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Intel Corporation (INTC)

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  • R
    INTC back to 52 week high on news ..

    The U.S. Senate recently passed a $52 billion bill to support domestic semiconductor manufacturing and R&D to usher more chip production onto American soil.

    Chang alleged Intel Corp (NASDAQ: INTC) CEO Pat Gelsinger, who considered Taiwan, South Korea as unsafe, is driven by self-interest.

    "This is going to be a challenge for the Asian semiconductor industry, global semiconductor industry, including Intel."

    Rethinking the supply chain will be a challenge for everyone, Chang said. Previously, Chang had said government efforts worldwide to increase chip production could boomerang without specifying which countries.

    Europe, Japan, and China also are preparing up to boost production at home with government aid. TSM recently talked about building its first chip facility in Japan.
  • F
    5 Intel insiders buying shares in open market. Pat bought 10,000 shares yesterday.
  • s
    Why doesn't the market care about profits? Intel is consistently making over $20B per year in profits. This is more profit than Tesla, GM, Ford, Netflix, AMD, and Nvidia COMBINED! I understand the market cares about growth, but Intel is still growing (albeit not hyper growth). And even after the Intel's expensive investment in foundries, Intel's gross margins are going to be above 50%. I wish I had waited until $48 to load up, but INTC under $50 is a winner.
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    rob s
    I am betting INTC receives cash from the new chip bill to help build those plants. Funny how INTC lags in technology and still produces a boat load of cash. I guess consumer price points, corporate relationships, reputation for quality, and offering a complete ecosystem for chips all play a role. They say the best place to be in business is solving problems as apposed to meeting 'wants'. Solving supply chain issue is a BIG deal. Adding in advanced tech while doing it won't hurt either.
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    Insider Buy: Intel
    2021-10-26 05:24:08 PM ET (MT Newswires)

    05:24 PM EDT, 10/26/2021 (MT Newswires) -- James J Goetz, Director, on October 25, 2021, executed a purchase for 20,000 shares in Intel (INTC) for $995,200. Following the Form 4 filing with the SEC, Goetz has control over a total of 198,521 shares of the company, with 198,521 shares held directly. The market value of the direct and indirect holding, based on the transaction price, is approximately $9,878,405.

    SEC Filing:
    SEC FORM 4
  • P
    AMD’s chips are made by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., which has surpassed Intel in production technology. TSMC also supplies Apple Inc., Qualcomm Inc., Nvidia Corp. and many other technology companies, and the Taiwanese company is struggling to keep up with demand.

    In my humble opinion, this is where Intel can rebalance in the next 5 years. So chip makers are not relying on TSMC, which is a sneeze away from being Beijing owned.
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    Refreshed Rudy
    $AMD conversation
    $AMD market Cap $153.8 B + $XLNX market cap $44.3B = $198.1B is greater than $INTC market cap of $195.64B. Times have changed out with the old guard in with the New
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    Raj Raj
    Intel's got everything that it's closest competitors have very little of. If CEO and execution is an issue - that is fixable. By shareholders.
    - 20 years ago these marquee American companies built their own chips (not just paper designs): IBM, Texas Instruments, DEC, Motorola, AMD, IDT and of course Intel.
    - Today all carry paper designs and look/beg for a fab to build their chips. Except Intel.
    - If Intel is shuttered, China can Annexe Taiwan in 7 hours and literally become the OPEC of Semi-World.
    - Intel has an installed base of 80%. Companies that process critical data (Fidelity, Goldman, MS, Chase, Citi, Oracle, Amazon) - do not have a desire to switch from something that works.
    - The 10 nm debacle is the only notable miss from Intel in last 50 years. And failure to act in a timely way. Yes - these are serious. But recoverable.
    - There are 4000 chip manufacturing super-experts in United States. They understand the Transistor in 400 different ways (diffusion, leakage, etc). Many are idling in fabless companies like AMD, Apple, TXN, NVDA - performing consulting/audit roles for what TSMC, Samsung of GF does. They are usually ignored and have a rubber stamp job. All can become Intel's assets. With the right CEO and Government's call of Duty (and of course $400K paycheck).
    - MobilEye - This darkhorse software acquisition is marrying automated driving algorithms with chip hardware. It will beat graphics that NVDA and AMD are offering (under guise of AI) by a mile. Need to research this one - if CEO messed this as well.

    I'll say Intel is still the real deal from Chip Design to Manufacturing - and SW (MobilEye). CEO could not have messed up so bad. And US Govt won't allow further erosion. There is a very high change of massive turnaround. The likes of AAPL from $1.28 and NFLX from $5 something.
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    Dee Z. Nutts
    Hey guys. Just want to say "Hi" from the $AMD board. Arent we lucky to be in chip stocks at this time. BUSINESS IS BOOMING, AMD DATA CENTER EXPLODING!
    Im sure you guys probably doing the same. When is your ER?
    Get ready for the good news like we had.
    Luv ya! GLTA
  • L
    INTC sold off due to having another downgrade this morning by BMO. All analysts jump in both feet to beef
    up AMD and its stock rises $4 hit another new all time high. Until tonight, my projection on AMD is ok and I
    think their revenue did not meet all the consensus. INTC is in the oversold condition right now, it is not bad
    to slowly accumulate some at this deep discount value. INTC will rebound to $52 near term, could be as early as end of Oct or early NOV the latest.
  • R
    Not looking good. Pat can carry on with his running commentary promising share holders a cake in 5 years times but Wall street won't have any of that , they want it now.
  • H
    Intel will rise on AMD's average results. AMD hardly making a dent to Intel's numbers. It it all the loss of Apple and throwing more money at fabs. Intel will be just fine.
  • S
    Intel will come back strong, I'm happy to accumulate shares at this low price.
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    About 8 years ago, these brilliant analysts were bashing Microsoft with similar narrative. At that time, MSFT was $30, now over $300. These days no one wants to wait 8 years for a 10X return. I get that, but the point is INTC is a cash-making machine (over $20B per year profit and gross margins above 50%). Buy this dip, collect dividend, and ride the stock price back up. Future is bright.
  • Y
    Several directors and the CEO bought a lot of shares.
  • D
    If Intel had 0 free cash flows for three years, 20 bn starting in three years with 8 percent growth for 5 years, 5 percent for another five years, and two percent terminal all with a discount rate of 9 percent, it is still worth $340 bn today. Wall Street is either very pessimistic, very daft, or very manipulative to trade Intel for less than $200bn. Not a speculative/short term buy, but a good long-term opportunity.
  • g
    This a good entry point for INTC stock. This company has the skills and the knowledge to achieve what they set and plan. The problem with INTC the last 20 years has been bad management, they derailed and missed every opportunity to direct the company properly. Pat is our man now, we need to give him a change in the next 2 to 3 years for this massive turnaround. Chip and hardware makers take a lot longer to redirect their business model than software company. Once the financial help is received from Congress then INTC will be a big beneficiary of this just like Tesla was. INTC will leapfrog their competition on all front from design and cutting edge manufacturing, Pat will win Apple back as a large customer for their foundry and even supplementing Apple chip design.
  • L
    Those analysts who beefed up AMD stock price as high as +$4, then their firms sold AMD and now AMD is only UP $1.50. That will tell you something, their research firms also traded stocks to make a living just like us.
    Those analysts "PUMP and DUMP" stocks too.

    Intel has been selling off and still sitting in the oversold area.
    Slowly accumulate INTC at this discount pricing. When INTC hit $52 then those analysts will start upgrading
    INTC again.
  • B
    Selloff staged. INTC had been telegraphing for months its intent to go big on new factories. For the street to now figure out that margins will be impacted is derelict. Buy.
  • S
    I am calling the bottom on Intel today after adding another 5,000 shares to my position !! This is a great company with an excellent future… still making lots of money 💰. Intel is very cheap with a forward P/E of only 9. Buy and you will be rewarded, especially with the Chip Act around and the shortage in world 🌎 chip inventory’s.