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    The trading volume on ZEN is horrifically low. This won't go anywhere until more people hear and know about the company and stock. I hope with all of ZEN's R&D efforts there will be a marketing campaign at some point and benchmark goals to get listed on the TSX. Being OTC and on the Venture exchange will only get the SP so far. They need to do like others and spam the heck out of these yahoo message boards about ZEN and what their potential is. I CAN ONLY DO SO MUCH. ;-)
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    For some reason ZEN dropped this morning, so I might buy more if it remains so cheap next week, I simply do not have extra cash. Next week I am paid so I am hoping for this discount but I also hope for everyone's profits coming into the greater movement of this quarter.

    Strongest POI was the talking point of 1 million coated masks per day which would mean a minimum $900,000 monthly revenue (at $0.03 per coating..) though actual sales only follow next week when HC finalizes their decision on last weeks filing.

    Weakest POI was when I asked Dube about the Aerogel batteries, they are just a supplier of graphene for DLR and have no explicit priority at this time or until they get their mine functionalized. Same was with Evercloak. The relationships are still very strong, however.

    This is huge. $900,000 in monthly effective revenue for product, not even our graphene. We truly will see some form of takeoff when HC finalizes next week. We are on the cusp of the greater bulk of the move this quarter. Our capex is $200,000 and Dube confirmed we are on the way to meeting our 25,000,000 November goal.
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    The reason I've always been comfortable with holdings like these is that I have been keen to learn;

    1: Research potential targets like crazy.

    2: Write out a thesis of why you should invest, why it’s better than competitors, why you think this sector will outperform, how it fits into you’re overall portfolio, etc.

    3: Write out a thesis of why you should avoid it, what would bring detriment to the company? Why would the market suffer or be unable to grow? Does it fit your risk management?

    Once you come to a conclusion you’re comfortable in, any decrease in value NOT related to new material information affecting your thesis should not be cause for concern.

    ZEN Graphene Solutions has the potential to break into several burgeoning industries of healthcare, materials science, and green energy. Adoption of any of our IP that fits these sectors will bolster the share price by interest that was previously untapped, brought in by names in government, corporate partners or international coverage.

    We have lobbyists reaching for names in green sector, we have interest from the health sector, and our foundations are laid in graphite; a capex of ~$450 million. Will the mine be our main interest? No, but it will bring on massive efficiencies for the pipeline and allow us to spread our graphene as a product of quality. That is the "secondary-pillar", as such IP is our "primary-pillar" for capturing "easily" disruptable markets and eye-catching technologies

    Is there anything materially new to suggest this pressure means anything other than a short-term correction? Perhaps shareholder warrants that expire this month being exercised?

    Then it will be likely to revert to the upward mean in time; as $3 was a natural resistance level only to be broken by time, or a news release that signals new deals or specific finalization from HC.

    Our breakout from $2 was simply the growing interest from those granted time to learn about ZEN and determine if it was worthwhile, and ate it up all the way to $3.

    My prediction still stands: minimum $4-$5 sometime within the next month or so.

    Long-term graphene will make an industry of its' own; something to the tune of plastics, what would this mean for ZEN who secured IP so early on? The future is what we secure for ourselves. Enjoy the opportunity.
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    Volumes will increase quite quickly when the market sees income received from the masks and gloves, initially. We saw volume go to about 300000 a day when the Trebor deal was announced...then HC stuck a spanner in the works. If HC give the thumbs up in a week or so, sp and volumes will soar.
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    Coming up tomorrow:

    Investor Talk Alert:
    ZEN Graphene Solutions Ltd. (TSXV: ZEN) on Thursday, June 10, 2021 from 9-920 AM EST

    Interviewer: Tracy Weslosky
    Interviewee: Greg Fenton

    Premarket 9AM-9:20AM EST
    Link, ID & password are on r/zengraphene subreddit (yahoo hates my links) for a ZOOM interview.
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    A very helpful day for information. Looking good. Respect to all those Long and Strong.
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    “Our product does more than we initially thought which we will be excited to share with everyone in the upcoming months” Francis Dube. Man what an exciting interview. I’ve never been more pumped for any stock in my life
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    SEDI Insider filings show net share acquisition the past 3 months through:

    Dube, Francis Jacques: 2021-06-08 45,909 shares through Warrants exercised for $.80 per share
    Van der Kuur, Colin: 2021-06-01 18,182 shares through Warrants exercised for $.80 per share
    Klees, Frank: 24,000 Share purchase from market at $2.07
    Bosse, Brian Gerald:
    2021-04-09 8,000 Warrants
    2021-04-08 16,000 Shares for $2.50/share
    2021-04-05 10,000 Shares for $1.90/share
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    HC's final sentence of a response received yesterday, to a question asked of it on Wednesday 2nd June.
    The question was related to the investigation of coated face masks.
    "As of right now, investigations are still ongoing."
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    From Silicon Investor forums:

    Candu 6/3/2021 8:10:38 AM
    16 Recommendations Read Replies (5)
    of 27021

    Got a reply from Health Canada regarding an email I sent them recently. It is from the Scientific Evaluator, Medical Devices, Health Canada. It reads as follows..."Thank you for your inquiry. I understand and appreciate your concerns. Health Canada is very close to finalizing the risk assessment of “biomass graphene” and an updated advisory is expected shortly. Have a good day"

    The original email I sent to Health Canada reads as follows...Two months ago, Health Canada issued a recall on all PPE masks that contain graphene in Canada, pending a decision on further testing. This has led to other countries such as in the EU and most recently Malaysia citing the Canadian recall and calls for a recall as well. I understand that the CSA is now conducting PPE testing for Health Canada. How soon can we expect a decision on the test results.
    Canadian companies, namely Trebor Rx and Zen Graphene Solutions who supply the graphene oxide for their masks are dependent on the decision from Health Canada, although they have previously been approved by Health Canada. Additional Canadian companies are also affected as they are in the supply chain for their masks and filters. Canadian jobs are at stake. Other countries which wish to use their masks and HVAC filters are also waiting for a decision.

    We are close, to what extent ZEN is approved; we will see very soon!
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    My comments keep getting deleted. Not sure who is selling right now, especially after todays interview, it was overwhelmingly positive.
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    ZEN Graphene Solutions Ltd:

    "has developed a stable diesel fuel additive, which increased the performance of diesel fuel by up to 10% in initial testing. These tremendous early results can be improved further through additional optimization work. ZEN has filed a provisional patent for this graphene-based fuel additive technology."

    Greg Fenton, ZEN CEO commented: “Energy and fuel are crucial to global economic prosperity, but also represent our biggest challenge from an environmental standpoint. With global market estimates for diesel fuel alone near $1 trillion, the size of the challenge to reduce emissions from this level of demand is massive, but so is the opportunity for novel solutions to help us be more efficient in our usage. Global challenges of this magnitude require a number of solutions – and as a developer of nanotechnologies that help protect people and the environment – we are excited to contribute with technology that is easily delivered into fuels to improve efficiency and create value for our shareholders in the process.”

    “Given substantial government and corporate commitments to reduce emissions, we are actively pursuing funding and partnership opportunities to bring our technology to market as soon as possible. As part of this strategy, we have engaged Public Affairs Advisors to lobby, educate and explore opportunities with various key government stakeholders. We look forward to providing more insight on this extremely exciting cleantech opportunity in due course.” added Mr. Fenton.

    Key Highlights:

    Testing was carried out on a Gunt single-cylinder test engine at Conestoga College in Waterloo, Ontario
    Graphene-based additive can be easily added to diesel, biodiesel, and syndiesel
    Significant potential opportunity in gasoline and aviation fuels
    Additional research is currently underway with university partners

    Another trillion dollar industry to add to our disruption list ladies and gentlemen... Think about prior examples where we can easily receive minimum 1-4 cents on the gallon and likely more due to the significance of performance increase. Very very blue skies for ZEN shareholders!
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    Investor presentation was updated + new SEDAR filing on may 20th with nothing particularly concerning. Full report on r/zengraphene with sources.

    5 IP of note undergoing testing or underway at this time.

    Antiviral/Antibiotic/Antifungal ZENGuard ™:

    Has strong purported reliability against drug-resistant disease. Functionality presents itself in the form of coatings for PPE in partnership with TreborRx of masks, mask filters and nitrile gloves. Phase 1 human trial testing of similar compound for pharmaceutical use case may begin sometime in the fall. Through NucroTechnics they have confirmed that exposure of their compound does not lead to any irritation or sensitivity. Minimum concentration < 1µg/ml to achieve 99.9% effectiveness.

    Graphene-Enhanced Concrete:

    40% higher compressive and flexural strength at a 0.02% concentration of graphene, 84% at a 0.04% concentration.

    Graphene-Carbon Aerogel Batteries:

    Very exciting results through the German Aerospace Centre and Kaltire for "Carbon Black" graphene from tires. 2 wt.% loading of graphene dispersed in aerogel and resulted in an initial specific discharge capacity of 2800 mAh/g and a discharge capacity of 1300 mAh/g after 50 cycles at a current capacity of 186 mA/g. A podcast(Nov '19) with Francis Dube suggests further developments on this technology should see light within the next year (at the time it was suggested a 2 year minimum).

    Dehumidification Membranes:

    Through a partnership with Evercloak. Increases power efficiency of HVAC systems by ~75%. Recent SEDAR filing had a change of wording regarding HVAC, instead of "intends to" work with the industry, now "is" working with HVAC!

    Corrosion Protection Coatings:

    Testing shows improved wear resistance, extend engine life, increase fuel efficiency, and increased engine power in vehicles. Epoxy corrosion-inhibiting coating for steel showed minimal corrosion (3% of surface) after 10 days when exposed to highly corrosive saline solution. Two-year project studying graphene as a corrosion protective coating for steel.

    Numbers provided on ZENS' Investor presentation, I'm filling the gaps.

    Coating volume once ramped up (currently pilot stage) will be ~800million coated units per month ~2.4 billion per quarter. Earnings per unit provides $0.03-$0.06 cents per unit giving $2.19-$4.38 EPS for 99,000,000 diluted shares with 24% corporate tax rate. This provides fair 2-3 year SP range of $30-$60 at full production capacity (upper end wont occur until we collapse our cost structure to enhance the unit margins).

    Glove coatings at $0.01-$0.04 per unit would add around +$0.30-$1.20 EPS, HVAC filters with coating at $1.00-$4.00 per unit would provide +$0.08-$0.30 EPS. This adds onto the max 2-3 year SP range by $5-$18 result in $35 - $70 on earnings from combined PPE & HVAC market penetration. We are currently expected to be at 32 million coatings per month by end of June. That is an annual rate of 384 million disregarding the ramping-up, providing by June a floor EPS ~0.11 Justifying minimum of $4 if current extrinsic share price is allotted. November is when full production is expected. At least a full year or two will be required to prove earnings, stabilizing intrinsic share price.

    A similar material to ZENGuard™ is being tested toward therapeutic usage within the human body. Therapeutic would disrupt portions of a massive industry so it's hard to take into account. We will see resistance from this sector, so do not expect this to happen easily. This is where the true speculative value of ZGS will be. If they can pull off ZENGuard™ they can redouble toward therapeutic and disrupt sectors of pharmaceuticals that have poor adaptability to resistant microbes.

    It kills superbugs, partially solving a present and future problem. Bacteria/viruses/fungi can't really adapt out of silver. It destroys the cells by lysis, so, if adopted, we may not see the problem we've seen caused by the overuse of antibiotics. Human/animal cells have more and thicker membranes, protecting them from lytic destruction. DNA I'm not too sure the effects toward, but should be minimal if any. Testing will confirm and is ongoing.

    Some may be worried ZENGuard ™ is only a good product for pandemic circumstances however this is a product with no competition, it is an application to already existing products. Better PPE/Filters would only benefit everyone in the future IMO, not to mention its uncountable applications as a self sterilizing coating!
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    Question for anyone here (excluding 'sauces' of course): We have all been concentrating on HC's view about ZenGuard to the exclusion of almost anything else. Trebor has a mask deal with Zen which covers North America. Are the US health regulators happy with ZenGuard masks as they currently stand or are they, too, waiting for HC's clearance?
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    -Thunder Bay-based mining company ZEN Graphene Solutions was registered by Kate Mah, Dan Pfeffer and James Anderson of PAA Public Affairs Advisors to engage with officials at Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) and other government institutions regarding a fuel additive to reduce emissions and increase performance.

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    Looking down(mass) market, the scope for anti-microbial band-aid type items, world-wide, must be enormous.
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    Guys this is incredible news! regardless of how big a pop we get today from this news.. this means we (zen) will have a monopoly on selling these graphene masks in canada, as we are the only ones allowed! HUGE news.

    BEST part is that zens not a one trick pony.. I am never selling a share of zen until it reaches its full potential.. perhaps even then.. I will always be a holder might just cut myself a piece and buy a house and leave the rest.
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    I have 10,000 shares at 2.5 I only wish I had cash when it fell lower I'd have bought more. Still 2.5 is a great entry for a stock that is sure to be double digits. This has been doing well despite no health canada news, Zen to ten!
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    If you're thinking the vaccine is here and people are going to stop using masks, think again, having a mask that would kill pretty much all viruses from reaching your sinuses is very different.

    But again this is just the start, we got the HVAC deals as well, and in the future there is stronger concrete, anticorrosion application, sound dampening, stronger aluminum, fuel additive, aerogels.. its a no brainer