buy, sell and transfer funds, among other features.

  • Coinbase Adds Zcash to Retail Crypto Trading Service
    Coindesk6 months ago

    Coinbase Adds Zcash to Retail Crypto Trading Service

    Coinbase is adding support for privacy-focused zcash, a week after its professional trading platform first added the coin.

  • Coinbase Adds Privacy-Centric Crypto Zcash to Pro Trading Exchange
    Coindesk7 months ago

    Coinbase Adds Privacy-Centric Crypto Zcash to Pro Trading Exchange

    The announcement briefly caused the price of ZEC to spike.

  • Coindesk7 months ago

    XRP Nears 50 Cents as Price Rises to One-Month Highs

    XRP, the world's third-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, jumped 6 percent on Monday, cementing a 30-day high.

  • Coindesk8 months ago

    Gemini Adds Litecoin Trading With New York Watchdog Approval

    Winklevoss-founded crypto exchange Gemini is adding litecoin trading in the coming week, with permission from the NYDFS.

  • Coinbase Announced New Asset Listing Program
    Bitcoin Magazine9 months ago

    Coinbase Announced New Asset Listing Program

    In a move to expand its asset offerings, Coinbase has created a new process by which anyone with a token can apply to have it listed on the platform.This news comes weeks after Coinbase said it was exploring the addition of several new assets including Stellar Lumens (XLM), Zcash (ZEC) and Cardano (ADA).At present, Coinbase carries only a handful of top cryptos on its platform: bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ether, ethereum classic and litecoin. The new policy will change all of that. Creators can now visit listing.coinbase.com to apply to have their digital asset listed on the platform. Coinbase says the new process will be free initially, but a fee could be introduced in the future to cover the legal and operational costs involved in onboarding new coins.The statement from Coinbase reads in part:"There are now thousands of digital assets of all types, including coins, tokens, forks, stablecoins, and collectibles. One of our top customer requests is to add support for these new assets, and we have been determining how to do this in a secure and compliant way for those assets meeting our standards."These changes will open Coinbase to an exponentially broader pool of blockchain-based projects and make it more competitive with foreign exchanges that offer a variety of options for traders.Dan Romero, vice president and general manager of Coinbase Consumer, told CNBC that crypto is becoming more important across the world, particularly in emerging markets and there is a need for Coinbase to "shift as a company to a more global perspective."While Coinbase might have opened the floodgates with the overhaul of its listing process, the company will only list digital assets that are "compliant with local law" and satisfy listing requests in a "jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction manner." In other words, assets available to Canadian customers, for example, might not be available to customers in the United States. Theoretically, users could leverage a VPN to circumvent jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction restrictions (this tactic is employed for other services and platforms, such as Netflix). But Coinbase could also police VPN use to bar this behavior, a practice which, while resource and time intensive, may also put off some of the crypto industry’s die-hards who value privacy. As of publication, Coinbase has not yet responded to Bitcoin Magazine 's request for comment or offered a game plan to police such activity. This article originally appeared on Bitcoin Magazine.

  • Coindesk9 months ago

    Regulators Are Landing Punches, But There's a Long Crypto Fight Ahead

    From ShapeShift's capitulation to KYC to the New York Attorney General's critical look at exchanges, officialdom is striking heavy blows. Stay tuned.

  • Coindesk10 months ago

    Crypto Exchange AirTM Targets Troubled Markets With $7 Million Raise

    Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange AirTM has raised $7 million it says it will use to expand in troubled Latin American economies.

  • Coindesk10 months ago

    Fed Up and Forking: Rival EOS Blockchains Are Becoming a Reality

    EOS' launch has been fraught with controversy. Some users are fed up, and they're forking the protocol to give the network a better shot.

  • Coindesk11 months ago

    Bitcoin's Price Is Nearing $10K On a Single, Troubled Exchange

    Crypto exchange WEX continues to see prices well out of step with the rest of the market amid the continuation of a near-total freeze on withdrawals.

  • Coindesk11 months ago

    5 Crypto Assets Are Soaring Big on Possible Coinbase Listings

    Coinbase announced they might add five more cryptocurrencies to their platform, and the market reacted with glee.

  • Coindesk11 months ago

    Crypto Exchange Gemini Hires Former NYSE Tech Chief

    Crypto exchange Gemini has hired former NYSE chief information officer Robert Cornish to serve as its first chief technology officer.

  • Coindesklast year

    Below $0.50: XRP Prices Fall to New 2018 Lows

    XRP and other well-known crypto assets are sitting on dangerous grounds as they print new price lows not seen since 2017.

  • Payments company Circle: 'We never left bitcoin'
    Yahoo Financelast year

    Payments company Circle: 'We never left bitcoin'

    Circle has quietly built up a portfolio of four crypto investing products as it looks to challenge incumbent Coinbase.