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    Eze Law
    Intel will plunge 17% as 3 major problems boost headwinds, Bank of American says in downgrade | Markets Insider
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    Let AMD's 100-core EPYC chips steal the Data Center/Server market.... who needs that anyway
    After this epic Swan Dive of a trough... Intel will have once again RYSEn !
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    I once had an investment in this firm. I was proud to be invested in a company that was, as they and analysts stated, a generation or a generation and a half ahead in manufacturing technology. Then the truth came out, that they are behind in manufacturing, that they are no longer the premier manufacturer in the world, and I sold out and never looked back.

    And incredibly, I still see people on this board demanding Intel launch yet another stock buyback program.
    Don't you understand? Between the TENS OF BILLIONS spent on buybacks, plus the $8 BILLION spent on McAfee, the $16 BILLION spent on Altera, and the $15 BILLION spent on Mobileye, and that, my friends, was that.

    All those BILLIONS represents the chance Intel had to invest in remaining the best chip manufacturer in the world. Hsd they done that, they could have possibly even gone into the contract fab business, which would play into their core strength. Instead, management and the board decided to juice the stock with buybacks and throw a few darts at some acquisitions to pad out the value of their stock holdings. The future of the company? Who cares? As you know, most of the board members sere on multiple boards. They gather several times a year to have a few drinks and rubberstamp what management is doing. I mean, who cares? If one company fails, these board members sit on other boards. They get paid for a few meetings a year what many get paid in an entire year of work. GE had 18 board members and look what happened to GE.
    Management gets paid a small fortune, obscene money. The moment a CEO signs his deal, he is set. The company can go into bankruptcy under his watch and he will get tens of millions. There is no pressure.

    This is not specific to Intel, this is a flaw in the American corporate system the last three decades. These people get paid so much that the end result of their work is an afterthought. "Let's buy Mobileye, maybe we cash in on self-driving tech!" And so they tried. No skin off their back.

    The few companies that dodge this behavior are those where the money might still be obscene but at least there is some human passion and attachment that drives them to do a good job. So a company like Tesla, for example. Tesla can fail tomorrow and Elon Musk will still have more money than he will ever be able to spend. But yet Elon Musk, while I'm sure he loves the money, is passionate about the job, about the company he runs. So he sleeps at the factory and personally oversees operations at times. The man isn't just phoning it in. Another example would be Comcast, owned in large part and run by the Roberts family. They have family pride in the game, not just cash. So Comcast will be far less likely to make a dumb acquisition than most companies in my opinion. The Roberts family doesn't want to destroy what they built over several decades.

    But examples like Tesla and Comcast aside, most companies fall into the category of, the CEO will be ultra rich even if he destroys the company. And that, to me as an investor, is always on my mind. Because you can't trust these guys.

    My solution would be to get rid of the board, not just in Intel but all companies, and make the top officers of the company elected by shareholders directly. That would be the first step. The CEO and top officers would be picked from the division heads in the company. Or maybe an outsider but preferably someone who worked there for a time first. The second step would be to cap executive pay at $3-4 million TOPS every year, including all bonuses. That's a lot of money, even after taxes. If you think it's not enough, then don't run for CEO! Many division heads and other top employees in the company would be happy to get paid that cash AND be able to make decisions to run the company. And I think the decisions they made, while not guaranteed to be better, would indeed be better than what you get now.

    it surely wouldn't work out any worse. It's not just Intel. You see some crazy stuff done at different companies. And people get paid millions, tens of millions, to decide to do this stuff. it's like they don't care.
    I am not a trained businessman. But if I worked at Intel, I bet I could make decisions that would help the company more than what you saw the last two decades.

    Intel is going to go outside and have parts made by outside companies. There's no bigger indictment of Intel and the larger corporate governance system than a pathetic situation like that.
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    The fact people are counting Intel out over competition its hilarious.

    Yes there was a decline in data centers. The question is it due to Covid or The Competition. any one that jumps the gun before the Competition ER in my honest opinion is short sighted.

    Looking at the outlook Intel have a whole new design arch for the end of 2021..
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    $AMD conversation
    Nice closing almost at the high of the day but LOW VOLUME suggests buyers were careful to not ask to buy more and drive the PPS up. 45m volume vs 60m daily average. So much higher jumps needed.
    In contrast, $intc volume was over 90m vs 35m daily average which suggests real selloff move as its PPS down 10.5%.
    Obviously Monday more of the same. Higher for AMD lower for Intel and Tue before closing too.
    Have a good weekend everybody!
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    $AMD conversation
    I'm truly sorry! Please accept my sincere apologies you're absolutely right, I won't post to annoy $intc longsit's wrong I wish no one losing not even AMD's shorts! Life can become devestated for some, with margins, options etc I know it. Truly regret this I hope you can accept my apology.
    "@TrapperKeeper12 26 minutes ago
    It's ok you AMD folks dont like the company intel for antitrust whatsoever. But you keep kicking those that lost $ yesterday and are not affiliated with Intel. I'll come to pay you a visit if AMDs results disappoint. Mark it."
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    Bob Swan is a textbook example of why you don’t put a CFO in the CEO position. A CEO should be a visionary that leads the company to deliver on the vision. The CFO is the person that funds the visionary’s plan. Bob Swan isn’t a computer engineer so he doesn’t know squat about the products and services INTC sells.

    Right now INTC is failing to execute so what does Bob Swan do? He does stock buybacks when the company needs to cut lead time on the fabrication of chips. This company is failing to execute and that is a huge problem for investors.

    INTC has huge revenues right now, but if these execution failures aren’t fixed soon INTC will see AMD eating more market share in the very lucrative business segments.
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    After watching Intel fall yesterday in the after market, I was fully expecting it to continue its slide throughout today's trading. Didn't want to watch that happened so I spent the day running errants. I got home after the markets closed and was shellshocked to see Intel's price had moved completly sideways. How was that even possible? A drop seemed in order, or maybe even a slight rebound. But sideways and on nearly a 100 million shares!!! Don't know what to make of that. Some analysts are already lowering their estimates, but I think there is still some fight in this old dog and we may see a rebound somewhere down the road. That's the hope anyway. As far as the CEO is concerned, mixed feelings there. The markets would probably be happy with his replacement. Then again, don't know how replaceing him will make their 10,000 engineers any smarter or better at their jobs. Lots to consider here, but this CEO doesn't make it any easier.
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    More cheap shares for that massive buyback plan Intel just initiated because they felt they were undervalued this year! lol market is so predictable. 2 quarters in a row that Intel has exceeded expectations and they scream about the one negative thing they can find (data center sales down). I guarantee you server chip sales are down across the entire market and everyone intelligent knew they would be. Why? Because all the big boys stocked up on server chips going into the pandemic. They won't need as many for a couple quarters now...

    Pretty impressive that Intel's other, growing business segments (MobilEye, Notebook...etc.) were so strong that they more than offset that demand drop. I read the report and cc and was pretty impressed at the comments and lineup coming. Tiger lake capacity is at full force and there are no delays to the rollout. The demand is so high they are selling every chip they can make, and Bob Swan, famously conservative with his statements and the opposite of the typical hyper tech CEO, stated on the conference call that this is the Tiger Lake node "delivers the largest, single, internal performance improvement in our history." This is exactly the kind of product rollout that Intel needed and I'm excited to see the specs. Ice Lake was already great and pretty competitive with AMD products. If that statement about Tiger Lake is true then it may give the current TSMC process a run for its money. Will be an interesting next 2 quarters for sure, but I really liked to see the growth in so many of their segments and the roadmap laid out. See you guys next earnings! Can't stand the day traders so I rarely post here, but I consider Intel quite undervalued at present for their current and future projected earnings and have been adding recently. Their growth rate justifies a much higher premium and they have consistently surpassed estimates and been transparent in their technical details in their releases. Great company. Happy that the US still has at least one competitive company that hasn't outsourced their transistor manufacturing abroad. That is a huge advantage, particularly as more and more companies try to partner with TSMC to assemble their own in-house chips. Do you want to be one of the throng of companies that does this and competing on price and foundry space with Apple and Huawei or own your own foundries? This should be a good next few years for intel if they follow the roadmap they've outlined.
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    $AMD conversation
    If you compare the $intc Q2 ER script with the script from last night, it is very clear that its 7nm is facing Go no Go decision this Q, max by their ER Jan 2021. In Q2 they were talking about delay but now they say a decision will be taken... it's very clear. Writing off massive fab investment and going to other fabs fully is an operation killer for couple of years at least assuming capacity is built for them. Fabs will be given away for scrap salvage of some machines as Intel's process doesn't work.
    More importantly is massive write off the many billions of dollars investment without a return.
    Impossible for its pps to recover plus their products falling behind.
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    How is this so flat line today? Weird. I bought more this morning. I like the company and the product.
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    Intel may not have the fastest chip anymore, but does that really matter when it comes to sales and profits? The top of the line chips also cost the most money. How many end users need the best chip available in their laptop computer? We would all like to own a Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini or a Tesla EV, but do we need one to go shopping or picking up lumber at the home depot? No, that would be overkill. Most people would be happy with a Ford, Toyota, SUV or a broken-down pickup truck. And in the computer world, most people would be happy with a 14nm or a 10nm, which Intel excels at. That is probably why Intel continues to make big buck because they focus on the larger segment of computer buyers while AMD and Nvidia go after the elite, much smaller segment. Yeah, it would be nice if Intel could make a 7nm or a 5nm chip, but do they really need to focus on that to be highly profitable?
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    Swan said that Intel will make 1 billion more by the end of the year, than they had originally anticipated at the beginning of the year. In January, they were a 60 dollar stock and everyone was OK with that. Now they are expecting to make a billion dollars more than orginally thought in January, price drops to 48 dollars. Not does not compute. Another thing that does not compute is todays trading. Three time the normal volume and price moves sideways after the big aftermarket drop of yesterday! I was like everyone else expecting a huge sell off, but it didn't happen. This is weird, but also strangely encouraging. Next week might just be interesting.
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    Intel has gone nowhere in the last 3+ years. What a disappointment but in the end I have to blame myself. I considered buying NVidia in May of 2017. What a buy that would have been. Instead I held my Intel - *sigh*.
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    Eze Law
    Intel shares have fallen 20% this year, as the PHLX Semiconductor index advanced 27%. Rival AMD stock has gained 77% in 2020.
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    AMD 6-7 billion, NVDA 10-12 billion, and INTC 70+ billion in revenue for the past two years alone. Lol.
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    Intel will make a comeback.... their market-share will return!
    7 nanometer! ...... it's all in the roadmap
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    Eze Law

    Sanford C. Bernstein’s Stacy Rasgon was among those who weren’t called on to ask questions during Thursday’s call. Of the eight analysts that were, five recommend buying the stock. In general, less than a third of recommendations on Intel’s stock tracked by Bloomberg analytics are buy.Rasgon’s absence was notable because he’s one of the most outspoken critics of the company who often peppers management with tough questions. Around the end of Thursday’s conference call, Rasgon tweeted “Cowards...” and posted a video clip from a Monty Python movie with knights fleeing a battle. It’s unclear if he was referring to Intel.

    During July’s earnings call, Rasgon clashed with Chief Executive Officer Bob Swan, who snapped back at the analyst and asked for a chance to answer amid a series of interjections.“The questions on this week’s third-quarter earnings call were very representative of questions we heard from sell-side analysts,” the company said in an email. “Each quarter we take a full range questions both on the call and afterwards, and the questioners vary from quarter to quarter.”
    Swan also appeared on Bloomberg Television on Friday to address questions about Intel’s chip manufacturing plans.
    Rasgon, who declined to comment on why he didn’t get a chance to speak on the call, produced another fiery research note on Friday.“While we thought last quarter’s call was bad, last night’s was potentially even worse as fundamentals are now deteriorating at an alarming pace,” he wrote. “Frankly, while CEO Bob Swan suggested 2020 has been the most challenging year in his career, we have to believe that 2021 is going to be worse.”
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    $AMD conversation
    Remember the Wallstreet shills game. ..lots of firms got stuck with $intc positions they have to unload. Cannot happen at once. Analysts working for those firms who hyped and pumped Intel's shares need carefully and gradually change sentiment to prevent a collapse but retail investors won't take positions at inflated pps for Intel. ..
    However after the AMD's ER it is unavoidable and Intel's collapse of its pps will be clear while AMD's jumps.
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    I will stick with a company that has almost 80 billion in yearly revenue, pays a decent dividend, and has plenty of catalysts moving forward, all day long.

    So many stocks today are priced with company growth already baked in for next 5-10 years.

    I think I will enjoy my long hold here, and even sleep well.