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ZIOPHARM Oncology, Inc. (ZIOP)

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  • De ja Vu all over again and again and again. Now who was it that warned about the issues of Ziopharm comparing median survival in their safety /tolerability studies with historical survival data on GBM patients? Historical data where most patients' tumors are not resectable and average age is ca. 64 years of age. Younger patients and patients with resectable tumors (i.e. as in Ziopharms safety/tolerability) are known to have improved survival over "average" GBM patients.

    Now the FDA is requiring another Phase I trial by Ziopharm of Ad-RTS-IL12/Veledimex in GBM with no craniotomies and no tumor resection. The FDE is likely concerned that Ziopharm's earlier trials were irrelevant in regards to assessing blood-brain barrier penetration (the previous craniotomies compromised the blood-brain barrier) of Veledimex and in assessing effects on the majority of GBM patients who do not have resectable tumors.

    A huge error that has come back to haunt Ziopharm, an error that you read about here first - two years ago. Bingo.
  • WF remains unimpressed....
    Summary comment on ASCO data...

    We are maintaining our MARKET PERFORM rating on shares of ZIOP
    following review of updated data for Ad-RTS-IL12 in GBM. Limited
    patient numbers and single arm study design make interpretation
    difficult, particularly in resectable tumors where relative contribution
    of surgery is difficult to ascertain. We believe that a much larger
    randomized study will be required to fully assess Ad-RTS-IL12
    efficacy, particularly given historical single arm data in surgically
    resectable GBM suggesting greater than 12.5 month median PFS,
    and given likely wide confidence intervals on ZIOP data.

    Price Target: $5.00 from $6.50
  • Wrong-Way Rob_Cos Style "Deep Diving Due Diligence" Resulting in Cerebral Hypoxia and Hallucinations Involving ZIOP Buyouts.

    Please enjoy this unintentional yet classic humor from Wrong-Way Rob_Cos and his Perpetually Imminent ZIOP Buyout Nonsense.

    rob_cos • Oct 15, 2015 9:42 AM 
Kirk told U he is selling ZIOP-expect a takeover P/R soon!!!!!

    conrbrt1970 • Oct 15, 2015 10:33 AM 
So you posted this for two days in a row now. Why the repeat?

    rob_cos • Oct 16, 2015 11:25 AM
 Because its now been confirmed XON's Kirk went to EU last minute in a top secret trip this week!!!!

    conrbrt1970 • Oct 16, 2015 12:45 PM
 There is just nothing better than a "top secret" trip to get the blood pumping. Wait, how top secret can it be if people are posting about it on a yahoo board? You sure he isn't on double secret probation right? Where's Neidermeyer when you need him?!?!

belgiantrollhater • Oct 16, 2015 1:05 PM
 Ok, I'll bite.
Confirmed by who?
I would love to buy more and would if I had some confirmation of a top secret trip.

    rob_cos • Oct 19, 2015 11:31 AM 
Here is what Kirk said about selling ZIOP...word is sudden trip to EU last week. SOON!!!!!!

    racheleschneider14 • Oct 20, 2015 8:41 AM 
Keep pumping Rob.......as you can see it's not helping the stock price. No one will buy this company until they have some products in phase 2/3 trials and that's not going to be for some time. So please stop with the bo rumour and concentrate on the science.

    conrbrt1970 • Oct 20, 2015 9:39 AM 
That's all well in good... but his posts from the last week have all been on information that is months old. And he repeats the same drum beat over and over and over again on multiple boards, not just this one. So why? I'm long, and would love to see a buy out, or the stock to just go up... how about that for a novel idea!

luckijack1 • Oct 20, 2015 12:52 PM 
rob_cos is looking desperate. I'm long on this stock, but rehashing old stuff and trying to make it look new...….jack

conrbrt1970 • Oct 19, 2015 1:26 PM 
You really are desperate! I just did a quick search... "Kirk on ZIOP acquisition" and funny the comments that turn up.. They are all from someone named Rob_Cos... InvestorVillage, Twitter and more... You have been pumping the same info

    Wrong-Way Rob_Cos, always reposting his "lists" that in his mind provide support for his Perpetually Imminent ZIOP Buyout that has being ongoing for well over TWO YEARS now. Is anyone actually still buying into his incessant ZIOP pumping?
  • Brain cancer Phase 3 is coming by year end; both Intrexon & Ziopharm told you; there was no huge rush to start it so they are working regulatory for best trial design which could be the best ever.
  • Much more to come dummies, but you A-holes keep doing what you do best, being the enemy of the cure potential.
  • By all means, if you are clueless enough to part with your shares here, by all means do it, & hopefully low 5's once again - much smarter brains will gladly take them! ;-)
  • Pathetic MM activity - large volume buys up to 6.25 followed by tiny trades down to 6.15.
  • Brain cancer Phase 3 is coming by year end; both Intrexon & Ziopharm told you; there was no huge rush to start it so they are working regulatory for best trial design which could be the best ever. Ignore George! He just wants you to sell lower to him - HE EVEN ADMITTED TO DOING JUST THAT!.....LOL! LOL! LOL! He thinks you are not so bright!
  • ZIOP outperforming its sector. Gotta love it. If you notice how long it takes ZIOP to go from $7.75 to $5.39 vs going from $5.39 to $6.47. ZIOP tends to raise alot faster while outperforming its sector. We could be seeing $7.50+ soon. Not to mention all the excellent results we are seeing from their treatments. LOVE IT!!!
  • Aren't there laws in place that prevent "BASHING MANIPULATIVE TACTICS?" - gee, I sure thought there was......lol. Especially if you want the price lower to buy/trade.
  • Took them some time to dig up some volume to hit the lowest of bids with.....repetitive lots of 100 shares over & over with many bios down more here. Rig it down man! Should not even drop as it is not up as much as high flyer KITE, BLUE & JUNO.
  • So I guess Georgie did not buy the dip this time as he usually does? Or he playing both sides, like the way he talks, out of both sides of his mouth?.....lol.
  • Cash ready idiots! Please dump to me much lower!.....hahaha.
  • ZIOP is now headed back to its actual listing price of $7.75 which will still be low by any standards. $12+ by december
  • Actually just checked 3 different sources and Wells Fargo has a price target for ZIOP set at $14.50 which was raised in january from $12.35.
  • Such silly bird brain traders here scalping such tiny gains; if you hold on this will launch much higher; they did the same thing in the low $5s too...sold way too fast & furious.....lol.
  • Just more effort than it is worth; even if you hit low $5s to $5.50 stock will get bought up heavy once again; & the BLCM pumper King George? it is only to treat GvHD & no CarT or tCR data ever that I know of; stick w/ Zippy here, time will come.
  • Man what an imbecile of a seller here (but low volume again), while JUNO launches to high of day & more than 3 times ZIOP's size; got to overcome that ignorance fo sure!
  • Another low volume bid stalker; wish this dummy would make up his mind! Gonna be very few sellers now that BIO BULL is BACK ON! ;-)
  • George, what a nut - you now say you owned Celgene for 20 years & you act like such a despicable loser fighting other Celgene holders, as if you some Junior High punk. You may have been right here for 18 months, but so what.....you know other similar stocks, even Celgene took some time to launch. I can't stand you so much, I would never follow you as a long; matter of fact, if you fell off the face of the earth, I bet no one on here or IV or anywhere would miss your sorry self!