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    The fair value of$382 billion in Market Capitalization was calculated with the data published in the 4 quarter earnings reports, but we are in April and the 1Q 2021 results are due on the last week of April, so the Govt will want to claim that the net worth and deferred income generated during the quarter be substracted from the Taking price, to calculate the true cost for the taxpayer. If we start reducing items like the $162 owed to FnF, the $92 billion in Deferred Income, the $20 billion the UST could raise with an IPO of CSS and their net worth, the true cost could be only $50 billion. So, the Govt wants to announce the Taking close to the quarterly results to appease the politicians and the taxpayer.
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    On this SCOTUS year, each Justice has penned at least two opinions, except Kagan and Gorsuch (1 each), with Sotomayer and Thomas doing 3 each.

    This may portend that Kagan or Gorsuch has been assigned this albatross. Kagan has a Martin-Quinn score about twice as liberal as Gorsuch's conservativeness.

    CJ Roberts tend to be conservative and believes in interpreting the law, not creating it. So, depending on how he may see our case, and who he assigns it too, may prove to be how the battle will go. He may assign it to Kagan to give her experience with deep Constitutional issues. He may give it to Gorsuch to tap his judicial experience.

    Even with that, the Associate Justice who gets this will have to defend it before all of the Justices, in chambers, wherein their points of view have to be resolved.

    Which ever Justice gets this will have a predominantly conservative cadre with whom to defend their POV.

    All in all, I believe that the Court will rule in our favor.
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    Yes, maybe if some are daytrading these stocks, they are having a rough go of it. Getting in when they see it move up then panic selling when they see it drop. Chasing up to buy, chasing down to sell. I, like others here, aren't daytrading. So not only have I not lost, but am actually a little green. I'm just not selling for scraps. Daytraders stuck in a position become bagholders. If you invest in a company and price fluctuates over a long term, you are not considered a bagholder. All this up and down movement, you know what has happened to me? NOTHING! I have been adding and adding and NOTHING HAPPENED. The only investors who might be red right now are the ones who either owned prior to financial crisis or some who first entered when there were runs to $4-$6. And maybe with some averaging they're not doing too badly either. Yes, I may not be retiring today, but I'm just fine and prices like these allow for more money to clear with the broker so I can ADD MORE! I'm fine, we are fine. I know that many are concerned about our financial well being and we appreciate that. We really do. But, we'll make our own way from here, thanks. If you still like referring to me as a bagholder, that's fine. For FnF, I'm happy to hold these bags as long as it takes. Good journey to us all.
    B U L L I S H!
    Now bring on the thumbs down.
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    So I’ve been in this stock since 2008. 2008!!!! As they say on wsb diamond hands. Over the years I’ve sold some and bought more. For all you guys saying sell the high. Good luck calling it. The only way you can succeed at this idea is if you don’t have a timeline of when you have to be in the stock. It takes months in between the trades. If you think in two weeks it will be 1.80 then your going to loose shares. Every time a opinion day shows up on scotus this will stop falling. Those who manipulate this stock price are using big money to take week hands. They don’t need to short the stock. They just put in enough buy and sell orders to keep it range bound. But the clock is ticking...... tick tock tick tock. So at this point and since the case went to the scotus I’ve been only buying. If it goes down I get more shares for my money. If it goes up I get a couple less. But every month I add more. When you do the math of this company it’s definitely worth a lot more than 2 dollars. It’s simple if we win the case the price will go up. I’ll be buying all the way tell we are receiving dividends. Then and only then will I find another stock to buy. It’s call building a position and we were blessed with 13 years to do it. Wish I would have understood that in 2008. Opportunity is knocking and good things come to those who wait. God bless all the long’s.
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    According to MarketGlobalist's article on 4/9 - "The stock price of Fannie Mae (OTCQB: FNMA) rose 8.56% to $2.41 by yesterday’s close. Contrary to its average monthly volume of 2.96M, trading volume for Fannie Mae stock stood at 9.68M on the day. A focus on improving its mortgage portfolio contributed to the rise in FNMA stock."
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    UNTIL official news, NOTHING has changed. EXCEPT, we are one day closer to victory. I add when I can because these commons are worth more than $2 or $3 and will go higher than $2 or $3. Pretty simple. Aside from big money controlling range of price, which also occurs on other stocks as well, these commons move like a low float stock up and down. Ever wonder why? That's because even with several hundred million shares FMCC or over a billion shares for FNMA, people like myself and others aren't selling. So there are only a fraction of the float being fought over. That's where volatile price action comes from. If we had weak hands and made are shares available to the market, price would not move so much. That is why, if you've been around long enough, you understand nohing has really happened until, UNTIL it does, AND IT WILL, we (shareholders) will not be shaken out. At least that's what I believe. I'm not selling, just buying when I can, while there is still an opportunity to do so. Figured I write something just in case someone needed any reminders why I or We are here. FnF FTW. BULLISH!
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    Expect buying to continue with little breathers along the way. With the potential the twins hold here, the current share price is extremely cheap. FMNA/FMCC have a history of doubling or tripling quickly. Waiting patiently for some REAL volume. Hold strong longs.^^^^^
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    Yesterday SCOTUS shot down the concept that governments can override individual Rights by fiat declaration. This is important to our case(s) in that, Treasury and FHFA, have, via their interpretation of their "rights" under HERA to take the place of the shareholders, is not founded in jurisprudential or Constitutional principles. This is shown in how the Court has addressed the actions California has taken in implementing "Covid justified" 1st Amendement restrictions. Treasury has used similar "logic" to justify its non-fiduciary actions against the Companies.
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    thanks for discount shares
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    With all the striking factors of 185% undervalued, the ongoing release from the c-ship, and the pending SCOTUS justification for us shareholders, this stock should be trading around $8 right now--in making the price right.
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    Just shy of twelve weeks till the end of June folks. Don't get too high; don't get too low. Pace yourselves.

    Release is coming.
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    Warrior Boat Shoes Is Back
    Good Morning Warriors! EOM
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    Only those that read #Fanniegate daily know why the stocks rally.
    In the latest analysis, both the defendant and the plaintiff are accused of perjury, that is, an attempt to mislead the judges with lies, with regard to the letter sent by the Solicitor General to the Supreme Court and the reply brief by the plaintiff.
    Both said that FnF are building up Capital now, when that's false. The attorney Thompson said that it's "ephemeral" because he implies that no journal entry (how transactions get recorded on the companies' books on a daily basis) is required at the time of the transaction, so the Capital amount will be reduced in the future, when the SPS are redeemed.
    The truth is that an offset must be recorded at the time of the increase in the SPS Liquidation Preference for free and that reduces the Core Capital, so the outcome is that FnF aren't building up Capital.
    The more felonies are committed, the more moral and punitive damages, because they act a settlement with the equity holders.
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    the way
    Selling and hoping to buy cheap is a risk I can't take with FNMA; what if this time it continues to climb to $10, $20, $50, $100, $200.....
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    Unless actual news comes out, the price could or would come down. Similar reason it is up, new investors want to buy more than are being sold. Supply and demand. Price rises on excitement, but will lower IF before actual news comes out one of two things happen: 1. Negative article (paid basher) scares new investors out, 2. Boredom from taking longer than a few days to pan out. And then if either of those two happen, you would also have short sellers adding to the selling. Everyone stay strong, don't let price movement up or down shake your focus. We've been here before. One day it wont be speculation. It will be confirmed. Bullish. Very bullish.
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    Read this carefully so you can see just how vicious these big time government administrators feel about doing anything ethical

    ""61. The Government’s determination to eradicate private stockholder rights dates back to before 2012, although this was not publicly known.
    For example, jurisdictional discovery in this case has revealed that as early as December 20, 2010, then Under Secretary for Domestic Finance Jeffrey A. Goldstein authored an “ACTION MEMORANDUM” for Secretary
    Geithner noting that referred to “the Administration’s commitment to ensure existing common equity holders will not have access to any positive earnings from the GSEs in the future.” See 13-cv-1053 (D.D.C.) ECF No. 23-5 at TREASURY-0202."


    Posted by Navycmdr on iHub

    Fairholme v. U.S. ... 900 page appendix !
    Copies of the two volumes are available:



    The litigating shareholders delivered a 900-page appendix to
    the Federal Circuit Friday providing an orderly collection of
    Judge Sweeney’s orders, shareholder complaints, and key
    correspondence, reports, deposition excerpts and other items
    underpinning their challenge of the net worth sweep.
    0:20-cvus-01912 - Fairholme Funds, Inc. v. US, Docket Item 66
    0:20-cvus-01912 - Fairholme Funds, Inc. v. US, Docket Item 66
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    "The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient."
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    9 Years into FNMA investing. Like lot of folks here I have got frustrated, angry, and maybe excited sometime with this investment. I have been in the sidelines of yahoo FNMA conversation but read into it daily. I feel like the law will finally prevail. Wanted to get in this board and have my name on the FNMA warrior guest list if y'all decided to have a payout party. Godspeed.
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    Even if Supremeless Court does't rule in our favor, the treasury warrants will expire in 7 years. This means our equity increases in value by 4 times as Fannie continues to build capital. Eventually Fannie will be released!
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    Good morning Longs. If the Supreme Court had any intention of overturning the Enbanc Court's ruling, they would have done so already. The criminal activity is so in your face, that I have no doubt they will rule in our favor. Hang in there Longs!