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  • L
    I was in the US Novavax Prevent Trial with original shots in February 2021 and booster in January 2022. I took 3 antibody tests on my own for peace of mind - knowing if I had adequate antibody protection. The first lab test I took was shortly after the 2 initial Nvx-CoV2373 shots. I wanted to see if I got the vaccine or placebo and was protected prior to a spring break trip I was taking in March. My test came back positive - that antibodies against the SARS-Cov-2 spike protein receptor binding domain (RBD) were detected. On this first test, it just gave an antibody result of Positive and no levels were provided. I was happy to know I got the vaccine, not placebo and was protected for my trip. I took a second test 10 months later (just before Christmas) and my antibody result was 87.2 U/ml. The cut off for testing positive for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies is 0.8 U/ml . I was happy I had antibodies at 10 months and my levels were much higher than the cut off. Recently this month, I took a 3rd test (this was 4 months after my Novavax booster) and my antibody test results read at 24,808 U/ml - 284 times what it read at in December. My wife said she is going to check tonight to see if I glow in the dark with antibodies. I'm excited again knowing this as I'm getting ready to take another vacation. A few follow up facts...I have not ever been infected with Covid. I avoided contracting it 3 times (including recently within the last few weeks) when my family tested positive. My family contracted it in July, December, and May. I was hacked on during this time and did not get sick. I'm looking forward to Novavax getting approved here in the US. It will get approved! It is way too good not to. My family is holding out for Novavax to get revaccinated. Folks, this is the real deal!!!!
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    We really should hear tomorrow about Europes 11-17 year old approval. Two weeks from Monday the FDA will be meeting to approve Novavax. Cases are up almost 50% in the last week worldwide. And even Dr. Fauci has started to sing the praises of alternative vaccines like Novavax and Sanofi. Three Green Day’s in a row and nothing but good news ahead.
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    There are 5 Novavax clinics across Toronto. You can reach the booking site at tphbookings dot ca (Toronto Public Health) and it is easy to book or cancel appmts. All you need is an email address no login required. The clinics are only open once a week usually Thursdays. But when you go for your appmt, they ask for your Ontario health card so I am not sure if out of province or country are allowed. At your appmt, they give you this two page info sheet and it does indeed say mRNA shots are recommended over nvax. I've had my first dose of nvax (never been mrna'd before or viral vectored thank god) and mostly just had minor injection site (shoulder) soreness for 2 or 3 days. I feel like the uptake in these clinics is not so high though. Partly I think it is because nobody knows about Novavax here. Second I think most people tend to get boosters of the same type as their primary series. The uptake of nvax seems to be highest in South Korea. I think this is due to first they make it themselves. Made in your own country is a big thing. Second, I am really impressed with the way SK Bioscience have packaged it as individual per-person shots. Here in Canada we have the ten-dose vials (probably Covovax). Once you open a vial you've got to have ten people come in that day to avoid wastage.
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    The following quote is perplexing, given the fda approval lag time;

    "Novavax appears to have a highly effective vaccine. Two large-scale clinical trials in adults last year produced vaccine efficacies of 89.7% (U.K.) and 90.4% (U.S. and Mexico). A third trial released earlier this year in adolescents featured an 80% vaccine efficacy. As one of only a few drugmakers to hit the 90% vaccine efficacy mark, Novavax should have no trouble becoming a major player in developed and emerging markets."
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    NEW DELHI, May 19 (Reuters) - India has supplied COVID-19 vaccines to Cambodia and Thailand under an initiative of the Quad group of countries, New Delhi said on Thursday, though not the Johnson & Johnson shot as originally planned.

    Bagchi did not give numbers, but Indian foreign ministry data shows that India last month sent 200,000 doses of Covovax, a version of the Novavax vaccine made by the Serum Institute of India (SII), to Thailand under the Quad programme.
  • b
    What is the probability that we will be trading at a PE of 8 later this year ($180)? Here are my forecasts:

    1. New variants keep popping up in the unvaccinated world (95%)
    2. Meeting the forecasted earnings of $23/share with FDA EUA and orders from GAVI (90%)
    3. Nanoflu/covid combo shot being approved by 2024 (85% chance)
    4. War is over in 2023 (65% chance)
    5. Economy does not go into recession in 2023 (50% chance)
    6. Beating earnings estimates for this year (25% chance)

    1. World war (1%)
    2. Covid magically disappearing (1%)
    3. Corbevax or some oral vaccine taking majority of the market share in 2023 (5%)
    4. Nanoflu/covid combo shot being rejected by FDA and rest of world (15%)

    So, worst case, there is still a 78% chance that we will be $180-200 by end of year. All my opinion...
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    Chart update
    Trend reversal and breakout attempt intact. Despite extreme volatility the support levels held strong. Hoping for resistance levels to be penetrated on increasing volume to the major resistance level of the 200 day ma which is currently around 140. This could happen as we get closer to the Advisory meeting. Yes it’s just my opinion, giving you an interpretation of basic TA and breakout patterns.
  • g
    13F filings showed that 3 large hedge funds, Citadel, Coatue, Millennium, bought around 2m shares 1st Quarter 2022, roughly 2.5% outstanding... Median price of 1st Q was $100.
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    Today is the final day of the EU CHMP meeting where adolescent Novavax use will be approved/announced. IF the stock price goes up on this good news, it could well show that the tide has finally turned in our favour.
  • G
    Great White Shaak
    Novavax 9 months +
    Mrna 2 months max
    BNTX 2 months max
    Which vaccine you want?
    Which Covid stock you want? Flu, Malaria, RSV ?
    Simple folks. Your intuition is correct. Just have to endure the bs Wall Street/FDA durty games. Play NVAX long and strong. Hold like William Wallace, Hold, Hold, Buy and Hold and Win!
  • t
    Go NVAX !
    FDA Approval Inbound
    Covid cases increasing again with immunity waning from non durable mRNA vaccines.
  • P
    In My Opinion, based on current events:
    1. Covid is not going anywhere.
    2. The pandemic continues and is worldwide.
    3. We now have to worry about our children getting hepatitus which is linked to Covid as cases are
    increasing worldwide. We didn't have to worry about this in previous virus mutations; now we do.
    4. CDC now recommends ALL USA domestic travelers get tested for Covid-19 before a trip - regardless of
    vaccination status. (hmmmm.. seems like bigger Government moves will be coming at some point as the Covid forrest fire just can't be put out.)
    5. Vaxed and boosted, double boosted people are still getting Covid and spreading Covid. At my workplace in NJ Covid is rampant. (oh, and by the way, my company mandated everyone get vaxed or fired, new hires need a vax as a condition of employment.)
    6. Seems like the USA and the rest of the world need a vaccine with better efficacy and longer lasting
    protection.... I wonder if one exists??? WAIT, there is. The FDA is working day and night, non-stop since the
    end of January 2022 going over the "complicated" data from NOVAVAX before they think about
    approving.... At this rate, North Korea may be using Novavax before USA citizens at it was offered to them
    by South Korea. Meanwhile, back at the FDA ranch, they just approved a mRNA booster
    for the 5-11 age group knowing the efficacy and duration of coverage is short lived. I wonder how long the FDA took to go through all the "complicated" data supplied by pfizer; WAIT, I know. It took about 20 minutes during their lunch break..APPROVED.
    7. Novavax is the only option to be used at this point. We already know the other options have failed miserably and the pandemic continues. Now our children are at risk because of failed policies and cronyism. Do the right thing for those in charge at the FDA, USA GOV. ETC. Oh, by the way. Where are you getting the baby food you are flying in??? I am sure you have evaluated and fully inspected the factories making he products; you know that little thing called quality control??? Nah, I doubt they did.
  • S
    Continuing to climb in the after hours! Looking for some great news released tomorrow to close out a great week! Let's go NVAX!!
  • J
    4 Growth Stocks Billionaire Money Managers Piled Into During the First Quarter - YF
    By Sean Williams - May 19, 2022 at 5:06AM
    Biotech-stock Novavax (NVAX 0.31%) is another growth stock that billionaire fund managers bought hand over fist in the first quarter. Philippe Laffont of Coatue Management, Englander's Millennium Management, and Griffin's Citadel Advisors were all buyers. Respectively, these funds purchased 883,400 shares, 609,300 shares, and 484,600 shares in the first quarter.
  • J
    Hopefully Nvax will reach to 65 or above before the FDA approval. In addition we may see SP going to 75 to 85 after great ER for Q2,0n July. Thereafter, if NVAX continue doing great every quarter, we may see it will be added to S& P500 by the end of 2022 or early 2023. At that time mutual funds will add NVAX into their their mutual funds agressively (they are very conservative): by thay tine, we nay see SP may increase to 100 or more…

    Go to 100 by next year NVAX!
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    delivered 16.62 Million doses in May to the EU (Netherlands) - May 3 - 9. May 3 had 2 batches (32.426 + 32.28 lakhs), May 7 (32.244 + 32.456), and May 9 (32.396). At EU price of $20.9, this is around $348 million in revenue. Great Q2 revenue coming!
  • A
    I thought you should know
    Englander's Millennium Management, and Griffin's Citadel Advisors were all buyers. Respectively, these funds purchased 883,400 shares, 609,300 shares, and 484,600 shares in the first quarter.
  • B
    Biotech-stock Novavax (NVAX 11.53%) is another growth stock that billionaire fund managers bought hand over fist in the first quarter. Philippe Laffont of Coatue Management, Englander's Millennium Management, and Griffin's Citadel Advisors were all buyers. Respectively, these funds purchased 883,400 shares, 609,300 shares, and 484,600 shares in the first quarter of 2022.
  • J
    What would indicate to the astute NVAX investors here the news was leaked about FDA approval in June?
    NVAX pps holding or rising, options action, more buying by mutual funds, etc....