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  • M
    Here is why I think MSFT is a good core holding for the long term:

    MSFT was recently reaffirmed as the winner of the $10 billion JEDI cloud computing contract for the US Dept. of Defense.

    During the almost 20 years I've worked for the US Govt. every government PC I've ever used has Windows, MS Office, MS PowerPoint and MS Outlook interfacing with a Microsoft email server. Every US government agency I am aware of still uses Windows and MS Office software almost exclusively.

    12 years in private industry working for companies from Fortune 500 sized to small business and I rarely used anything that wasn't an MS Windows computer with MS Office.

    For over 30 years MSFT has maintained virtual lock the office software market and they've started transitioning to a potentially more lucrative subscription model.

    MS Azure cloud infrastructure that rivals Amazons AWS which is likely how they won the DoD contract.

    Microsoft also dabbles in the computer gaming industry with the Xbox and around 15 million Xbox game pass subscribers.

    They also have a their fingers in the telecommuting pie with Microsoft Teams and Skype.

    They also own Linked-In, the major professional social media site which racked up $6.8 billion in revenue in FY 2019.

    They also own GitHub, the premier online content management and software development site.

    They are an amazingly diverse company that generates huge revenues from hardware, software and online services portfolios that continue to grow. Over the long term it is hard to see how they don't thrive.
  • N
    I find it interesting that the price is hovering just below the 212.50 strike price of the notably huge amount of open option contracts that expire today. We'll see what happens, but there is a similar disproportionately large number of contracts (about 20k calls and puts) at 215.00 strike that expire the second Friday in February...
  • J
    11 days to a stellar report, Fantastic company for longterm investors who are looking for a steady rise up.
  • a
    Microsoft is stagnant for a while and undervalued !!
    But $240 is certainly possible in short term
  • a
    Safest tech stock to own !!
    Easy 20% gain in next 2 months
  • K
    I will be glad when this rotation is over , lots of stocks are screaming higher and they will ring the register on them and March right back to Microsoft and Apple , I just wish I had another 20k to buy some more
  • W
    $TWTR conversation
    DEFUND the POLICE they said.
    DON'T build the WALL they said.

    Look at the Capitol now.
    15,000 National Guard armed with M4 carbine weapons
    Fences everywhere to build a wall.
    They trying to keep people out or trapped inside.?

    $fb $snap $goog $msft
  • R
    If you cannot park your money for a year, then MSFT is not for you. It is a heavily traded stock because everyone knows it is stable as a german tiger tank.
    Again, it's all about your time horizon.
    I've recently decided to continue parking my shares with MSFT because when it does move it moves strong and I don't want to miss that.
    For the short term, there are other stocks.
  • D
    is msft working on vr glasses? we all know that will be the new growth driver in the industry?
  • M
    Max Hill
    Today is options expiration day. Expect some volatility.
  • G
    we could really use a good day here. I guess this is an understatement. I am not going to sell my shares over a couple of bad days. Stay strong,fellow longs
  • r
    212 holding like a rock. back to 220 next week
  • Y
    Political instability will control the market for the short term but MSFT is a great bet for the future where tech reigns supreme.
  • F
    Revenue and earnings very likely will be great and this should make this stock 🚀 ... a company with such a yoy evolution should have a better stock price development as long as there aren’t any foreseable things that might intherphere with this
  • r
    i just keep buying the dips. thanks
  • A
    Microsoft is a great stock if you want to park some money for a long time and add some of the profits you make from other ventures. It's not a stock to make quick dollars. There are other stocks that even have huge market caps better than microsoft when it comes to trading in the short term. For instance this stock was 50 dollars at the end of 2015. It's 216-220 now. 80% a year beats the dow and the sp500 by 3 and beats the nasdaq by 2. My husband opened a position with Microsoft in 2009 when it went under 20 dollars (pe ratio was like 10, even though the revenue was still increasing lol) with 25,000 dollars and is worth over 350,000 now since he reinvests most dividends. Plus people that bought then get over 2.2 dollars per share they bought under 19 dollars. And that's pale compared to ppl that bought in the 80s. Amazing company
  • j
    I've been an Xbox gamer the past couple of generations, but I'm always underwhelmed (and confused) at the names: 360, one, one x, series x... Why not name it something cool like Jaguar or something that gets people excited?
  • R
    To all those who are disappointed with the past 6 months, think about the next 6 months. The stock price will not stay this low for much longer.
  • M
    Max Hill
  • M
    I think it's time for a $10 div check