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  • M
    IBM 10,000 job cuts in Europe is minimum $800M more on earnings side...
  • B
    IBM is adopting MSFT strategy with an Enterpriese focus. Cloud for Enterprise first, I guess it could leave the small business market segment to the competitors. This reminds me what happened after Ballmers left IBM.
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    $AMD conversation
    What to expect from Lisa Su CES keynote in January? Well, big things! Remember Lisa has presented the 2019 keynote at CES on high performance computing. Why 2 years later give her such important event to keynote AGAIN vs Intel or nVidia's doing it this time?
    Well.. it has to be BIG news!
    In 2019 Lisa Su presented EPYC Rome, with TWO PARTNERS on stage, Google and Twitter using it - see attached article covering that keynote, video available too.
    In January I'm expecting way more insight. ..yes, EPYC Milan and a bunch of other chips including Zen 3 mobile Ryzen. ..but also we could hear big new products our of already ongoing Xilinx development. ..and.. GOOGLE ASIC CHIP MENTIONED BY MARK PAPERMASTER WEBINAR IN JULY!
    We could see $ibm on stage showing joint datacenters development for cloud as recently announced, vision.
    We could see Apple's Macbooks powered by Zen3 Ryzen mobile CPUs or Google new powerful chromebooks using them!
    On thing for sure it cannot be a repetition of the 2019 keynote! You don’t invite the same speaker to give another keynote 2 years later for nothing. ..
    Think about it. ..CES is a huge event. ...it has to be the best is yet to come. .!
    Check this 2019 past keynote to get an idea what needs to be surpass in Jan ...!
  • H
    Big Blue shall rise again! $200+ before the IBM / "NewCo" split in 2021.
  • J
    IBM continuing to trend upward with positive news . A SOLID buy and hold for long term investors.!!
    Great dividend! Looking at 130.00 by December 31, 2020. jg
  • R
    Roger Goodell
    ibm was destroyed by ginni rometty, who had no business running a tech company.
    at least now they have an engineer running the show, could be a similar story to amd.
  • m
    I like IBM cause ,unlike others, they make real money. False hope or real money? I'll take real money anyday
  • '
    Good news IBM begins trading on the Moscow exchange Dec 1
  • W
    $INTC conversation
    Ironically,. Two former blue chips giants $INTC and $IBM are going from kingdoms to skims, and dead dog $AMD, went from slum to kingdom. Good leaders is what counts. $AAPL deprives intel of its lunch.
  • p
    new management, new direction , new companies. a gem if a value stock paying a healthy dividend. Buffet was right to sell off his shares and buy AAPL. it's time to take another look at IBM
  • m
    Still undervalued
  • T
    $AMD conversation
    Ask yourself a simple question. Why $nvda and $ibm couldn't win any of the 3 major US DOE supercomputers bids? Especially troubling since IBM has a history of holding the most powerful supercomputers record for years. Is it because of the Power processors? Well, most heavily computing lifting including AI is done by the GPUs. Simply nVidia's not delivered competitive roadmap to win probably by a large margin. Why large margin? Because if it was comparable, remember the existing software stack including propiatery nVidia's CUDA and TensorCores AI libraries as well as IBM's currently in use by supercomputers, will keep them at least winning one bid. Not allowing TWO to go to AMD with all new software right?
    On top of this, IBM cutting out nVidia's AI and accelerators, going with AMD shos clear picture about the future products from nVidia vs AMD. IBM as tge DOE, had confidential information on future products and roadmap and simply nVidia's totally off...that's the only logical conclusion after the DOE and IBM have invested a lot in nVidia's based software and hardware designs!
    NVidia's attempt to buy ARM is clearly in preparation to move to a new business, ARM centric knowing its GPUs revenues both consumers and datacenters are numbered.
    Think about this deeply. I hope nVidia's longs don't suffer major losses that's why I post this and take it to heart!
    Good luck!
  • P
    Dow trading at all time highs and IBM trading at 118 ? Doesn't look good. imho
  • B
    HANA upgrade is imminent and forced by SAP. Huge upgrade cycle - that alone will accelerate IBM moat into the Enterprise. AWS and MSFT just not in the Enterprise Space for the deep Process and vertical industry expertise.
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    $AMD conversation
    $ibm has placed its new hybrid cloud future on AMD! They've recognized they no longer need develop processors, tgeir Power10 will only be a niche play. All their enterprise customers will move to AMD's CPUs, GPUs and AI and other ACCELERATORS which $xlnx has. Those cloud datacenters can be on premises at enterprises IBM manages their IT, or off premise in public cloud, including IBM's own but also IBM's cloud "competition" like Amazon and Microsoft! IBM's cloud may be transformed into corporate only super secure cloud not like Amazon, Microsoft and Google that are open to anyone, hackers including. ..and IBM's own mainframe, System Z, will be available as cloud resources only in IBM cloud with super security!
    Big win for IBM and AMD as well as other cloud computing providers through Redhat support!
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    $AMD conversation
    Here's the $nvda $ibm partnership from 2018... failed to win a supercomputer bid, now replaced by AMD multi years partnership.
    Ask yourself, isn't IBM seeing the "glory" to come of nVidia's "superior" roadmap? Well, they've seen both AMD’S and nVidia's as the DOE had chosen, and dumped nVidia's. If you're an nVidia's long, shouldn't you realize what this means?
    "IBM and NVIDIA Collaborate to Expand Open Source Machine Learning Tools for Data Scientists"
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    $AMD conversation
    $ibm longs, don't be fooled!
    The partnership with AMD is fundamental and will create unique offering for IBM. Now I understand ibm's future strategy!
    That of course will be copied by others w.r.t using AMD and $xlnx for the cloud.. BUT. Remember IBM has the top 100 big corporations they serve. Microsoft, Google, Amazon has no foothold at big corporations ! IBM is unique having this and will go further leveraging their current ecosystem of corporate engagement to sell new features for tge future functionality out of AMD's partnership. Xilinx is a must here and finally gets to be in mainstream they cannot do on their own. Intel and nVidia don't have such enterprise firepower through IBM not to mention getting joint development in a tight way through IBM!
    So IBM's longs, while the separation of GTS with managed infrastructure is a concern for the foothold going forward, I believe a new cloud hybrid cloud will emerge from this, getting the "new" ibm to big growth!
  • B
    IBM is really flapping its wings
  • I
    I don’t understand this dip from a high of around $228 yesterday to around $211 today.

    Other than Teams, what other WFH products does $MSFT have in its portfolio?

    OTOH, $IBM posted gains yesterday and today and so, I really don’t understand the “rotation out of tech’ theory either.

    Anyone help me make sense of all this?
  • T
    $AMD conversation
    Analysts will need digest the $ibm news and yet to connect to this the $xlnx news!
    "AMD teams up with IBM to take on Intel and Nvidia in ultimate battle royale"
    No way it's business as usual. ..upgrades and higher PT coming!
    Here's an example, many articles written, this goes beyond $intc and $nvda as new TAMs addressed by others are to be added to analysts models!